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Use short stories to help kids build resilience, create happiness, develop confidence, and achieve success in their lives!
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Professionals in 11 different countries are using this fun curriculum with kids!

This is for you if…
  • You know you have a rare opportunity to teach kids life skills that they may not be learning anywhere else…skills that will help them overcome challenges and thrive in life. It’s not the challenges that kids face but how they think about those challenges that matter.
  • You are looking for a fun and engaging curriculum that will help you develop “the whole child” – where kids can develop self-leadership skills, resilience skills, emotional skills, and achievement skills.
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  • You want an ready-to-use program that give you flexibility in how you use it – spend 10 minutes sharing a story or plan longer sessions that involves discussion, art, or other activities.
  • You are looking for tools that will help you “coach” kids on the spot when challenges arise (such as facing a major disappointment, facing a difficult change, making poor choices or struggling with peer pressure).
  • You want to help kids feel powerful from the inside-out so that their confidence and their self-esteem are based on who they are and not based on what they do or what they have.
  • You are looking for a proven program that is being used by professionals around the world and has been approved by the largest coaching professional organization (International Coach Federation) in the world for continuing education for its members.
“Thank goodness for Adventures in Wisdom. This program is so thorough and well written – it was exactly what I needed when I started developing a curriculum for my after school program. The skill books also give me a fun and engaging way to work with the kid. I can’t say enough positive things about this program. I highly recommend it to anyone who works with kids or wants to mentor or coach kids.”
– Peter Gray, founder and CEO of After School Program
This program is approved by the International Coach Federation for Continuing Education Credits.
As a teacher and school administrator, I spent 20 years helping children who struggled in school. Some were special needs students and others were regular education students. They all had one thing in common which kept them from excelling, they had a very limited self-concept of themselves and their abilities, and they were not able to separate themselves from failure. When I first came across the Adventures in Wisdom Curriculum, I was amazed with the program. It can be used to prepare children for a bright future regardless of what they desire to be in life, while giving them the skills to deal with everyday problems.

As adults we struggle in our journey to achieve success because we deal with limiting beliefs that were rooted at a very young age. If we would have learned that we can do and be anything we want to be, and that failure is part of life and should be used to make us better and stronger, our reality for success would have been much greater.

I wish that I would have had this program when I was a teacher. I strongly believe that it can be used in schools, as well as with families, to help support children overcome their fears, be courageous, and help them be the best they can be.

– Felix Garcia, M.A., Former teacher, administrator and superintendent and CEO of Focal Point Coaching of Greater Houston
As an educator of youth and a purveyor of life skills, I am always looking for interesting and diverse ways to introduce life’s lessons to children. I am a firm believer in teaching or training through prevention rather than correction. When I saw the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue and incorporate into my own after school programs and summer camps and here at Horses of the Sun.

There is no better gift that we can give to children than the skills to develop their full human potential. Why wait until life’s problems overtake us, and we have to correct them by going to adult courses that teach the same concepts as those taught through these children’s stories?

– Sonja Koch, Horses of the Sun, Ontario, Canada
“Renaye’s commitment and passion for empowering kids is helping kids across the world develop soaring self-esteem and go for their dreams! She is a true leader in creating positive change in the world.”
– Marcia Wieder, Founder/CEO Dream University