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Parent Coaching Tools to Start Critical Conversations and Connect with Your Kids

If you’re like most parents, you’re BUSY!Start critical conversations and connect with your kids using a common language that enables you to share your wisdom too! Parent coaching tools included!

You probably don’t have the time to read the top leadership, brain development, and personal effectiveness books on the market and then figure out how to teach the concepts to your kids.

We’ve done that for you.

Adventures in Wisdom™ programs are based on years of research in the areas of personal effectiveness and mindset development (including brain science and cognitive therapy). 

They are based on the most effective and proven leadership and personal effectiveness skills that have been taught throughout the centuries by some of the greatest teachers and most successful people in history.

When your kids experience this program, they will learn the concepts and methods shared by the top minds and leaders of our world…in a method that they understand – through stories!

“What we do in the first 12 years of our kids’ lives
will impact the rest of their lives and ours too!”

Start critical conversations

The stories and activities provide a fun format for discussing critical issues with your kids that will shape who they will be and what they will create in their lives.

Share your wisdom

Because Wyatt “teaches” the lessons through stories, you are able to act as an “advisor” instead of a “teacher”.

This format gives you a platform for sharing your wisdom and life experiences too!

Use a “common language”

Adventures in Wisdom™ uses fun and memorable terms that your family can use every day to address issues such as fear, anger, and conditional thinking.

Connect with your kids

The stories provide an opportunity for valuable connection time with your kids as they learn skills that will shape the rest of their lives.

Coaching tools for you too

The Mentor’s Guides give you the tools to be a “coach” for your kids.

It shifts you out of disciplinarian mode and into “wisdom” and “guidance” mode.

Great refresher for you

Many parents have read one or more of the books that Adventures in Wisdom is based on.

Parents have shared that the programs have been a great refresher for them too!

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