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Kym has worked as a police officer for 33 years across many different areas of policing. He’s been an operational member of the Police Negotiators since 1999, welfare unit since 2014 and also been an Adopt-a-Cop at many schools fostering positive relationships between children and not just police, but authority figures in general.

Kym’s a certified life coach, accredited with The Coaching Institute and founder of Progress Ahead Life Coaching in 2018. He’s now joined here by Cindy Rochstein, conscious educator and communications expert bringing a wealth of life experience including neurodiversity in children.

As a qualified Adventures in Wisdom Coach, Kym uses the power of stories and associated activities, helping kids develop a growth mind-set to deal with the inevitable challenges of life, develop strong self-esteem, be able to overcome fear, self-doubt and making mistakes as well as handling peer pressure, coping with anxiety and trauma management.