How does it work?

How it works


Step-by-step program is designed for busy families like yours!

  • Can be used at home or in the car (perfect for driving to/from lessons, games, and errands)


  • Kids can either self-study or work with you.
  • Skill books use a very modular format and are designed to take about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Great for “spot coaching” when your kids are facing one of those tough challenges while growing up.  Click here for a list of problems we solve.


Check out the video to learn more…


eBooks & Audio Books
  • eBooks – Downloadable PDFs can be printed or used on an eReader (Kindle or iPad)
  • Audio Books – available as MP3 downloads OR CD Set. Audio programs include the eBooks free!


Ages 6-12
  • Audio programs work for all ages! Great for learning at home or in the car!
  • eBooks written at about a 4th grade level.
    • Younger kids enjoy story time with you!
    • Older kids can self-study and tell you what they learned.
Modular Format
  • Kids’ Guide (Stories, discussion questions, and activities)
  • Mentor’s Guide (background info and coaching tips for you)
  • “Wise in 5” – 1 page reviews