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SMART Mastermind
with Office Hours Call


Meet with WISDOM Coaches from around the world to share your knowledge and support each other! Learn from each other’s experiences, get feedback, get new ideas, see new possibilities, deepen your network, and develop friendships.

Your Mastermind group is guided by an Expert WISDOM Coach and includes both a Mastermind Call as well as an Office Hours call for deeper Q&A opportunities. 

How it works – Mastermind Call:

  • Complete your Accountability Tracker before the call and identify your biggest challenge and Most Important Question (MIQ) to be answered
  • During the call you will have the opportunity to meet with 4 or 5 other WISDOM Coaches in breakout rooms and support each other in solving challenges and answering MIQs
  • After the breakouts everyone will come together to support each other in answering any outstanding questions that weren’t answered during the breakout
  • 1 60-minute call per month
  • Calls will not be recorded (breakout rooms can’t be recorded)


How it works – Office Hours Q&A Call:

  • Complete your Accountability Tracker before the call and identify your biggest challenge and Most Important Question (MIQ) to be answered
  • Bring your question to the call with an opportunity for yoru question to be answered during the session
  • If you cannot make the call, you can submit your question before hand
  • 1 60-minute call each month
  • Calls WILL be recorded

Meet Expert WISDOM Coaches Who May be Supporting Your Call

Delia Rusu
Senior WISDOM Coach® since 2016

I have been a Certified Senior WISDOM Coach since 2016, and I’ve been coaching and mentoring hundreds of children ages 6-19, both in person and online.

Maybe you’re just starting as a WISDOM Coach or have been a WISDOM Coach for quite some time but haven’t actually started. And maybe you’ve tried to grow your business on your own but haven’t gotten very far.

I can help you turn overwhelm into ease, information into action, and become your accountability partner so you can become more confident in your ability to be successful.

Together, we’ll decide on the goals you want to achieve and we’ll work to identify habits and actions to reach those goals. Throughout the entire process, I will support and empower you to move forward and stay on track.

I am so excited to be part of your journey! I truly believe that you can be a successful WISDOM Coach and I have a genuine desire to help you!

WISDOM Coach, Rahima Khoja

Rahima Khoja
WISDOM Coach® since 2019

As a successful WISDOM Coach, I know what it takes to build a thriving coaching practice that helps young people develop the mindset skills they need to succeed in life, and I am passionate about helping other coaches achieve the same level of success.

My transition from academic to mindset coach began with a momentous leap out of my comfort zone, and in turn a focus on my own mindset.  

Utilizing my extensive experience as a WISDOM Coach and my seamless transition from part-time to full-time coaching, I am equipped to provide valuable guidance and support on creating effective coaching sessions, setting appropriate goals, and developing strategies using the WISDOM Coach Success Map.

I can provide ongoing support and accountability to help you stay on track and achieve your business goals.  In addition, my experience enables me to offer suggestions for new services or programs that you can propose to better serve your clients and attract new ones.

By leveraging my expertise and knowledge, I can help you achieve your goals.

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