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Life Coaching Isn’t Just for Grownups!
3 Skills ALL Kids Should Learn Before Age 10!

Webinar Replay


  • Michael and Susan – how mindset crushes self-esteem
  • Yo-Yo self-esteem
  • Impact of stress
  • Our commitment to you and gifts for you


  • IMPORTANT – teachings use Michael and Susan’s stories introduced in part 1
  • Three traps that crush self-esteem
  • Four powerful mindset skills to beat those traps
  • Activities to share with children


  • WISDOM System for Coaching Kids and skills you help kids develop
  • STORY Coaching Model and why stories are powerful coaching tools
  • Real-life success stories 
  • Flexibility in working with kids


  • How to become a certified WISDOM Coach for Kids
  • Special Offer + Bonuses
  • Savings Code
  • Story time
  • Apply today!

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