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WISDOM  Coaches Share Why They Chose Adventures in Wisdom

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“I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s all there…”

Inna shares how the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum and certification give her the resources and confidence to be a successful life coach for kids, to teach mindset skills in a way that she is aligned with and to fulfil her purpose in the world. (1:07)

“I was astounded! It’s the Whole Package” 

Jean is a certified life coach, mother and grandmother prior to becoming a WISDOM Coach. She shares way she chose Adventures in Wisdom. (1:05)

“Curriculum, resources, and business support help me succeed” 

Delia was looking for a way to bring personal development and mindset skills to her daughters as they navigated their tween and teen years and it launched a new career! Delia is now a Senior WISDOM Coach, coaching children both in person and online. (2:46)

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