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Overview and Savings Code

This overview video was created for you so that you can see how our program guides you step-by-step to become a life coach for kids.

Get your Savings Code in the video!

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Talk with a Success Coach!

This call is for you! To share your goals and dreams and get your questions answered.

There’s no pressure and nothing to be nervous about. It’s all about you.


“How You Can Get Started as a Life Coach for Kids”
Video Overview

Get Certified at Home!


  • Kids need our help
  • 6 Reasons why stories are the #1 most effective method for coaching kids


  • WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™
  • STORY Coaching Model
  • Flexibility in working with kids


  • Support you receive – you’re not alone
  • Business Accelerator Curriculum helps you get clients


  • Special Offer + Bonuses
  • Savings Code
  • Apply today!

Talk with a Success Coach!

Jack Canfield Endorses WISDOM Coaching

You can feel confident with Adventures in Wisdom!

Since 2013, we’ve certified hundreds of coaches in over 30 countries.  And we’ve been endorsed by one of the leaders in personal development – Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, NY Times bestselling author, and Expert from “The Secret”.

Book Your Call with a Success Coach and start
using stories to life coach kids

In case you missed it, here is the FREE Coaching Story…

This skill book comes directly from the same curriculum that certified WISDOM Coaches use to help kids develop mindset skills for happiness, confidence, and success!

WISDOM Coaching in Action

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How Peter Gray accelerated launch of his after school program

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How WISDOM Coach Susan helped Heather worry less and build confidence.

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