Stories teach the skills!

We all love a good story…and when it’s used to teach a lesson, we remember the lesson as well!

Just think about the story “The Tortoise and The Hare”.

One of the things that makes Adventures in Wisdom™ so unique is that each skill is taught through a fun short story or fable by a character mentor named “Wyatt the Wise Wizard”
Through the stories, your kids get to see the skills in action and how the skills are used to solve real-life problems!
Each story is followed up by a “Let’s Talk” activity to check their understanding and additional activities so they can practice the skill first-hand. We call this “learning without lecture” and it makes learning easy and tons of fun!
Here’s the part that parents really love…it gives you an opportunity to share your wisdom too! For kids ages 6-12
And because the stories take less than 10 minutes, they are great to share while in the car, at snack time, after dinner, and before bed. They are also great to pull out for “spot coaching” if you’re facing a particular issue.
If you haven’t already signed up for a free story, just complete the form on this page and it will be sent to you immediately
Enjoy connecting with your kids!

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