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 1. What is the WISDOM Coach Certification Program?

The WISDOM Coach™ Certification program is designed to help you create a business you love life coaching kids!

As a certified WISDOM Coach™, you will be licensed to use The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ curriculum (our stories and activities), our coaching tools, and designated marketing tools, in your business.

You will also gain access to our extensive resources for coaches, and can become a member of our private Facebook group for WISDOM Coaches where you can network with other WISDOM Coaches from all over the world! Click here to see a list of support you’ll receive.

Our WISDOM Coach Certification program was launched
in 2013 and we now have WISDOM Coaches in over
30 countries using our work
to empower kids!


2. Do I have to be a life coach to become a WISDOM Coach?

Although most of our WISDOM Coaches have a coaching, counseling, or teaching background, it is not a requirement.

The most important requirements are to have a passion for empowering kids and a passion for personal development.

Our curriculum is designed to help you be successful with your work with kids. Each skill book contains a Mentor’s Guide (which contains the background information and coaching tips) and a Children’s Guide (which contains the stories, discussion questions, and exercises).

We cover this in more detail in the video overview. Click here to learn more!


3. How long does it take to become a WISDOM Coach?

Our coaches get certified in a “home study” format and everything you need to complete your certification is available on the WISDOM Coach website. You can get started as soon as you enroll!

We recommend budgeting about 18 – 24 hours to get ready for your certification test. Preparation involves going through your new coach training (about 2 hours) and then reviewing The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum. Studying is a lot of fun because most of your preparation involves going through the stories and activities you’ll be using with kids (and you will have a lot of “ah ha” moments of your own)!

The test is about 30 questions, and is designed to help you feel confident and ready to use our work with kids. You can reference your materials and take as much time as you need to complete the test.

We’ve had coaches complete their certification in a weekend. Most take a couple of weeks.


4. Do I have to travel?

No! Our coaches complete their certification in a “home study” format which means you can get started right away from the comfort of your own home or office.

You don’t have to wait for a specific training date, deal with time zone issues, or pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on airplane flights, hotel rooms, and other travel expenses!


5. What support will I receive?  Is there training on the “business side”?

At Adventures in Wisdom™, our philosophy is that your success is our success. 

As a result, we provide a Business Accelerator Curriculum, coaching resources, and community to help you start and grow your business!   You’re not on your own!  Once you have completed your certification, you will receive the following tools/support:

  • Business Accelerator Curriculum and Action Plans!  Not sure how to get started?  Learn how to get your first 5-10 clients and build a sustainable business with this curriculum and action plans that step you through the process (currently being offered as an enrollment bonus)!

You will learn how to:

  1. Develop confidence in yourself when you’re first getting started
  2. Say what you do and market your services to generate a steady stream of clients
  3. Stand in your value and a framework for pricing your services
  4. Create a reliable sales process and learn a proven model for having enrollment conversations that work (without feeling sales-y)
  5. Coach kids using the STORY Coaching Process 
    and so much more!

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  • Private Facebook Group – Share best practices, pick up business tips, get feedback, and meet new friends on our private Facebook Group for our WISDOM Coaches!  Posts offer a wealth of information and inspiration.  You’re not on your own!
  • Coaching Tools – Jump-start your business with our coaching tools.  We have tools such as intake forms and sample coaching agreements that you can edit and use.
  • Coaching Package Templates – Design your coaching packages and/or workshops using our Coaching Package Templates.  You will receive five Coaching Package Templates that you can use as a guideline for creating workshops or coaching packages for your clients.  Templates include popular topics such as building strong self-confidence, building positive self-esteem, managing peer pressure, etc.
  • Articles for Your Blog/eZine/Newsletter – Save hours and hours of writing time by using our articles to “nurture” your email list.  You will receive a package of Adventures in Wisdom™ articles that you can use in your blog/eZine/newsletter.  Using our articles not only saves you time, but also gives you content that you can use immediately to demonstrate the value of coaching kids, while “nurturing” your email list!
  • WISDOM Coach Logo Build credibility with the WISDOM Coach™ Certification logo! You can use the logo on your website and in your marketing materials.
  • Slides for Each Skill Book – Use slides to bring a visual element into your workshops and/or coaching sessions.  You will have access to a set of slides for each skill book (27 skill books).
  • WISDOM for Home Take-Home Sheets for Each Skill Book – Share WISDOM for Home take-home sheets with your clients so they can continue the conversation at home.  You will have access to a WISDOM for Home take-home sheet for each skill book (27 skill books).
  • Listing on Our Corporate Website – Receive referrals from us!  As a WISDOM Coach™, you will be listed in our directory on the website so parents can find you if they are looking for a coach in your area.
  • Q&A Calls – You will also have an opportunity to participate in training and Q&A Sessions held throughout the year.
  • Ongoing Support – Any day of the week you can ask questions in the WISDOM Coach™ Facebook group where the Adventures in Wisdom team and your peers can help provide answers.


6. What is the investment?  Do you have a payment plan?

The normal investment for our WISDOM Coach Certification program is $3997 [All pricing in US Dollars].

We offer a $1000 savings to all of our applicants that will enable you to enroll for just $2997.

The savings code is shared during the overview about our program (Overview can be accessed by visiting:

The good news is that you can complete your certification remotely in a “home study” format, so there are no travel expenses or time zones to deal with!

We also have payment plans available that enable you to spread the cost over 3 or 4 months (financing fee applies).

There is an annual renewal of $297 which covers the ongoing support you receive as a WISDOM Coach™. We are often asked what is included in the annual renewal.

Our goal at Adventures in Wisdom is to provide you with a world-class curriculum, engaging Facebook community, and support to help you be successful in your work with kids – and that’s an ongoing process.  Renewal includes:  (1) continued use of the curriculum in a business/non-profit/volunteer setting, (2) access to our very active private Facebook group for WISDOM Coaches, (3) listing in our online WISDOM Coach directory, so parents can find you, (4) access to Q&A calls for that year.

IMPORTANT:  For a limited time, the Business Accelerator Curriculum is being offered as a Bonus when you enroll ($2500 value).  


7. How do I qualify for the savings?

As a thank you for listening to the overview, you can earn a significant savings towards your enrollment.

A savings code is provided in the overview about the WISDOM Coach certification program.

Just add that savings code to your application (instructions given during the overview) or email the code to [email protected]  if you have already submitted your application.

(Overview can be accessed by visting:

We also have payment plans available that enable you to spread the cost over 3 or 4 months (financing fee applies).  


8. Why do you ask us to listen to an overview? 

The overview was designed for you!

It gives you an opportunity to learn about the WISDOM Coach Certification in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that works for you – so you can decide if this program is a good fit for you.

The video overview will give you a really good understanding of:
1. The powerful skills you’ll be helping kids develop
2. The process of becoming a certified WISDOM Coach (no travel required!)
3. The support you will receive from us (you’re not alone!)
4. The investment and how you can earn a significant savings towards your enrollment.

You can listen to the overview at:

If our program looks like a good fit for you, please submit your application!


9. How do I get started!

It’s simple!

Step 1:  Check out a sample coaching story!  Experience the curriculum and test out a coaching story at home. Click here to access the story Choosing Your BFF (Best Friend Forever). It’s all about helping kids develop positive self-talk!

Step 2:  Submit your application!  Just click button on:  If you haven’t watched the overview, you can complete that after you submit your application.  

After submitting your application, keep an eye on your inbox for more information from us!

Step 3:  Schedule your call with one of our Success Coaches!  Your Coaching Kids Strategy call is a phone call with one of our Sucess Coaches.  It is a fun get-to-know you, no-pressure call to answer any questions you might have and to see if this certification is a good fit for both your business and for ours. Calls are held FREE via Skype or free VOIP calling (we talk with people around the world)!

We would love for you to join our WISDOM Coach Family.


10.  What happens after I enroll?

That’s when the fun begins!

Step 1:  Complete your certification!  Preparing for your certification is a lot of fun because you’ll be spending time with the curriculum!  Have fun experiencing all of the stories and learning the skills/activities you’ll use when coaching kids.  Most coaches take about 12-14 hours to complete their certification.

After you complete your certification:

Step 2:  Jump start your business with the Business Accelerator and Action Plans!   Start executing the action plans to get your first 10 clients!

Step 3:  Join our private Facebook Group for WISDOM Coaches for information, feedback, inspiration, and to make new friends!  Also attend our ongoing Q&A calls.

Life coach kids!


11. What is the difference between the Home Study program and the WISDOM coach Certification program?

The Home Study program is designed for parents or grandparents to use our work at home with their own children.  It does not license them to use our work outside of their home in a volunteer/business/non-profit setting.

The WISDOM Coach Certification program is designed to support you in coaching children outside of your home.

Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program For Kids

(Home Study versus WISDOM Coach Certification)
 Home StudyWisdom Coach Certification
Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Programs for Kids Curriculum
Licensed to use the Adventures in Wisdom Curriculum and coaching materials in business/ non-profit/ volunteer setting
Business Accelerator Curriculum and Action Plans (quick start your business)
Articles - Use in your marketing (blog/newsletter)
WISDOM Coach Facebook Group - Network with other WISDOM Coaches from around the world!
Coaching Package Templates - Guidelines to help you design your services
Q&A Calls Ask questions about marketing, coaching and more!
WISDOM Coach Logo
WISDOM Slides for each skill book
WISDOM take home sheets - Help kids continue the conversation at home!
WISDOM Tools - Additional activities you can use with kids! We're adding to the curriculum
Listing on the website - Parents can find you from our website


12. We have more than one person in our company.  Do we need multiple certifications?

We have a special license called the WISDOM Institution License that enables a company to certify one WISDOM Coach™ and multiple WISDOM Teachers to deliver services under that company’s business name.

To learn more about this, be sure to let us know you are interested in the WISDOM Institution License in your application and we will discuss the best path for you during your Coaching Kids Strategy Session Call.