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Life Coaching for Kids in Action

Real-life stories from our certified WISDOM Coaches

When Johnny Starts Using His InnerPower, His Mom Gets a Surprising Call from His Teacher (story and video)

Johnny is highly energetic which could be problematic at school. His mom, who is a certified WISDOM Coach, did the InnerPower program with him to teach him about self-leadership, respect and self-respect. When the teacher called, Limor thought, “Not again!”. But watch what actually happened….

Justin goes from Anxiety and OCD to still Thriving after 2 Years (story and video)

Ten-year-old Justin was struggling with anxiety and OCD. Counseling wasn’t working and medication was the next step. His mother reached out to WISDOM Dixie and the results were transformational. 2 years later he was still using his skills.

Mike Learns to Shift His Anger Through Positive Self-Talk for Kids

Ten-year-old Mike was having trouble controlling his emotions — especially anger and rage. Teachers also reported that Mike seemed depressed at school and was distancing himself from other children.

School Counselors and WISDOM Coaching – Working Together to Support Children’s Mental Health

School Counselors are becoming WISDOM Coaches or teaming with WISDOM Coaches to support children – helping children develop the mindset skills for self-esteem, confidence, resilience, self-leadership, and so much more. See the stories of 4 WISDOM Coaches who are either School Counselors themselves or teaming with school counselors to help children develop mindset skills for strong mental health.

Meet 18 Educators who became WISDOM Coaches to fill the gap in children’s education

Educators are passionate about developing the “whole child”. Helping them to develop the growth mindset and social and emotional skills to thrive both inside and outside the classroom.  Meet WISDOM Coaches who are Teachers, Former Teachers, or Retired Teachers Filling the Gap in Kids’ Education

See how 7-year-old “G” learned to use the power of her thoughts to overcome anxiety [Story & Video]

When a child struggles with anxiety, it affects the whole family. G wouldn’t go to the grocery store or out to dinner and going to school was an everyday struggle. G was struggling and her Mom was exhausted. When her mother reached out to WISDOM Coach® Sharon, her daughter had already worked with a few specialists. See how WISDOM Coach® Sharon shares how she helped G rebuild her confidence!

Young Girl Conquers Swimming and first day at new School (story and video) 

Miss M’s mother was concerned. At her recent pre-school graduation, Miss M (5-1/2 years old) refused to go up to collect her graduation certificate so her mother worried how she was going to start kindergarten in a few weeks.  WISDOM Coach® Karen took Miss M through the Confident Kids program from Adventures in Wisdom and you won’t believe the things Miss M achieved with just a few coaching sessions. Prepare to be inspired by her story!  

10-Year-Old Heather Learns to Worry Less and Build Confidence

Heather knew she wanted to change but wasn’t sure what to do. She constantly felt worried and felt nervous about trying new things. She also had frequent tantrums that she struggled to calm down from. Another problem she dealt with was frequent bed-wetting, which left her feeling embarrassed.

How a 9-year-old girl brought “life coaching” skills to her whole family!

Julie’s Mom was concerned. Her nine-year-old daughter was struggling in her relationships with friends and family, and she was also getting down on herself and using negative self-talk. This behavior was having a detrimental impact on Julie’s self-esteem and self-confidence, but her Mom didn’t know what to do about it. After doing some research, she learned about a life coaching for kids program and turned to certified WISDOM Coach™ Lisa…

Frustration with Siblings: How 7-Year-Old Hannah Shifted Her Emotions

7-year-old Hannah would often argue with her siblings, blame them when things went wrong, and yell, “I hate you” when she was frustrated. Her behavior was causing a lot of tension at home, so Hannah’s Mom reached out to WISDOM Coach™ Sharon for help.

How 8-Year-Old Cory Learned to Quiet His Inner Critic

Over time, Cory had become so worried about making a mistake that he stopped trying new things or performing his best at school, sports, and even while playing at home. His inner critic was rising and his self-esteem was plummeting. In search for some way to help her son, Cory’s Mom discovered a self-esteem workshop for children and their parents…

12-Year Old Molly Finds Her “Inner Shine”

…once Molly heard some of the coaching stories and explored the exercises with her coach, she started to realize that she had many shining qualities. She recognized that her appearance was perfectly fine, and that there was so much more to her than just her looks.

Tyler Steps Out of His Comfort Zone and Into Confidence

“…I appreciate the respect, compassion, and understanding you have shown….You have had an extremely positive impact on my son’s life; after your help he is much more confident and sure of himself. This means so much to both him and me. I highly recommend your program to all boys and girls whether they have confidence issues or not, because of the positive approach which will help them tremendously in their lives.” – Tyler’s Mom

Young Phillip Goes From “People Pleaser” to a New Outlook on Life

“My son is more confident and stronger than ever before. He has learned that he has inner strength and talents to be proud of… Every week he learns new and exciting ways to deal with life’s challenges. The coaching stories are relevant and entertaining, and he practices what he’s learning through the lessons.” – Phillip’s Mom

How a 10-year-old girl with learning difficulties changed “I can’t” to “I can!”

Her grandmother reported that Isabella’s attitude had also changed. She started believing that she could read and she studied the alphabet every day. She even enrolled her grandmother in helping her study. As a result of working with Coach Geeta, Isabella is now reading simple children’s books. And the best news is, her confidence is soaring.

How Alan Used the Power of His Mind to Cure His Tears

“I used to cry a lot,” said Alan. “I used to, but I don’t anymore.…The story helped me understand that my tears come from my mind. I know now that I have the power to stop crying just by thinking, ‘How can I stop my tears?’ instead of thinking, ‘I can’t stop crying.’ It really works for me!”

How an 11-year-old girl with dyslexia changed her belief about what she could achieve!

Brenda believed that she would never be able to succeed, and often felt anxious when taking tests or being assessed at school. Homework was also a battle at home. At a loss for how to help her daughter, Brenda’s Mom approached WISDOM Coach™ Robin for support.

A Young Boy Moves from Self-Consciousness to Self-Confidence

Ten-year-old Timothy’s parents were concerned about their son’s perfectionism. They noticed that if he wasn’t able to do something perfectly on the first try, he would often give up. Timothy also wanted his body to be perfect. He was self-conscious about his weight and this was impacting his confidence and self-esteem. They turned to WISDOM Coach™ Laura for help.

Timothy Learns that Winning In Your Mind Creates Winning In Your Life!

Timothy made the Baseball All Star Team! Then the fear started to creep in as he put tremendous pressure on himself to do well. His parents were worried about his stress level, so they again contacted WISDOM Coach™ Laura to help Timothy.