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Young girl finds her "inner shine"

At just twelve years old, Molly* was struggling with her sense of self-worth. Her parents noticed that she was becoming increasingly concerned about her appearance and what people thought about her.

They also saw that Molly’s self-consciousness was holding her back from trying new activities with peers—and this was creating deep sadness within her. Needing support for their daughter, Molly’s parents turned to WISDOM Coach™ Jackie* for help.

Coach Jackie started working with Molly using the “MePower” section of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum. Initially, their work together brought up difficult feelings that Molly found hard to face. But once Molly heard some of the coaching stories and explored the exercises with her coach, she started to realize that she had many shining qualities. She recognized that her appearance was perfectly fine, and that there was so much more to her than just her looks.

When they started to delve a bit deeper, Molly found that the real reason she was scared and nervous to try new things was because she was afraid of failing.

Learning to shine… one step at a time

To break through this fear of failing, Molly and Coach Jackie focused on the “MindPower” segment of the program. Molly loved the coaching stories from this segment because they helped her understand how her brain worked. She also learned mindset skills that she could use when she felt nervous or afraid to try something new.

She started with simple goals such as practicing basketball and cartwheels at home so she would have more confidence at school when playing with her friends during the lunch break.

Coach Jackie shared, “Molly worked very hard throughout our coaching together – getting the most out of every story and practicing the skills she learned. It was such a pleasure and delight to watch Molly find her inner shine!”

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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.

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