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Frustration with siblings


Julie’s* Mom was concerned. Her nine-year-old daughter was struggling in her relationships with friends and family – especially when conflicts arose. She was also frequently getting down on herself and using negative self-talk.

This behavior was having a detrimental impact on Julie’s self-esteem and self-confidence, but her Mom didn’t know what to do about it. 

After doing some research, she learned about a life coaching for kids program and turned to certified WISDOM Coach® Lisa Plumridge for help.

Life coaching for kids stories to the rescue

Coach Lisa used skill books from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum to help Julie. Each skill book contained a coaching story filled with characters and lessons that Julie could relate to.

Together, they worked on skills such as honoring your uniqueness, building self-esteem from the inside out, using positive self-talk, treating others with respect, and having self-respect. As they read the stories and discussed the questions for each lesson, something magical started to happen.

“Gold hearts” for Julie

Through the life coaching for kids stories, Julie learned that the key to good relationships, including feeling good about herself, was respect.

She learned that every time she was with someone she left a mark – either a “gold heart” or a “grungy mark” depending on how she treated them.

And her treatment of others left a mark on her as well.

“As part of the coaching, I asked Julie to use the ‘Gold Hearts’ tool each day, and to take note of how it affected her relationships throughout that week,” shared Coach Lisa. “When we began the following coaching session, I set a timer for three minutes and we both wrote down as many Gold Heart scenarios we could recall from the previous week. It was amazing how many we came up with and it was a great way to reflect on how this can work in our lives.

After the session about showing respect, Julie introduced the concept of giving gold hearts to her family. This tool had a big impact on her entire family, especially her father who tended to not show much affection or share his emotions or thoughts easily.

The family also started a new family practice of sharing positive experiences from their day. As the weeks went by, the depth of these conversations deepened and the comments they made to each other became more loving and endearing to one another. J

ulie began to look at her siblings in a different light and the family dynamics shifted as everyone focused on giving gold hearts.

As Julie’s Mom wrote:

Dear Lisa, I wish to thank you for the valuable contribution you have made not only to my child, but to our whole family. Through your work with my daughter, you have given her the skills to introduce ‘golden hearts’ to our family routine. 

Her self-talk changed dramatically from enormous negativity to a much healthier dialogue

During her time engaging in the coaching sessions, she seemed more empowered to tackle difficult situations at school involving friendship issues and at home involving day-to-day sibling rivalry.

I am looking forward to her being involved in future coaching courses you offer. Thanks again!

Congratulations WISDOM Coach® Lisa on a job well done. Thanks to your powerful coaching, Julie and her family are spreading gold hearts everywhere!

(1) Name changed for anonymity

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