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Frustration with siblings


Heather* knew she wanted to change but wasn’t sure what to do.  She constantly felt worried and felt nervous about trying new things.  She also had frequent tantrums that she struggled to calm down from.

Heather had seen the positive changes in her brother after he had worked with certified WISDOM Coach® Susan.  She asked her parents if she could work with Coach Susan*, too.

From worries to self-discovery and confidence

Coach Susan worked with Heather to help her identify her goals.  Heather had three areas she wanted to work on:  feeling less anxious about doing new things, feeling more confident at school, and learning to prevent meltdowns and calm down when she felt frustrated.

They got to work!

Using coaching stories and activities from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids® Curriculum, Coach Susan worked with Heather to develop mindset skills for confidence and self-esteem.

Over the course of eight weeks, they covered topics such as: understanding belief systems, creating new possibilities, choosing positive self-talk, overcoming fear, creating self-confidence, managing change, overcoming mistakes, and much more.

“I can be a new person.”

Heather loved the coaching stories and loved learning how her mind worked.  She discovered a lot about herself including a new love of writing and drawing.  She also made powerful changes in her life.  Heather shared her experience:

“I learned there are different parts of my brain and that I can change the way I think and the way I do things.  My brain makes me happy and I’m in control of it!  I don’t need to be anxious and I can talk to people without feeling scared.  Now, I have more dry nights and have been a lot less worried about things — I can be a new person and enjoy my life.

“We are a better family.”

Heather’s Mom was also very pleased:

“Heather looked forward to coaching and talked about it throughout the week.  The best part for her was Wyatt the Wise Wizard and discovering her talent for writing and drawing about her thoughts.  It really helped her learn the new skills….

Over the weeks, her confidence grew in all areas.  She has far less tantrums and when they do come, they are quickly and reasonably resolved.  Doing homework is also less stressful.  She is more in touch with how she is feeling.  She seems happy to try new things and is pleased when she achieves them…

Susan, I honestly cannot find the words to express how grateful we are for the coaching sessions.  The new skills and ideas you give us work well for all of us and we are a better family because of them!

Congratulations to Heather, her family, and WISDOM Coach® Susan on their success.


Coach Susan sent us an email two months later to let us know that Heather reported that she passed her exams and is achieving her goals.

*Name changed for anonymity

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*** The end ***

Adventure well, my friend!


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