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Amanda Burgess

Wenatchee, Washington, USA

Amanda Burgess (Coach Ms. Mandy) is a certified WISDOM Coach for kids through Adventures in Wisdom. She has a strong background in working with children and have been doing so for over 22 years.  She is passionate when it comes to helping kids create a positive and powerful vision of their lives. She feels it’s more important than ever for kids to have a solid, strong mindset so they can be ready to take on the world!

It's Amanda's goal to support children and their families in a way that will empower every child to see their full potential, their inner-greatness and to help them achieve their goals with confidence. She looks forward to meeting with you and your child, to get them on the positive path for success.

Shane Wetzel

Virginia, USA

I am leading a movement to bring personal development tools to kids and their parents so that they can feel fulfilled as a family and in life. If you are a parent who desires proven methods to empower your children, then join my FREE Adventures in Parenting Community (link above).
This community is for all parents who want their children to: • Understand the power of the mind and why we achieve what we believe. • Chose who you want to be and stand up to peer pressure. • Develop soaring self esteem and powerful self confidence. • Create your vision, achieve your goals, and manifest your dreams. • Learn to bust through fear, failure, mistakes, change, and go for your dreams.
Looking forward to meeting you in our FREE community!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/childandfamilycoach/

Delia Rusu

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I’m Delia! If your child or teen is struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, and no matter how much you try to encourage her or him, it doesn't seem to help, let’s talk!
As a mother of two teenage girls, I've experienced these challenges first-hand so I have created fun and engaging programs to help children believe in themselves, make good life decisions, and go after their dreams. Not only that, but I have tested all my programs thoroughly with my own daughters, so I can attest to just how effective they are!
Imagine if you could give your children the tools and resources to develop powerful self-esteem and unstoppable self-confidence so they feel worthy, happy, and prepared to lead a wonderful life… Wouldn’t that be something?
Contact me on my website at http://deliarusu.com and let’s get your child started on the path of confidence, success, and happiness!

Having spent 28 and more glorious years as a multi-level, multi-faceted classroom teacher/professional storyteller, educational consultant, aerospace educator and mother of teens, Dianea’s experiences have served her greatly in inspiring young people to recognize their talents, skills and personal contributions in life.

Dianea is incredibly passionate about helping young people realize their pitfalls and the potentially hazardous effects of self-limiting thoughts. Her clients have nicknamed her the “Morphologist”. Why? Because when people work with her, just like caterpillars turn into butterflies, they too change!

Dianea is committed as a PPCC Life Coach and Adventures in Wisdom Youth Coach to help our youth understand that they are the creators and the designers of their lives. Learning how to change habits, patterns, think their own thoughts, be accountable for their decisions while taking baby steps towards personal transformation. They are WORTH IT!

Kim Sarsons

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

As an educator in the Canadian public school system for over twenty years, Kim has always integrated life coaching techniques into her work with students. Her passion is to teach kids how to challenge themselves in the classroom.  She skillfully creates opportunities that coax them out of their comfort zones.

Kim began teaching at the elementary level then transitioned to secondary education where she worked with adolescents for 11 years. In 2011, she traveled to Uruguay with her then 4 year old daughter, where they embraced the unfamiliar and stayed for a year and a half. Since returning, Kim has been teaching full time at a Spanish bilingual school in Calgary.

As a certified WISDOM Coach, Kim strives to help kids recognize that they have limitless potential that can be unlocked by learning how to harness the power of their thoughts through storytelling and creative strategies. Kim is the founder of Hero Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids. She offers workshops and small group sessions and works individually with kids, tweens and teens.

Hannah Hernandez

New York, NY (USA)

Whole child coaching will introduce your family to a new way of relating to one another, bringing you closer together while nurturing self awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, self management, and responsible decision making. Whole child coaching workshops and sessions are founded on research based social emotional learning practices. The goal of our sessions is to nurture SEL learning practices at home through activities, games, art projects, and videos, that are fun for the whole family.

As a character education teacher, Hannah taught over 500 students a week and collaborated with classroom teachers as well as principals developing a school culture that encouraged children to be aware of themselves, their peers, teachers, and their parents, and through this to manage their emotions, overcome challenges, conflicts, make responsible choices, and contribute to their surroundings.

Hannah has also written and taught “Me and My Community” (lessons in social awareness and social responsibility) to groups of children and teens in transitional housing.

Tawnya has been working in the field of self-actualization for the past 14+ years. She is a certified WISDOM Coach and a certified Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting course instructor, Family/Individual Life Coach and Behavior Management Specialist.

As a mother of 3 adult children, she is committed to helping parents have the best possible relationships with their children. Her passion is working with children because their ability to grasp new concepts comes so easy to them. She knows these skills are life changing for those that utilize them.

She created the KIDZ KOURSE, a 2 day 16 hour workshop, in 2014 to help children understand and stop bullying, by connecting to their inner power through self-love, compassion and empathy. She knows that the way to world peace begins through peace and understanding in the home.

Phone: 754-204-8225

Bridget Hill

Falling Waters, WV

Bridget C. Hill, CPCC, ACC is a certified co-active life coach through CTI and the International Coaches Federation. She is also a certified WISDOM Coach for kids.  Bridget specializes in coaching kids 6-12 years old dealing with hard life situations such as divorce and step families, single parents, military parents, shyness and bullying. She has a passion to help kids learn, grow, trust, and believe in themselves. She wants them to know they are more than their situations and the circumstances that happen in life.  Bridget believes that through coaching, each child can gain valuable understanding of how to deal with a variety of life situations. It is by teaching children these life skills that we build hope for the future.

Terri Munson

Tarpon Springs
Tampa, Florida area
Las Cruces
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Terri's passion is working with kids focusing on helping them create a mindset that allows them to become leaders of their own lives. Terri was ELATED when she found the Adventures in Wisdom program.  As a certified WISDOM Coach, she now has more opportunity to help our kids as future leaders THRIVE-not just SURVIVE in life!

Terri partners with kids in small group workshops as well as one-on-one to teach them critical life skills so they can make their own choices to be unique, confident and respectful to themselves and others.  She has worked with kids for the past 15 plus years as a member of the Optimist Club-Bringing Out The Best In Kids, bicycle safety training and repair, mentoring 4th and 5th grade Junior Optimist Club projects as well as being a Special Olympics volunteer.  Terri has previously coached elementary school girls’ softball, basketball and mixed Junior Olympics track. Currently, she is a member of the Optimist Club Las Cruces and Soroptimist Pinellas County serving youth and women.

Monika has been interested in helping people overcome challenges and expand their experiences since she lost a loved one and witnessed friends and family members giving up when the storm hit their marriages. Now, she coaches couples, professionals, children and individuals to grow and maximize their strengths, reach their potential and achieve results.

Her passion as a volunteer, working with couples and witnessing first hand their children's reaction and lack of confidence, led her to become a Children’s Life Coach. All of her life experiences made her stronger, bolder and passionate about life.

She is now a mother of two girls with one child on the way.  She is originally from Europe, but now lives and works near Ontario, Canada.  As a coach, Monika donates a portion of her profits to worthy causes, such as local schools and daycare facilities. She loves to combine her understanding of relationship coaching with WISDOM Coaching to help others make positive lasting changes.

Earlene Clarke M.Ed.


Earlene is a certified WISDOM Coach, Primary Teacher, Literacy Specialist, and Mom of two. For over 10 years, she has successfully mentored and taught students inside as well as outside of the classroom. Her passion to become a children’s life coach developed when she moved back to Toronto with her children, after living in Asia for six years. “Children need help overcoming issues such as bullying, low self-esteem, self-confidence and peer pressure. They also need support embracing their culture and know how to handle changes in their life (moving to a new country, changing schools, etc.).”

As the Founder of BRILLIANT MIND – an organization built on the premise of empowering children and their parents, Earlene believes that children have the strength to own their thoughts and live brilliant lives. Her organization is focused on empowering and developing a generation of mindful, healthy, successful and confident children.

Sharon Higham

Hopewell Jct, NY

Sharon Higham, transforming u, changing people's lives one habit at a time.  Sharon works with parents to help children with esteem and self-confidence.   A good referral for me would be a parent  going through a traumatic family event, who needs support in helping their children feel good about themselves while they watch their family fall apart.  Sharon Higham, transforming you, change your habits change your life!

  • Are you the you, you want to be?
  • Do you muddle through life, wondering if you are as good as someone else?
  • If the answer to either of these questions is Yes, then schedule a free strategy session with me today.

Email:  [email protected]

David Blumstein

Margate, Florida

Be Extraordinary!

My mission is to enlighten youth to the power of their mind and to teach them to use empowerment as they face challenges in life.

My passion is teaching kids to focus on their strengths, how to increase their self-confidence and how to attract their dreams and passions of mind.

I have been involved in transformation for the past 25 years. My coaching technique centers on the ontology (Being) of a person and getting to their source or story (or “What Happened”). One’s interpretation is critical as it opens up the way to authenticity and a new creation of “What’s Possible”.

I am a certified WISDOM Coach for Kids.  I work with kids, through stories, to build authentic relationships with families and empower them in their lives.

Families are always committed to work-ability!

Email:  [email protected]

Camelia Bruckel

New Rochelle, NY

I was delighted when I found the Adventures in Wisdom program.  As a certified WISDOM Coach, I have more opportunity to empower kids as future leaders. This certification, builds upon my background in education. I have a degree In Lower Elementary and I am a Montessori Certified Teacher for 3-6 years olds. I have over 25 years of classroom teaching experience, working with students aged 2-11 years old.

My mission is to guide youth to use the power of their minds.  I feel so blessed that I have found the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum!  My passion is to help kids create a positive and powerful vision for their lives.

Please connect with me through email or Facebook with questions or to make an appointment.

Kamini Wood

Cary, NC USA

Kamini is a certified life and wellness coach. She is board certified through the AADP. As a mother of five children, empowering tweens and teens is her passion. Kamini feels deeply that life coaching should readily be available to children and teens just as it is for adults. Therefore, she is also certified as a WISDOM® coach with Adventures in Wisdom.

Today, her practice focuses on tweens and teens. Kamini helps these individuals anchor themselves in authentic self-esteem and identity so they can navigate confidently through academics, performance and social aspects of life. Kamini offers one-on-one coaching either in person or video teleconference as well as small groups and workshops.

Linda Czuper

Atlanta, GA

30 year veteran teacher, M.A.Ed., Gifted, ESOL endorsed, certified Wisdom Coach

My passion is to empower kids through growth mindset and academic skills. These skills help kids pursue their dreams by enhancing self-confidence, self-responsibility, academic growth, and goal setting, as well as conquering peer pressure, test anxiety, and negative self-talk.

I have worked with countless students and have seen first-hand what kids experience. Lucky kids learn to value their uniqueness and what makes them special.They learn the tools to pursue their dreams, overcome challenges, and grow. These skills help kids to become “Yes I Can Kids”- with “Can Do” attitudes, building social/emotional and academic intelligence.

As a certified Wisdom Coach, I use stories, projects, activities, and problem-solving scenarios to Empower kids.

Empowered kids become Empowered adults! Empower your child to be a "Yes I Can Kid!"

Please contact me with your questions or to make an appointment.
Email[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kidscoachlindaczuper


Charlene Kushner

Grande Prairie
AB Canada

My name is Charlene and I have a wonderful husband of 37 years, 2 amazing adult children and 4 heart filling grandchildren. I am a Certified WISDOM Coach, a Learning in Action Practitioner (EQ), a Personality Dimensions Trainer (Colours) and a CPCC Professional Coach from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I am also credentialed as an ACC from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I have over 30 years experience in facilitation, instruction, mentoring, coaching, and supervision/management. I retired from my career in Fitness & Wellness in 2017 and decided to continue to follow my passion of coaching.  My heart led me to coaching children who are sensitive and emotional. My mission is to bring personal development tools to children and parents so they can gain the awareness and skills that help manage the child's emotions and sensitive nature.

I run workshops as well as one on one coaching for both children and parents that combine WISDOM coaching, Personality Dimensions and EQ.  My belief is that children deserve to be given these tools that empower them to see their sensitivity as a gift and to allow them to perform better as who they are, in order to live a successful, happy and confident life.

Please contact me with questions or to schedule a coaching session.

CPCC, ACC, LIA Practitioner, Personality Dimensions Trainer

Dimple Arora, B.Math, B.Ed, R.H.N

Milton, Ontario, Canada

Dimple Arora, contributing author of the best-selling book Simply Woman, is the founder of Mindful Evolution (ME) — a mindful parenting movement that aims to empower parents and children towards self-love, forming positive connections and taking inspired action to be the leaders of their own lives…one thought, one emotion and one choice at a time.

Dimple is a Certified WISDOM Coach for children ages 5-14 who want the tools to confidently navigate the ups and downs of growing up. She is the creator of the GLOW (Girls Lighting Our World) Power Circle which helps girls 11-14 years old learn to know and love who they are.  Dimple is certified in life coaching and alternative healing modalities such as emotional freedom technique and energy medicine. She holds degrees in mathematics, business, and education. She was previously employed in the corporate world and as a high school math teacher.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a licensed Heal Your Life® teacher, Dimple is a “foodie” who advocates for healthy, authentic living. Dimple lives her true passion of raising human consciousness and motivating families to live healthier, happier and extraordinary!

Dimple resides in Milton, Ontario, Canada, with her supportive husband and beautiful daughter. She is truly grateful for the opportunity to serve.

You can contact her at www.mindfulevolution.ca

Brenda Norrie

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Brenda Norrie is a certified WISDOM Coach for kids and a Lifestyle & Empowerment Coach.  She works with women and girls in her town of Maple Ridge, British Columbia to build a strong, empowered community! Together with community agencies, schools, youth groups and parents, Brenda works to build confidence, self-esteem and power in her clients.

Brenda facilitates weekly programs, as well as daily workshops, community events and one-on-one coaching through her business Thrive Empowerment Solutions.

Contact Brenda to work with her in helping your girl tribe feel strong, empowered and supported.

The Looking Glass

Toronto, Canada

I am Jennifer Shearer and I am so excited your here! I have founded The Looking Glass to help kids discover their personal super powers.

I work with kids and parents to create powerful self esteem and to live each day with as much joy as possible as a family!

As a mama of two little people ages 7 & 9, I witness every day, how insecurity in children leads to so many challenges. I also struggled as a child in school. So, it is my life mission to empower children to find true self acceptance and the confidence to move through the world on the clearest path possible within themselves!

I am a Certified WISDOM Coach through Adventures In Wisdom, Life Coaching for Kids.  I'm also, a certified Children's Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer as well as a License Owner to Danielle LaPorte's, The Desire Map which enriches peoples lives through simplicity around goal setting and self love!

I have been teaching fitness classes to those who identify as mother and their babies since 2009. I am grateful to have been able to help empower parents and will continue to do so. I am excited to add to this adventure with kids while they are navigating through the challenges of school, making friends as well as the person they are becoming!

Contact me at:  [email protected]

Sheri Bickford

Clearwater, Florida

Sheri is a growth mindset coach and educator who is focused on perspective and successful communication.  She coaches and teaches youth and parents the thought processes, strategies & skills to shift their perspective to better serve themselves.  Sheri empowers children to believe in themselves, change their negative self-talk, learn from mistakes and failure and go after their dreams.  Through stories and fun brain-based activities, she provides the tools to navigate through peer pressure, anxiety, anger, life challenges and emotional development.

Sheri wants children to grow, manage their emotions, create new habits and patterns, be resilient and harness the power to be leaders of their own life!  It’s time we give children the time and space they need to develop these crucial skills.

Contact Sheri today for a free consultation if you are looking for someone to inspire your children to navigate through academics, performance and the social aspects of life.  Sheri offers one-on-one and small group coaching, workshops and school presentations in person or by video teleconference.

Cathy Needham

Alberta Canada

Hi, I'm Cathy, from a small town in southern Alberta Canada, filled with amazing people. I love my community and I know that we become better through connection and heart. I've founded the not-for-profit "Heart Initiative" and will utilize concepts from Adventures in Wisdom in my work.

I also own my own business, Energy Unfolding, where I use energy tools such as SimplyHealed, Rapid Eye Technology, as well as others to help my clients succeed.

I'm so excited to add Certified WISDOM Coaching to my repertoire. I know the principles in Adventures in Wisdom are true and timeless.

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of children (and adults too!). I want them to feel heard, to be seen and know they matter.  Also, that we are all valuable and have something to contribute. I want my clients to know that no matter what their background is, they can succeed!

Debbie Tate

Austin, Texas

Debbie Tate is an experienced and compassionate professional with over 20 years experience in the field of education, mental health and personal empowerment.

She is devoted to helping children achieve their best lives.  She is a certified life and Kids WISDOM Coach…as well as, a Certified Montessori Teacher and Child Development Specialist.

She has worked in traditional and therapeutic schools and understands the emotional development of children.  Her passion is working with educators, children and families.

After retiring from teaching, she opened a children’s art studio in Katy, Texas and used creativity to help children build self-esteem and confidence.

As a Certified WISDOM Coach, she combines stories and creativity to coach kids through their challenges.

Her coaching business Soul Spark Creative Empowerment Coaching is located in Austin, Texas.  She offers Creative Confidence classes at schools across Austin as well as one-on-one coaching and classes at Austin Craft Lounge in the Hill Country.

Her goal is to help children navigate successfully through the challenges of life.





Trish Lake

Henderson, NV

Trish Lake is a certified WISDOM Coach. She has been an elementary school teacher for 19 years. With negativity and violence increasing and self-esteem and self-confidence decreasing, Trish decided to integrate life skills into her every day teaching. Her passion to shape positive and kind people motivated her to become a life coach for children and young adults. Teaching children how to create happiness in their own lives, learning how to feel great about themselves, setting goals and believing in themselves are strategies Trish will implement to help children become the best that they can be!

Contact: [email protected]


Dixie-Ann Harris-Gordon

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Certified WISDOM Coach, Dixie is a certified educator and life coach.  With over 25 years of experience working with children nationally and internationally, she has become a master at designing transformational programs for children.  Her goal is to give them the tools to anchor themselves in authentic self-esteem and self-confidence so they can navigate confidently through academics, performance and social aspects of life.  Having followed her heart into a professional life focused on meeting children's needs, she holds a certification in child psychology, dual degrees in education, and has built a successful career as a multi-level teacher and principal.

Once motherhood was added to that roster, her focus switched back to meeting the needs of children beyond the capacity of the classroom.  The transition to educating the heart, mind, and soul of our young citizens as a life coach naturally fell into place.

Her group workshops are aimed at 2nd – 5th graders and combine WISDOM Coaching with alternative healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), energy medicine, and Radiant Children's Yoga (RCY).

Today, as the founder of The Children’s Wisdom Institute, Dixie applies decades worth of dedication to support and guide your child on their journey to success and enhance the groundwork for their development.



Kerrie Meunier

Stony Plain, Alberta Canada

Coach Kerrie is proud to be Certified WISDOM Coach.  Her goal is to empower children, so they may grow to be healthy adults.

Kerrie only teaches the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids program because, she truly believes this program is the very best out there for teaching personal development skills and helping children to develop strong, confident mindsets, so they can achieve exciting life goals.  Kerrie offers “One on One” Coaching sessions in your location or hers.  She also offers “Spot Coaching” for common challenges a child might be experiencing.   She offers full-day Workshops for 6-10 children at your location as well as Group Coaching series in 5-6 session packages.  Coach Kerrie would like to also encourage parents and caregivers of young children to purchase the Adventure’s in Wisdom program for their families and teach their children the skills or consider becoming certified coaches themselves with Adventures in Wisdom.

Coach Kerrie's goal is to share her knowledge with the people whom make the deepest imprint in a child’s life, the Parent’s the Caregiver’s and Early Childhood Educator’s.


Monica Gomiz

The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Monica is originally from Spain and currently resides in The Woodlands TX. She is bilingual Spanish, has a background in teaching and medical interpretation and has travelled the world by herself since she was very young.

As a mom of two beautiful children, she wanted to learn tools to inspire her own children and others' to grow healthily and wisely. She became a Certified WISDOM coach to help kids experience a new way of perceiving themselves and their circumstances. She believes children thrive, behave and love life when they know who they are and what they want in life.

Her personal experience has taught her that the way people relate to themselves is the same way they relate to other people and circumstances. She believes the key to joy and success in our adult life is to nurture that inner power and inner wisdom when we are young.  She would love to help your children to have a healthy relationship with themselves so they can feel whole, grow beautifully and be able to attract all of the wonderful experiences they deserve in life.

Facebook group: My Inner Care Coaching


Gia Mallardi

Dania Beach, Florida

Does your child lack confidence? Is your child indecisive? Does your child express negative self talk like “I can’t do it” or "I'm so dumb"?
Hi, I’m Gia, and I started on my own journey of self discovery many years ago. Through that process, (the journey is far from over) I uncovered my true calling...to be in service to children. I am driven to help children get that they matter - all of them - and teach them that self love is the foundation for true happiness. Through my Wisdom Coaching, your child will learn how to step into their power and embrace their own beautiful uniqueness. They will also learn to take responsibility for their actions and choices, all while having F.U.N.! The tools I teach will last a lifetime. If your child can get these lessons at a young age, what an invaluable service you are providing, as their parent! You are truly setting them up for success in every way possible.
I am a Certified WISDOM Coach using the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Program. I am certified in teaching Mindfulness from mindfulschools.com. And...I am certifiably PASSIONATE about what I do.
If you are interested in exploring coaching as an option for your child, or even for yourself, please feel free to reach out to me at: [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/coachingkidswithlove

Julianne Malcolm

St. Paul, Minnesota

Hi, I’m Julianne.  As someone who spent over 25 years teaching in a Montessori classroom, I deeply resonate with kid energy. I see kids for who they truly are. My passion is empowering children to build confidence and social and emotional resiliency.

I am a certified WISDOM Coach and a certified parent and teaching coach. I enjoy working with clients 1:1, working with small groups and leading workshops. I am especially interested in working with highly intuitive and empathic children or teens. This is a joy for me because I too am highly intuitive.

Empowering intuitive, empathic youth to cultivate their gifts, become more whole beings, and live more purpose filled lives is my passion and I’m on a mission to help them embrace their whole self and shine brighter than ever.

Facebook: happy resilient child

Karen Kane, MIT, CHt

Fall City, WA

Hello, I am Karen and it breaks my heart to see kids needlessly struggle with anxiety, fear, and self-loathing, who are missing out on life and their full potential, feeling worried and sad, secretly doubting themselves. Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients transform to happy, confident, self-assured kids who lead a life of adventure, feeling empowered, at peace, tuning into their own inner wisdom, and truly becoming their own best friend.

I integrate a unique combination of meditation, movement/brain balance, breathwork, energy balancing and the amazing Adventures in Wisdom™ stories to allow children to open up to their full potential and to feel grounded in their connections to others, while maintaining their own sense of self.

I hold a Masters in Teaching, and was an elementary and preschool teacher for many years. I have certificates in Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Brain Gym™ and Brain Dance™ and have training in alternative modalities such as EFT, NLP and Kinesiology.  I currently offer one-to-one coaching, camps for girls, group workshops and teach yoga and mindfulness classes.

I’d love to hear more about your child and their challenges. Contact me at [email protected] and let’s chat!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enlightenedempowermentLLC



Terra Cartina West

Atlanta Georgia 

I am an Early childhood educator with 23 years of experience and advocate for 2nd hand PTSD.

In my 23 years of experience with kids, I have worked with special needs children, tutored children in reading and math. I have been a Red Cross child volunteer coordinator. I am currently a Director of Summer Camps and Children’s Ministry at a local church. I have seen children in every aspect of their lives and understand that often we put more emphasis on academic and sports performance then we do on meeting the needs of the inner child. I plan to educate, inspire and empower children and parents on emotional health and growth mindset through workshops, small groups and one on one coaching.

I work with ages 5-12 years old. My passion is to see millions of kids win emotionally on the inside so they can have healthy lives on the outside.

To start your child’s journey to self-confidence and a growth mindset contact me at [email protected]

Michaesha Hinton

Phoenix, Arizona

What an amazing day it is at the Life Coaching 4 Kids Center!! I am excited to lead a movement in the state of Arizona to bring personal development tools to children, teens and their parents.

As a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children and a previous Family Support Worker for the Department of Child Safety I realized we have a huge gap that needs to be filled as it relates to our children, the future adults of tomorrow. Out of frustration and a burning desire to fill in the gap, build stronger families and keep children out of the foster system. I became a Certified WISDOM Coach and gave birth to the Life Coaching 4 Kids Center.

As a Certified WISDOM Coach I proudly inspire, support, and empower kids and teens to develop a positive mindset so they feel happy, confident and are successful in life! As a Certified WISDOM Coach it is a true honor to work in partnership with loving parents, guardians and educators to change the world, one child at a time.

Call (480) 729-5975 to schedule your FREE strategy session. Let’s raise children that won’t have to recover from their childhoods!

Stace Falk

St. Augustine, Florida

What Children Don’t Know, They Can Learn.
What Children Need to Be, They Can Become!

After spending the last 6 years Coaching, Mentoring and Empowering adults to “Shift the 6 inches between their Ears”, Adventures In Wisdom has allowed me to have my Passion meet my Purpose, providing Mindset Development Skills to Children.

As a Certified WISDOM Coach, I teach children how to manage fears, stresses, and worries.

Through the Adventures In Wisdom curriculum, your child learns how to develop powerful mindset skills, allowing more Confidence, Happiness and Success in Life.

Children are Magical!

As parents and mentors, none of us received the handbook on how to unleash their greatness.  Allow me to present how Wisdom Coaching can empower your child to recognize and reach their fullest potential.

Please contact me at: 904.626.2740 or [email protected]

Barbra P Minglana-Haka

Lansing, Michigan

I am an artist by heart and drawn to helping Teens and Kids.
I  wanted to make a difference in the lives of teens and kids through coaching.
By asking the teens and kids the following questions:
At a young age, what is your purpose to yourself, your family, your school and to your community?
At a young age, how are you going to reach that purpose?
At a young age, who do you want to be to yourself, your family, your school and your community?
With the help of Coaching through the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Program, The Energetic and Pranic Healing Approach with GMCKS Spiritual Technology.  I help children and teens uproot the root causes of wrong habits and limiting beliefs and replace them with the positive energy of love, kindness and generosity to their mindset so they can become the best version of themselves.
Phone:  1-517-366-0888

Ora Kriegstein

Huntington, NY

COMPASSION, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE Empowering kids to embrace these characteristics is what drives Ora as she works with kids, teens and parents.

Ora originally earned her degree in Health Psychology and spent many years counseling children and adults who were battling cancer.
After starting her own family, she set aside her counseling career to raise her three children who are her MOST treasured pride and joy!  But as the thought of an empty nest started to loom, Ora came upon the field of coaching and she was inspired by the differences between coaching and counseling, so much so that she took the plunge, earned her CPCC through the Co-Active Training Institute and started to coach cancer patients, their families, and also caregivers of Alzheimer's patients.

At the same time and all the while that Ora was raising her own children, she'd often be asked for parenting advice by other parents. After a little exploring through CTI, Ora LUCKILY discovered Adventures in Wisdom!!  Now, as a certified WISDOM coach, Ora is thrilled to be working primarily with parents and teens and specializes in the challenges of Decision Making, Managing Mistakes, and Dealing with Disappointments and Failure.

She loves helping kids and families navigate the current adolescent climate, particularly with today's fierce academic and social pressures. How gratifying it is to watch kids embrace the Adventures in Wisdom messages and with compassion for themselves and for others, gain the courage and confidence they need to become their most productive, best selves!

CONTACT Ora Kriegstein at: [email protected]
(c) 516-287-0337; (o) 631-923-0450

Jessica Brittani

Agoura, California

I'm Jessica Brittani, founder of Calm & Colorful  and Viktoria’s Village. I traveled to Thailand and India teaching English as a Second Language, taught in afterschool settings for 8 years, am certified as a mindfulness meditation instructor, social emotional facilitator, yoga teacher, and a Certified WISDOM Coach.

With Calm & Colorful I travel to schools offering workshops for children, parents and/ or teachers. I also offer online 1:1 mindfulness mentoring sessions improving coping skills tool box to handle challenges that we face at all ages. I also published an interactive coloring book that teaches breathing exercises called Breathe In Color.

Viktoria’s Village is an online membership for mom's and/or their tween/teen daughters where we focus on a new SELF concept every month (self love, self talk, self confidence, self esteem, etc.).

Please contact me through the avenues below:

Breathe In Color: www.calmandcolorful.com/book/
[email protected]




Kathy Scarpato

Havertown, PA

I am a mother of three children, a Special Education teacher, a softball coach, a wife, a tech nerd, and a life long learner.

I have been a teacher for over 15 years holding various positions in education. I hold a Master's degree in Technology, and am currently a 6th-grade special education teacher. Throughout my time as an educator, I have learned about mindset and started to focus my instruction around this idea.

In my classroom, I see the need to give kids the power of their own personal development by creating a safe environment for them to experiment. I am always working to grow personally and professionally! I want to bring this type of empowerment to more kids.  This can happen through the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Program.

I bring patience, ability to organize learning, and parent participation with their kids to create strong adults and productive citizens!


Katie Holmes

Fort Collins, Colorado

I’m a wife, mother, amateur knitter and professional figure skating coach. For years I've taught resilience, confidence, respect, visualization and goal setting to figure skaters.
I'm excited to now be teaching an extensive life skills program that focuses on these concepts and expands into peer pressure, integrity, self-esteem, bullying, etc.
My goal is to inspire and empower children by developing their mindset to think for themselves, make good decisions and go for their dreams!

Becky Morris

Louisville, KY

Coach B is the founder and owner of The MindGym Institute. The MindGym is a mindset development and training center for all ages empowering them to live a successful life.

As a Transformation Mindset Coach, Coach B can help you design and manifest a life that is harmonious with your Soul’s purpose. As a sought-after coach, speaker, and teacher, she educates her clients and students in the training of their mental muscles to create more positive in life.

For over 20 years, Coach B has worked with individuals helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. She brings the mindfulness of transformation coaching to her clients to help them get out of their own way and achieve greater results turning their dreams into reality.

Email: [email protected]
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.b.morris.3

Ikedah Alston

Lawrenceville, GA

My name is Ikedah Alston and I am a kids life coach. The core philosophy of what I do is this:
“Be who you needed when you were younger.”
As a child, I had issues with low self-esteem, low self-worth, and lack of confidence. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the help I needed until I was a young adult. I eventually learned that I had the power within me to break the cycle of abuse and to be who I was meant to be. It wasn’t until after I became a parent that I discovered my passion. As a mom of two, I witness every day how insecurity in children leads to so many challenges. I want to ensure all kids have the foundation for growth early on in life so they can start on the right track to being their best selves.
I help kids ages 8-14 build emotional intelligence so that they can be more self-aware and confident. When working with me, your child will learn powerful life skills, such as mastering positive self-talk, learning how their emotions work, and the power of dreams and setting goals to achieve them.
I love working with kids because they are so amazing and free-spirited! I’ve worked with kids in many capacities over the past 11 years including cub scouts, girl scouts, community volunteer mentor and PTA partner.As a Certified WISDOM Coach and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner, I combine stories and creativity with emotional intelligence to coach kids through their challenges. I offer 1:1 coaching, small group coaching and workshops.

Contact me through the channels below. I can’t wait to get started on our journey to success!

Lisa Plumridge

Gladstone, Australia

Lisa Plumridge is a mum of two children, a girl and boy.  She has a teaching career that expands 20+ years, where she has taught children of variable ages and abilities, ranging from 0-15 years.

She is registered under the Queensland Board of Teachers faculty. Lisa has specialized in studying and working as a Special Needs and Learning Support Teacher, provided mentoring for training University students, fulfilled a team member position on the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Team, taught in mainstream classrooms and conducted individual private academic tutoring.

Lisa became a Certified WISDOM Coach in 2014 and started her own business in 2015 called Life By Your Design. Her passion and personal drive as a Life Coach and Teacher is to inspire, empower, and to embrace children’s uniqueness, where they transform and flourish into happy, confident and successful individuals. She wants children to develop a strong mindset that encompasses a VISION of possibilities, determination and direction, ensuring they align themselves with their true ‘SELF’.

Email:  [email protected]

Inna Neal

New Zealand

Inna lives in New Zealand with her husband and 4 amazing kids.  As an adult she found herself on an incredible self-discovery journey that lead her to ask the question… “How can I teach my children these skills and how can I share this with other kids?"

This lead her to become a certified WISDOM  life coach for kids.  She has worked with over 100 kids and families through workshops and private sessions to help support them and guide them to be the best versions of themselves.

Inna is living her dream in teaching children and families self-empowerment and personal development skills so they can create happiness, confidence and success in their lives.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/innerlightenedkids/


Sandra Gonzalez

New South Wales
Northern beaches

Sandra is a certified WISDOM Coach, a Theta Healing and NLP practitioner and is very passionate about helping, parents and children.  She has two children, a boy of 10 and a girl of 8 and experienced the benefits of the WISDOM stories with her own children.

Helping children become the best version of themselves while remaining true to themselves and embracing their uniqueness is priceless. It’s all about teaching children, from a young age, a mindset and life skills that will make them feel more empowered, gain confidence and believe in themselves.  Sandra also believes that good communication skills are crucial to foster good relationships through life and is a strong believer in Empathetic communication.

Email:  [email protected]

Margaret Meyer

Kilsyth South, Australia

Margaret Meyer has spent the past 30 years of her life working with children.  She is a mother of four.  The past 10 years she has spent working in primary school where she use her talents in a number of capacities: as a Nurse-First Aid Officer, Administration Officer and in Student Support.  She runs programs for children who are grieving.  Margaret has been a Nurse, worked in preschools and in child care running fun educational programs.

Margaret is now blessed to be a coach, helping kids find inner peace, happiness and a will to thrive. She helps them to gain confidence and self esteem as well as a respect for themselves and others.  She helps kids create goals and strategies to achieve their deepest dreams….and she loves it!

Email:  [email protected]

Kylie Davies

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Kylie has worked as an Education Support Aide in the Special Education field for 8 years. She has worked amongst children aged from Prep to Year 6 years old. Kylie’s students have had mild to severe Behavioural difficulties such as Autism, ADHD, ADD, Hearing Impaired and Intellectually Disabled. Kylie was able to create programs based on intuitive guidance and her extensive knowledge and passion for Mental Health and Well-being.

Kylie is the founder and visionary behind Crooked House. Crooked House is a multi facility specializing in providing unique and much needed services in the Logan and surrounding areas. The business is taking shape to be the only of its kind in the area, striving to provide opportunities and experiences for our kids who are struggling within themselves.
Email:  [email protected]

Kim Bunting

Central Coast NSW Australia

Kim is a certified WISDOM Coach, A Plan-it-Youth Mentor and a Mother of 5.  She has been volunteering at the local high school as a mentor to year 10 students and loves to see these young adults grow with self-confidence.  She has experiences with Epilepsy, Diabetes, other illnesses and other learning difficulties throughout raising her children as well as with family members.  Kim thinks these life experiences have given her the grounding and knowledge which she now takes forward with her to help others through these difficult events that life sometimes brings.

She realizes that everyone needs a mentor or someone to guide them to be able to see what is possible. We need to start working together to encourage kids to dream, set goals and just feel like life is for living not hiding away somewhere and that they can achieve anything.  As her kids say “with Kim anything is possible”.

Bianca van Riet

Sydney, Australia

I am passionate, fun, real and trustworthy with an infectious attitude that uplifts the people I meet.  Having lived in 4 countries and having spent over 18 years in the corporate jungle, I became a full-time certified Life Coach and accredited Neuro Linguistic Practitioner to follow my passion for helping people. With this new-found passion for life I have coached thousands of people over the past ten years on spirituality, emotions, relationships, health, business/careers and finances, and I have also been training individuals to become life coaches over the past seven years.

My dream has always to one day empower kids with the essential skills around self-confidence, self-worth and self-love so that they can create the life they dream of and be themselves. This is such a gap in the coaching field. I then came across the Adventures in Wisdom program which was the answer I was looking for.  I became a certified WISDOM Coach.  As a result, Be Your Truth was founded, that empowers both kids and adults to be their authentic self and to live the life they want!
Email: [email protected]

Kara Oliver

Sydney Australia

Kara’s passion for coaching young students is based upon her extensive experience in student engagement and support for a young person’s wellbeing.  Having developed school mentoring programs and providing meaningful pathways and partnerships for students as well as seeing the need for supporting younger students to flourish Kara became a certified WISDOM Coach through Adventures in Wisdom.

Kara, through her strengths based coaching approach and experience in building networks, is passionate about assisting young people to find their purpose and successfully transition from Primary to High School and from school to work and adult life. Kara feels that by supporting families, our young people will grow in confidence and develop the skills to find their life passion.  With life coaching experience.  Kara assists students in school to understand their mindset and become confident young people engaged in and loving their life. Kara also has extensive experience within the education, corporate and disability sectors.

Kids Loving Life
[email protected]

Mohammad Golam Mostafa

Sydney Australia

Mohammad Golam Mostafa is a certified WISDOM Coach for kids through Adventures in Wisdom. He is also Trainer and Master Coach of NLP and Hypnotherapy. He has a strong background in working with children and has been involved for almost 23 years with kids to stimulate their holistic development.

He is a father of three kids. He realizes the support they need to be grown up with all qualities in terms of happiness and prosperity. How they will turn stress into hope and happiness in their lives.  In life, experiences can be gathered through daily activities but another way to be advanced through taking training & coaching. And then He started his journey with Adventures in Wisdom.

He is highly optimistic about his special initiatives to guide this new generation. He believes that together, we all can realize the dream of a better world full of love, care, respect, empathy, cooperation and support.

Phone +61 416 730 053
E mail: [email protected]

Sharon Smithers

Young, NSW, Australia

Coach Sharon is a Certified WISDOM Coach for Children and Teens and a life-long learner of human behavior.

She believes that ‘strong mental health begins in childhood’. Through coaching adults, she realised that most of the limiting beliefs that were keeping her clients stuck in life had been formed many years ago as children. This realisation led to her passion of wanting to make a difference much earlier in a person’s life as well as her decision to become a Certified WISDOM Coach for Children, using the same program she used to raise her own two boys.

Coach Sharon believes that the skills taught in the Adventures in Wisdom program are skills that will serve our children through to adulthood – and for the rest of their lives.

It is her dream to create a movement to empower kids to be happy and positive and to be all they can be.

Sharon Vendrasco

Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Hi! I'm Coach Sharon.  I am Certified WISDOM Coach for Kids and {your Mindset Mentor}.  F. Douglas said, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults”.  Providing children with a resourceful toolkit to help them navigate life and the challenges they will encounter on that journey is so important for their mental health, in helping them to build resilience and experience powerful personal development which will serve them for their entire life.

To empower our youth and teach them how powerful their mind is and how to use that power to face the challenges they will experience in their daily life with courage and confidence is an incredible honour and I am grateful to be able to serve children and their families in such a meaningful way.

Are you ready to give your Child the gift of confidence?  Let's chat.

To connect with me please email:  [email protected]


Dianne Chambers

Mount Gambier, South Australia

I am a mother of 3 adult children and Nan to 5 grandchildren.

At the end of 2019, I retired from my 18 year career as an Education Support Officer in the Australian School System.

I have always had a love of children and have naturally found it easy to connect with them.  Empowering kids is my passion. I help kids in their early school years, develop skills that improve their self-esteem and self-confidence so they can try new things even when they are experiencing fear. They also develop courage which can help them persevere when struggling with school work and/or developing new friendships.

As founder of ‘The Magician Within’ I work one-on-one with children alongside their parents or carer. I also run workshops and larger group sessions because I understand the incredible value social interaction and group discussion can provide your child.

Thanks to the ‘Adventures in Wisdom Life Skills Coaching for Kids’ program, I am able to work alongside the New Generation of parents who truly understand the lifetime value of developing resilience in their children at an early age so they can be happy, brave and courageous and so you can dismiss your anxious worries about your child’s ability to cope with life and its challenges.

You can reach me at: [email protected]






Chrissie Wittich

Canberra, ACT, Australia

“Fairy Godmother Magical Mindset Training”

I’ve always had a natural affinity with children and should probably have been a school teacher!  I believe delivering the Adventures in Wisdom program is the most effective way I can have a positive impact on the lives of individual children and in turn their families and communities now and into the future.

I look forward to chatting with you about how I can work with your child.

Please call 0490 099 128

Mahnaz Pourlotfi

Doveton, VIC, Australia

I am Mahnaz Pourlotfi from Australia. I am passionate about teaching kids at Victoria Language School.

I have over 10 years experience as a Youth Counselor, a Qualified Master of Clinical Psychology and a Student Degree in Social Work at RMIT University of Australia.

I love to work with kids.

Contact me: +61452224279

Judy Nieuwenhuizen

Queensland, Australia

Hi I’m Judy Nieuwenhuizen and I am KIDS REVOLUTIONIST! I am SUPER excited and passionate about the Youth and being able to lead, coach and INSPIRE them to be the Best Versions of Themselves and to help them Find THEIR Super Powers and Strengths in all areas of their lives!!  I’m an entrepreneur who also comes from a corporate and training background and have founded and ran a variety of successful companies in the past.

I have always had a love and connection to children and this desire got stronger when I had my own two beautiful children and founded a DayCare/Nursery School Group of schools which supported all of my philosophies and beliefs. I was blessed to be able to grow the schools into 5 Franchised branches.  I also self-published a book titled “The Ultimate Parents Guide to Finding the BEST Nursery School for YOUR Child”.  While running the school as head office for 10 years, I started a Child Phycology course and went on numerous child related workshops, courses and conferences learning a great deal about understanding and motivating children to be the best versions of themselves.  I then put together a Life Skills program which I taught throughout the schools.  I sold the business when we immigrated and have now returned to my true calling and passion, which is Coaching & Mentoring the Youth.

Inspired Life Coaching 4 Kids offers a variety of life changing and exciting courses, workshops and platforms for kids to Learn, Grow and Develop their Inner Strengths and Powers and provides them with the tools and skills that they can use for the rest of their lives!

I am very proud and excited to now also be a Certified WISDOM Coach.  This wonderful program is amazing and has touched many lives in the children that I have coached!

We offer: In-person and Online/Zoom 1-on-1 or group coaching, Workshops, Motivational Speaking, Mentorship and more.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Kym Turale

Tasmania/Victoria, Australia

Kym has worked as a police officer for 33 years across many different areas of policing. He’s been an operational member of the Police Negotiators since 1999, welfare unit since 2014 and also been an Adopt-a-Cop at many schools fostering positive relationships between children and not just police, but authority figures in general.

Kym’s a certified life coach, accredited with The Coaching Institute and founder of Progress Ahead Life Coaching in 2018. He’s now joined here by Cindy Rochstein, conscious educator and communications expert bringing a wealth of life experience including neurodiversity in children.

As a qualified Adventures in Wisdom Coach, Kym uses the power of stories and associated activities, helping kids develop a growth mind-set to deal with the inevitable challenges of life, develop strong self-esteem, be able to overcome fear, self-doubt and making mistakes as well as handling peer pressure, coping with anxiety and trauma management.

Cristina Pupaza

Gura Humorului, Jud. Suceava, Romania

I am an experienced teacher of English, a learner coach and a certified WISDOM Coach. I have been in the education field in the public school system for over 30 years. My passion for children and my dream to make a difference in education inspired me to found “Asociaţia 7x7 pentru Educatie”, an NGO involved in various educational events for over 5 years.

As a teacher, I love helping children learn English through famous books and films suitable for their age. Stories offer a whole imaginary world, created by language, that children can enter into and enjoy, learning language along the way. As a learner coach, I love designing activities that help kids get motivated, organized and practicing their English in a fun and empowering environment.

As a WISDOM Coach, I am passionate about how mindset skills work and about making a difference in children’s lives by empowering them with strong self-confidence and powerful self-esteem through stories from “Adventures in Wisdom”.

Ana Aiacoboaie

Dublin, Ireland

I am a 33-year-old wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I was born in Romania, but I have lived in Ireland for the last 10 years. I am multilingual as I speak, English, Romanian, Italian and some Spanish. I have a passion for learning about humanity, how the mind works, building self-confidence and managing and overcoming fear.

My interest in coaching kids began when I had my first child. I realized that I have the life skills to help children as I have a deep understanding of what is necessary for proper development and helping children to reach their potential.

I have a strong belief that we should be true to ourselves by following the path in life that we choose. Only you know what is best for yourself.  I want to give children the life skills to achieve the best they can be.

My motto is follow your dreams, fight and never give up.

Jean Gibson

Princes Risborough, United Kingdom

Jean Gibson is a certified WISDOM Coach as well as an adult Life and Career Coach.  She is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and is an accredited Flow Consultant.  Jean began her formal coaching practice in June 2016 after a long career in Information Technology and Human Resources.

With 4 grown up children Jean is acutely aware of the challenges kids try to navigate and how stressful and unhappy their lives can be.  She also understands, from the perspective of parents, their desire for their children to be happy.

Jean believes that coaching children from 8 to young adults with the WISDOM system life skills, they will have a firm foundation to grow into positive, courageous, self-confident adults able to fulfil their life and career goals.

Jean works one-on-one and in small group workshops with children who lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem.  She also delivers workshops and one-on-one sessions with parents, empowering them to continue supporting these young people.

Contact Jean if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

Rute Teixeira

Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal

Children coaching is still new in Portugal, so I am assisting all families that come to me in search for better understanding about how to help their children overcome life's challenges.  I am helping kids, teenagers and their families to understand, nurture and express their uniqueness and drive their life from within.

My dream and mission is to positively impact new generations by, with them, "unraveling WHO they already ARE".

Catherine Rara

Zurich, Switzerland

I grew up in a family environment where any form of expression was a sign of disrespect. As I went through my childhood and adolescence, my curiosity towards harmonious family dynamics remained unanswered. After completing my Masters in Childhood Education and teaching in New York, I noticed how Westerners could freely communicate their emotions.  My exposure to Western and Asian family dynamics further strengthened when I worked in international school settings in England, Turkey, and Switzerland.

Settling down in Zurich, Switzerland, my husband and I created our unique family culture to nurture our son’s journey in maintaining a happy and well-rounded childhood experience. As he goes through his adolescent life, we continue to thrive on having a nurturing relationship with him.

It is definitely  not easy to be parents nowadays since there is simply NO right formula to raise children. With the rapid innovations in technology and the strong impact of social media on children, it makes our role as parents even more challenging. However, one thing is an absolute truth . . . the fundamental key to a happy, confident child is sustaining a healthy relationship.My updated website link is as follows: 

Anne Rotschi

Paris, France

My name is Anne Rotschi. I am an engineer, a credentialed ACC coach and a certified WISDOM Coach.

My purpose is to support kids, who we know are the leaders of tomorrow, and who will continue to build peace in this world. Up to this point, I have been coaching executives in the Oil & Gas industry.  I often come across adults who have lost their self-confidence after being fired. Those experiences made me realize that it is difficult, as a grown-up, to deal with self-limiting beliefs and road blocks.  The younger you become aware of this, the easier it is to work on it and to move forward in your desired direction.

As a kid, I have personally experienced helplessness and lack of self-esteem.  I wish I had followed the Adventures in Wisdom program as a kid.

I am French and I am happily married with a 4 years old daughter.

My clients are mainly French children who particularly need to grow their self-confidence.


Kirsten Brissett

Durban, South Africa

Having lived every child's dream by traveling with a children's circus around the world starting at age 11, Kirsten Brissett found her passion to empower and inspire kids from all walks of life to discover their full potential and go for their dreams.

Kristen said, "It was in the circus ring that I discovered my love for coaching and helping kids to overcome challenges, get back up and believe in themselves." Kirsten felt she was an ordinary child with no special talent, but through her positive mindset and determination, she dared to dream and not only become a professional trapeze artist but an EXTRA-ordinary kid as well.

Kirsten is a Certified WISDOM Coach and has a coaching company KidsUnqiue. She is passionate about facilitating children’s groups to encourage children to reach their full potential. As an ex-professional trapeze artist and teacher in creative activities, she empowers children through innovative interventions despite challenges in their environment. Her years of experience in the Zip Zap Circus as well as being a full-time children’s pastor have given her opportunities to train, equip and teach both children and adult leaders in areas of spirituality, family and value systems.

Email:  [email protected]

Ansua Coetser

Pretoria, Gauteng

Shine Thru provides a safe environment for girls to develop their self-awareness, which promotes personal growth and will be greatly advantages when faced with big life decisions, directly impacting their future.  Self-awareness will help your child to explore her inner self and shine a light on the cause and effect of her thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, words and actions.  She will develop a thinking skill that focuses on her ability to accurately judge her own behaviour and performance. Possessing self-awareness will help your child tune into her emotions (developing her Emotional Intelligence) and help her respond appropriately to different social situations.

Shine Thru’s main focus is to empower girls with growth mindset tools and transformative life skills to develop, within themselves, healthy self-esteem, positive self-confidence and strong self-efficacy to live their lives with courage, freedom and love.  As parents we cannot give these qualities to our children, but we can certainly take steps to help them to develop them within themselves.

By participating in Shine Thru Life Coaching Programs, your child will gain a deeper understanding of her own self, character, values, and purpose in life.  She will also be more aware of her limitless potential and what actions steps she can take every day, to make her big dreams come true and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

I welcome you to meet with me to discuss your child’s unique needs or to get in touch for more information on one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, workshops and special packages available.

With love and gratitude,
Ansua Coetser
Email: [email protected]


Rakiya Bello Aliyu

Abuja, Nigeria

I have worked for over 15 years in the corporate world, reaching managerial level in both London and Nigeria in the Financial and Marketing and Sales sectors.  I have worked with clients across different sectors such as Telecommunications, top Hotel chains, Health, Education, Infrastructure and Governments as well as Fortune 200 companies and C-class executives. My passion is to work with people, listening, understanding and figuring out why we do the things we do.  I have always had particular passion for children and education. I am drawn to the vulnerability and lack of inhibitions children possess as well as the power of their love and ability to forgive again and again.

I began researching educational systems and considered what works, what doesn’t and why.  This lead me to management consulting and training programs in self-development.  With a growing interest in holistic education and child development after my son was born, I began searching for a coaching program where I could incorporate my love for children, education and interest in mentoring in a fun, simplistic and creativite way.  I found the perfect program in the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching program.

In Nigeria, I was a very shy kid and I have always been compassionate towards the those who are excluded, different and insecure.  My wish is for everyone to feel a belonging in this world, realize their power and their limitless potential.  AIW programs teaches life skills so kids can reach their potential, this resonates with me at a very high level.

I want so much for my son and other children to excel, so I founded Inner Treasure Kids Life Coaching Ltd. supporting children 6-18, in living their full potential and preparing them for the 21st century world.  My programs have a holistic approach as we nurture children mentally, physically, emotionally and socially using the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum.   I also support parents in creating the best environment for their kids to thrive and to look after themselves so they can give their best to their kids.  The Inner Treasure‘s Program also includes teaching kids to be compassionate and involved citizens of the world, teaching entrepreneurial skills and encouraging kids to develop healthy habits.

I conduct one-on-one sessions, workshops and small groups.

Louise Chiat

Cape Town, South Africa

I am passionate about family, children and youth of South Africa, people, life coaching, tennis, sports, books, learning and development. I am the wife of a great sportsman who achieved at the highest level. I am a mother of a son and daughter who secured International scholarships for sport through UK and US Universities. I play Premier league Tennis.

After 30 years in a stressful, corporate work environment, including senior positions, I made the choice to reinvent myself and to lead an energized, inspired and passionate life.   My goal is to coach kids to ensure critical life skills for developing strong self-esteem, powerful self-confidence, overcoming challenges (i.e. fear, disappointment, change), a vision for their lives and achieving their goals.

Coaching packages typically involve four to six sessions (+ -1 hour each) and can be delivered one-on-one or as a small group session, such as per sports team or class.

Bwalya Penza-Chona

Lusaka, Zambia

Bwalya was an inquisitive child, always asking questions and, more often than not, she did not get the answers she was seeking. It took many years for her to discover and learn that most of these answers were already within her.

Bwalya has a career that spans from economic development and financial inclusion projects to working on women and youth empowerment. The most rewarding work she has ever done was when she mentored 13-18 year olds under the British Council’s International Climate Champions Programmme. Bwalya later set up a creativity camp with the help of her now teenage daughter. The camp is for children aged 4-14 and is called Artistic Thursday.

Now, a certified WISDOM Coach, Bwalya runs weekly creative camps. She helps young people to trust and be guided by their inner compass and find the answers within to the questions they are seeking. Bwalya also conducts one-on-one coaching sessions with young people, which offers a safe, happy and creative environment to allow children to realize their potential, creating tomorrow’s leaders today.

Maxine Lambourn

Mbombela, South Africa

Maxine Lambourn resides in Mbombela South Africa. She studied marketing and went on to become a magazine journalist until her son was born 7 years ago.  Maxine's son was diagnosed, at the age of 3, with a neurological delay.  She has put her heart and soul into helping him and other children who struggle with the same challenges.

Maxine felt that being a certified WISDOM Coach would be very helpful in her area as there is a dire need for our children to learn life skills.  A new beginning for her and hopefully a new beginning for our precious children.

Email[email protected]

Fiona van der Linde

Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa

Fiona is a mother of four children and a grandmother to six amazing grandchildren. After more than 40 years in the corporate world, Fiona is using her mentoring, coaching and guiding skills to make a difference in the lives of children. Using the successful adventures in WISDOM coaching programme, she empowers tweens with the essential skills and tools to navigate their complex journey through life.

Fiona uncovers, nourishes and grows the strength and capabilities within children so they stand in their power and achieve their dreams.

She founded Growth Box: Yz Kidz in 2017 and works with children from the ages of 8 to 11, using the fun, exciting and comprehensive adventures in WISDOM coaching programme.

Coaching includes personalised 1-on-1 sessions or small groups; workshops; information sessions. She actively encourages engagement at public and private schools, churches and after-school facilities. This programme stimulates academic and sport achievements and integrates seamlessly into other holistic programmes.

Contact Fiona van der Linde at [email protected]

Shawn Fourie

Mokopane, limpopo, South Africa

In life, our commitments can make us or destroy us, but either way they will define us. Hi, I am Shawn, founder of the company Heroic Mindset Kids. With my imaginative and quick-witted coaching style, I can quickly reach the mind and heart of any child. I specialize in one on one coaching with kids, and my program is designed specifically for young children (age 6-12) and youth (age 13-16). 

Your child will be inspired beyond belief

In my programme, children learn all the critical skills needed to develop social and emotional maturity. As a certified WISDOM Coach with a passion for performance coaching, I advocate an entirely new approach to problem solving and challenges. Having emotional intelligence gives the ability to relate to others from a paradigm of trust rather than fear; performance coaching is emotional intelligence in practice. Combining both coaching approaches along with the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™, your child will quickly develop a heroic mindset.

Sam Peo

Johannesburg, Gauteng, Africa

Hi Everyone! I am Sam Peo.  I’ve been a Performing Artist for the last 30 years and celebrating the arts and mentoring youth are two huge passions for me.

We’re living in an exciting and yet confusing time. The world as we know it is changing rapidly before our eyes and change is scary.
It would be understandable if parents and kids were grappling with the idea of preparing themselves for a future that they cannot even envision!

I believe that everyone is blessed with their own unique set of talents. Acknowledging and developing these talents paves the way for an individual to discover ‘who’ they truly are.

There’s nothing more empowering than finding one’s own voice and expressing oneself with confidence, developing one’s emotional intelligence and pushing oneself beyond one’s comfort zone.

Join me and Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching as we discover your greatest potential.

Terry Shiundu

Nairobi, Kenya

I believe that everyone of us is unique and has something valuable that they can offer to the world! I’m passionate about working with children and helping them live a fulfilling life. I served as a children Pastor for over 10 years, discipling and nurturing them through bible study and talent growth.

I’m a Certified WISDOM coach and have also build a career as a Human resource professional for almost 13 years. I’m the founder of LEADKids Kenya, a kids coaching company Empowering children in Kenya and beyond to live Happy, fulfilling and wholesome lives and, Parenting Dialogues, a forum that provides opportunity for parents to discuss issues and share ideas for stronger families.

I am a Mum of three children aged, 15, 13 and 8.

We’re all about children and developing the next generation of confident and empowered leaders

E-Mail: [email protected]

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LeadKidsKenya/

Meena Gajria Furtado

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meena Gajria Furtado is a Mindset and Leadership Coach as well as the founder of Mission I AM, which is a program dedicated to building up young people from the inside out. Meena is a trained NLP Practitioner, a certified WISDOM Coach as well a Certified Trainer with the International Institution of John Maxwell Team. She has also served as a volunteer with the Growing Leaders Foundation.

Prior to Coaching, Meena had a fulfilling career for 18 years in banking. She has held numerous high-ranking positions and worked in various areas including sales, client servicing, E-business and product management. As a Business Portfolio owner, she has lead several projects and product launches from ground zero and scaled them systematically using process, system and technology.

Being a lifelong student of personal development, Meena chose to follow her passion for mentoring young kids to help them embrace their true identity and reach their full potential so they can improve their lives and find the inner courage to overcome challenges quickly. She is a mom to two wonderful kids and finds working with children most fulfilling. Meena takes pride in her ability to connect with kids as they transform into confident, resilient, caring and responsible individuals. Her personal mission is to ensure all children have the right set of skills, believe in their inner potential and are able to say of themselves, "I am", "I matter", "I can" and "I will'.  Meena feels blessed to be able to do work that leaves her feeling proud and fulfilled.


Najla Kfoury

Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Najla is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, a Certified WISDOM Coach for kids and teens and a Certified RSCI Coach/NLP Practitioner, changing lives and reconnecting families.

She helps guiding parents to a deeper connection with their children, empowering parents to raise compassionate, courageous and curious children through transformational tools of conscious/mindful parenting.  She is passionate about empowering children with a strong sense of self-worth, internal motivation and empathy. She helps children develop a growth mindset in order to thrive in their life.

Through individual and group coaching, online and in-person classes, circle groups and workshops, she inspires parents, teachers and children to live more authentically, to reduce their stress levels, to find more joy and to develop a close connected relationship.
Email: [email protected]

Pamela Duncan

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Would you like your child to develop soaring self-esteem and powerful self-confidence? Perhaps you have concerns about the choices your teenager is making, or how they may cope with peer pressure? Is fear, of some kind, preventing your child from realising their ambitions? Then I would love to help.

As a passionate mindset and life coach for children, I am dedicated to creating positive change for individuals, families and communities, by sharing my knowledge and experience on how to maximise happiness, realise personal fulfilment, and develop emotional resilience.

I use a variety of skills, resources and coaching techniques, depending on the needs of the client. I offer individual coaching, small group sessions, and community workshops. I welcome you to connect with me so we can explore if I am the right person to support you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pameladuncancoach/

Nahla Biyari

Jeddah Saudi Arabia

I live in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys. I started my journey with Kids Life Coaching when I felt that my 7-year-old boy was acting up in school.

Later on, I realized that he was influenced negatively by his peers and I didn't know how to deal with it, so I started searching or answers and ended up realizing the working with a coach was the best way to help him. I decided to become a Certified WISDOM Coach with Adventure in Wisdom because they use an awesome method in connecting with kids. After hearing positive feedback from my son's school, I wanted to help other parents and children. I am really enjoying coaching kids and helping families! I am passionate about this work and looking forward to coaching more and morekids.

Please contact me at:  [email protected]



Turki Kahn

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


  • CEO of KON Arabia for Coaching and Consultancy.
  • Certified Coach and consultant in Relationships, Parenting, Child Development, Life Goals and Dealing with Obstacles.
  • Certified MARS VENUS® Life & Relationships Coach, from Dr.John Gray “the relationships expert and the Author of more than 20 top selling books like Men are from MARS and Women are from VENUS and Children are from Heaven" .
  • Certified Adventures in WISDOM® Parenting & Child Development Coach, as the first Saudi who get the certification.
  • Certified TPS ® Life Coach.
  • Over 3,000 Hours of coaching/counseling with clients from around the world across all age groups.
  • More than 15 years of Experience in Multinational, Regional and Local Companies.
  • Provided counselling and coaching sessions in ACT (Adult and Child Therapy Center) for 2 years and in KON center for 1 year.
  • Public Speaker in Local and Global Conferences and forums.
  • Provided multiple workshops and trainings related to Relationships, parenting, Child Development and other fields in the region.
  • Married and a Father of 3 Children.
  • Media and Social Media Influencer and talk about topics related to Parenting,
  • Relationships and Self Development.

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2HDa6Y2AdStIkBmBofyJBA


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