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Natural Born Coaches Podcast Interview
Dr. Allen Lycka interviews Renaye Thornborrow

Talking About Success TV with Jack Canfield
Renaye Thornborrow is interviewed by Jack Canfield on his “Talking About Success” TV show. Jack discovers life coaching for kids and endorses Adventures in Wisdom.
Watch the whole interview here.

Podcast – Marc Mawhinney’s Natural Born Coaches
Ideal for life coaches. Renaye and Marc discuss why life coaching kids is different from life coaching adults, how to effectively life coach kids, and how life coaches can add child life coaching to their practices.
Listen to the Interview here

Radio – Dr. Allen Lycka – Live a Fantastic Life
Dr. Lycka and Renaye discuss how mindset skills and life coaching for kids help kids live a fantastic life.
Listen to the interview here. 

Renaye Thornborrow on Mom Essentials Podcast Life Coaching for Kids
Renaye Thornborrow Interview on Podcast

Podcast – Mom Essentials

Angie Weber and Renaye discuss tips for helping kids develop self-confidence, make good decisions, prepare for back to school and more.

Listen to the interview here.

Podcast – CEO of Marriage Helpers, Kim Beam-Holmes

Kim and Renaye discuss powerful ways to connect with your kids and subtle signs a child is struggling with Mental Health.

Listen to the interview here. 

Joanne Kaminski – What Every Tutor Needs to Know about Life Coaching for Kids
Including how to teach kids about respect and self-respect so that they are happier learners and in life.
Watch the whole interview here.

Renaye Thornborrow on How May I Serve You Podcast
Happiness Journey with Dr. Dan

Podcast – How May I Serve You?
Thomas Johnson and Renaye discuss how our core thoughts and beliefs shape who we are and what we achieve in life.
Listen to the interview here.

Video Interview – Janet Zaretsky & Renaye
Business Coach, Janet Zaretsky and Renaye discuss, “Why life coaching for kids?” and what is the experience like for coaches?
Watch the interview here.

Podcast Interview – Happiness Journey with Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan and Renaye discuss the tools our children need to be our future leaders and more.
Listen to the interview here. 

Visionaries in Coaching Interview Series

Conducted by Peter Reding
CEO of Coach for Life
Master Certified Coach
Pioneer of the Life Coaching Industry

Why Life Coaching for Kids

Part 1: 9:38

Coaching Kids is Different!

Part 2: 9:34

Real Life Results with Children

Part 3: 9:55

How it Works

Part 4: 15:22

Quotes from Peter Reding

Video 1

As a visionary in coaching I know you see a world where it doesn’t have to be the way it is now.”

Video 2

…imagine the world where the conditioning we talk about in adult life coaching is actually a positive conditioning,…children can negotiate who they are, what they want.”

Video 3

“You are doing life changing work [for children] – If I can [shift my thinking] when I’m 10-years-old around my sleep, I can do it when I’m 18-years-old and getting ready for exams or when I’m 25-years-old when I’m in my first major position…I can choose thoughts that are more beneficial…that help me change my attitude…It’s just brilliant. Wow! Wow, wow, wow!”  

Video 4

“What I love about this is that it’s deep transformational work….You’re teaching [children] how to learn, how to think, how to resolve issues that are going on in their lives for themselves.” 


“You’re doing a lot of right for the world…I thank you for your energy, your passion, and your offering to the world….I highly recommend that those of you who have any inclination of working with kids to please call Renaye….she is passionate and there to support you.”

Peter Reding

Founder, Coach for Life

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