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Dreams often get a bad rap – “Be realistic”, “Get your head out of the clouds”, “Live in the real world”…

The myth we often hear is that dreaming is irresponsible, unrealistic, and unreasonable.

But did you realize that our world is built on dreams?

Throughout history, humans have made the once “impossible”, possible – from electricity, to airplane flight, to cell phones, to open heart surgery – impossible dreams have become day-to-day experiences of the modern world.

Dreams are more than inventions. 

Dreams are what you want to experience or create in your life – no matter how big or how small.

You may have a dream to travel around the world or to spend an hour each month with your girlfriends. To write a bestselling book or to journal for 30 minutes each day. To send your children to college or to watch his Tuesday night basketball games. To create a close connected family or to lose 10 pounds.

Whatever your dreams are, they are important. Dreams add the “juice” to your life and get you up in the morning – excited to start your day!

The way to bust up the myth and turn your dream from imagination to reality is to take action – even if it’s just one small step in that direction.

For example, if your dream is to journal for 30 minutes each day, maybe you can start by journalling for 30 minutes three times a week.

If it’s to write a bestselling book, maybe you can draft the outline, the opening paragraph, or even the first chapter.

If it’s to travel around the world, maybe you can start planning your route.

If it’s to create a close connected family, maybe you can initiate family dinner nights, a weekly excursion, or a volunteer project that you could do together.

Remember that life isn’t about discovering who you are but about creating who you want to be! The creative process involves imagination and yes – dreaming.

Today I’d like to invite you to make a list of all of your dreams – big and small – and then to identify one step you can take in the direction of each dream.

Next… invite your children to do the same!

Share with them that the secret to busting up the myth is to take action. Look for ways you can support each other in making your dreams come true.

You can do it!   



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Adventures well my friend!

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