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Meet Life Coaches for Adults who Life Coach Kids too…

Anyone who coaches adults will have seen how clients are impacted by limiting beliefs that were formed in childhood.

Life coaches around the world are doing something about it – by getting certified as a life coach for kids!

WISDOM Coaches use coaching stories and activities to help kids develop mindset skills for confidence, self-esteem, resilience, self-leadership, and achievement, so that kids can feel good about themselves, believe in themselves, can manage the ups and downs of growing up, understand how to go for their goals and create a life they love!

In this article, you:


  • Will meet life coaches who have chosen to get certified as a life coach for kids
  • See why Jack Canfield said he needed to tell all of his trainers to get trained by Adventures in Wisdom and add this to their tool bag (and he did!)!
  • Discover why life coaching kids is different from life coaching adults – and how to add this certification to your tool bag
  • Learn how ICF certified coaches can earn 18 ICF CCEs (Continuing Education Credits) when certified by Adventures in Wisdom

Since 2013, Adventures in Wisdom has certified many hundreds of coaches in over 30 countries.

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Here’s why these life coaches chose to life coach kids

10-Year Life Coach for Grown-ups finds “Success after Success after Success” as a Life Coach for Kids.
WISDOM Coach Limor Jasinski - life coach for kids

Limor J


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I always felt a deep connection with kids. I understood them on a deeper level. I had an inner knowing that I would work with children one day.  I even had vivid visions of opening a Growth School/shelter for kids and moms in need.

And once becoming a mother, I wanted to bring the knowledge of personal development to my children. Yet, I couldn’t find the proper content that supported that.

After finding Adventures in Wisdom, all the pieces of the puzzle started coming together, and I immediately knew that Adventures in Wisdom was the tool that would support me in that transition and addition to my practice.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom?

I was privileged and honored to be accepted to become one of Tony Robbins Results Coaches in 2022. Right before I started phase three at the Academy, I had the thought, “What did I say I wanted to become when I grew up as a child?”  The answer was a teacher! I realized that I’d been a coach for adults for over ten years. I teach, preach, and coach mindset strategies all day long, and I have always wanted to work with kids. I put the pieces together and decided to check this option out.

I searched online for “life coaching for kids.” Adventures in Wisdom popped up.

When I learned that the curriculum is story-based, I immediately signed up to extend my coaching certification.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

After I understood that the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum is story-based and teaches mindset skills through fun stories based on real-life situations, I knew I finally had found the program I had been searching for, for years!

How is your WISDOM Coaching business going? 

I started teaching the AIW – Resilience Program as an extracurricular activity in the international private school of Warsaw, Poland, to over 30 kids in two different groups.

Feedback has been phenomenal and I’m now coaching numerous kids 1-on-1 as well and have been approached by another school to do programs for them.

I’ve had success, after success, after success since focusing on kids.

I’m also doing parent coaching so that parents understand these skills and can use the same language at home.

I would say that today 80% of my coaching is with kids, and the rest is with adults.

I’ve heard so much positive feedback from parents about the transformation they are seeing in their children. I’m thrilled!

What do you like about coaching kids? 

There is something exceptional about coaching kids. I love their natural child-like spirit. Seeing their faces when they realize they can take charge of their own thoughts and learn the right mindset tools to do so in such a fun, dynamic way is incomparable to coaching adults.

Just the knowing alone, that I might have something to do in shaping the next future generation, even just a little bit, is undoubtedly my life’s calling.

WISDOM Coach Jean Gibson

Jean G


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I originally qualified as a life coach for adults. Children hadn’t factored into my life coaching journey in the beginning.

Then, a couple of years into my life coaching business, I realized I really wanted to niche and I wanted to find an area that I felt really passionate about.

I was a life and career coach, working with adults who are changing or building their careers.

But I have four children, and a number of grandchildren as well.  And I could see that there was a need for children to have something else. There was a gap.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom?

I was just surfing the Internet looking for different opportunities and I came across Adventures in Wisdom. And when I learned about the stories and the whole curriculum, I had hairs coming up, because I was just I was I was excited.

It was my first introduction to coaching for children because I had never heard of it before. I didn’t know that it was a thing!

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

I could see how powerful the system was in terms of the stories and the way the program worked. I was astounded when I first saw it –  the curriculum and the 27 stories.

It was the whole package and that’s why I invested in it.

WISDOM Coach Marianella Morales

Marianella M


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

In my coaching experience I learned that many of the issues that arose for my adult clients could have probably been tackled at a much earlier time if they had been coached properly.

I have been wanting to find a way to be able to life coach children and Adventures in Wisdom created the perfect life coaching situation for me.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom?

While working on my social media platforms for my adult life coaching programs, I saw the Adventures in Wisdom ad running on Facebook several times. The moment I saw the words KIDS LIFE COACHING, my coaching antennas shot right up!

After watching the testimonials and learning the story behind the creation and development of Adventures in Wisdom, I was sold.

I immediately set up a consultation and proceeded with the certification process.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

It was not only affordable, considering all of the training, preparations, and materials, but the structure is phenomenal!

Even with all of my life coaching expertise, I wouldn’t have been able to do as good of a job with the materials as Adventures in Wisdom has done.

What do you like about coaching kids? 

Working with kids is so different compared to working with adults.

You can see in the children’s eyes, that eagerness to learn, to absorb all of the great information you are sharing. I just love it and embrace that wonderful opportunity to impart wisdom into their lives.

I also enjoy working with adults, but find that they’ve gone through so much, and it’s heartbreaking sometimes to witness the types of barriers that they have to overcome, especially when it’s been a weight on their lives for so many years.

It’s so often that I’ve heard my clients share how they wish they would have been told this when they were young.  I hear many, many regrets in my sessions.

Jack Canfield Endorses WISDOM Coaching

Watch Jack Canfield endorse Adventures in Wisdom.
Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, NY Times bestselling author, and Expert from “The Secret”.

WISDOM Coach Marcila Hamilton

Marchila H


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I added coaching children to my practice because I felt strongly that children should be taught the skills that I learned and was teaching to leaders in my corporate organization.

I remember when I was being trained to become a leadership coach, I had my own personal leadership coaching sessions led by a leadership coach. I saw firsthand how leadership coaching changed my life! The coaching sessions helped me understand the power of my mindset, learn how some of the thought patterns that I had were getting in my way when it came to accomplishing my dreams or goals, and most importantly life coaching helped me to believe in myself more than before.

I can remember thinking, “I wish I learned these skills earlier in life and more importantly, I wish I had taught them to my kids when they were youth growing up”.

I immediately thought to myself, I’m going to find a way to teach these skills to my grandchildren and that’s when I found Adventure’s in Wisdom. I got certified as a WISDOM coach and the first thing I did was begin teaching these skills to my grandchildren.

Now my focus is on coaching youth from ages 8-13 and it’s just as rewarding if not more rewarding to teach them how to develop confidence, self-esteem, build resilience and to go after their dreams.

I love coaching kids to learn skills that a lot of adults have not yet learned. I wish every kid could be empowered with these skills to help them successfully navigate their life’s journey.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom? 

I learned about Adventures in Wisdom by doing a going search for children’s mindset coaching.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom? 

Adventures in Wisdom provides everything necessary to get certified and get started. It’s a turnkey business for those that are passionate about children’s coaching.

How is your WISDOM Coaching business going? 

I love coaching kids!

I no longer coach employees in my organization and have shifted my focus to be solely on coaching kids, when I am not working at my corporate job. My goal is to coach children full time.

What do you like about coaching kids? 

I love the questions the kids ask and how they soak up what they are learning and are excited once they put the skills to practice and see that they work.

Kids are more open to asking questions and wanting to know the why and how than adults.

WISDOM Coach Foluke Ajayi

Foluke A


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I knew I was going to add coaching children to my practice even before I finished training to become a coach. I am an educator with over 20 years’ experience in the early childhood education classroom. Over the years, whenever the “change bug” bit, I found it difficult imagining what else I could do that involved working with children in an educational field. Discovering Adventures in Wisdom was a complete accident.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom? 

I was on the ICF website one day looking for a trauma certification training when I came across the Adventures in Wisdom program. It was one of those discoveries that you just knew were meant to be!

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

I chose Adventures in Wisdom after reading all I could find on it because it spoke to me as an educator.

Using stories in education is a great way to communicate with kids and as a teacher, the system resonated with me in a, “Where have you been all my life?” way!

What do you like about coaching kids? 

I love working with kids because it was always a calling for me. Too many kids are growing up into scared, depressed, and unhappy adults because the world, as a whole, is too focused on the teaching of other things but life skills.

We expect our children to automatically learn how to navigate the intricacies of life without being taught. I believe it is time to regain ground and equip children during their formative years, as much as possible.

I see the mindset development through the life skills coaching as a great way to do this.

I don’t see there being a comparison between working with children or adults. The adult group in my niche are basically the grown kids whose childhood did not do a good job of preparing them for the rigors of parenting. An unresolved trauma, growing up in a culture that did not prepare them to be open to the differences created by the culture of their children (for immigrant parents), failure to develop the necessary mindset as a child, these are some of the reasons why a parent might have trouble seeing their own kid’s needs or being in a position help them develop like they need to.

With both groups, laying/relaying the foundation is paramount.

WISDOM Coach Joselle Gatrell

Joselle G


The Circle of Life is often a result of serendipity.  In my youth I volunteered with disabled children and with literacy programs.  My educational background started in math and science, moved on to psychology, and then information technology.

My second career was as an associate professor in a local community college with subject matter in computer logic and technology, ethics and information systems, real estate licensing and finally adding life coaching services for students, faculty and staff who participated in the college leadership program. With the last step, I was able to become certified by the International Coaching Federation as a life coach.

In my orientation activities for classes each semester, I introduced the concept of Growth Mindset, based on the research of Carol Dweck. Students were excited to understand that their intelligence was not fixed and they could continue to learn. Many wanted to share that new knowledge with their siblings or their own children.

When I worked with management leadership trainees or students at the college, regardless of age, they faced many of the same obstacles. As issues were discussed in the coaching process, the person being coached routinely expressed the wish that they had learned some of the concepts or new skills earlier in life.

I was thinking of retiring.  I knew I did not want another fulltime job. I wanted to reinforce the value of learning and how to learn and at the same time build the skills needed to succeed.

I believe when taught that intelligence is not fixed a person can create the self-confidence and self-esteem needed to be happy and successful.  And to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, a person needs to develop persistence and to be resilient.

An adult needs to undo prior learning and relearn important skills. Children should have an opportunity to be taught and to learn from the beginning of life the mindset and skills needed to be happy, confident and successful.

As I was planning to retire, I discovered Adventures in Wisdom.  The program provides the foundation needed to develop the mindset skills for a successful and fulfilled life, starting at a very early age!

WISDOM Coach Kay Menzies

Kay M


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I grew up in a dysfunctional family.  I was able to overcome many obstacles and felt I could help others overcome them as well.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom? 

I wanted to work with children and googled live coaching for kids.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom? 

I love the way it used characters and stories to teach the lessons.

What do you like about coaching kids? 

I see myself at that age. I find it easier to communicate with kids – in their language. I’m loving it!

WISDOM Coach Shelia Rocchio

Shelia R


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

Children are our future. Developing healthy mindsets skills as children, will help them navigate life and become empowered adults.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom?

Google Search life coaching for kids.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

It is so thorough. It covers everything I was looking for without having to create a curriculum myself.

  • MindPower-Understanding the power of your mind.
  • InnerPower-Making good decisions and standing up to peer pressure
  • MePower-Developing soaring self-esteem and confidence.
  • DreamPower-Vision and goal setting
  • Slaying Dragons-Overcoming fear and managing change.

How is your WISDOM Coaching business going? 

Working with children spans over 20 years of my professional career. My background involved working with children Pre-K to 8th grade.  I have also worked in the nonprofit arena as an Early Childhood Programs Coordinator.

I can honestly say, that working with kids is what lights me up.  I love it when a child has that “aha moment.”  Once they grasp a concept, they love to share it with others.

When I met the late great Bob Proctor and began my Personal Development journey in 2011, I remember wondering why I never learned mindset skills as a child?  I also remember saying “We need this for children!” It would be much easier to develop these skills and have the tools needed to navigate life as a child.   Instead of trying to unlearn unhealthy paradigms and mindsets as adults.

I am so grateful for the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum!

It is so thorough and really hits all the Social Emotional aspects children need while having fun learning them through stories and activities.

I love to inspire others to see the good in themselves and around them.  To own their uniqueness, bust through their fears and go for their dreams!

Adventures in Wisdom is the perfect addition to any program working with children or adults for that matter.

WISDOM Coach Kamini Wood

Kamini W


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I am the mom to five children and have seen first-hand the stressors that our kids are facing these days. I saw the need to start addressing certain issues such as self esteem and confidence from an earlier age, in order to break certain detrimental cycles.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom? 

Researching options to be able to support kids in a manner that they will be able to understand.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

Story is a powerful tool – so being able to work with children through this medium felt aligned.

What do you like about coaching kids? 

I truly enjoy aspects of both. Kids are great to work with because they are eager to learn.

I work with children and teens in addition to adults. I have utilized the the Wisdom program to work with the younger children as a means to illustrate more complex ideas such as self esteem, confidence and acceptance.

Since our brains don’t fully form until our mid twenties it is vital to meet each person where they are at and our children are no different. But using story as a means to open conversation, it offers a great way to coach children.

WISDOM Coach Kelissa Devencenzi

Kelissa D


Why did you want to add coaching children to your practice?

I have always wanted to work with kids. I see how wonderful it would be to educate kids on how their mind works and how to use the power of their mind in addition to working with adults around that mindset work. By helping kids understand it at an earlier age, hopefully we will eliminate unnecessary suffering as adults.

How did you learn about Adventures in Wisdom?

I did a search for Coaching certifications for kids.

Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom?

I loved the ideas of using stories to help with the concepts.

How is Life Coaching KIDS different from Life Coaching Adults?

Watch Adventures in Wisdom Founder, Renaye Thornborrow explain
why successfully life coaching kids requires a quite different approach from coaching adults.

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