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Ten-year-old Timothy’s* parents were concerned about their son’s perfectionism. They noticed that if Timothy wasn’t able to do something perfectly on the first try, he would often give up. Timothy also wanted his body to be perfect. He was self-conscious about his weight and this was impacting his confidence and his self-esteem. 

They turned to WISDOM Coach™ Laura* for help.

Feeling good about yourself comes from within
During their first session, Coach Laura had Timothy explore his “Wheel of Life”1 to identify areas in his life where he wanted support. Timothy identified personal growth, fun, and health as the key areas he wanted to focus on during his coaching sessions. His request to Coach Laura was, “Help me feel better about myself”.
Coach Laura used coaching stories and activities from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum to help Timothy. 
They started with the coaching stories, “How Your Mind Shapes Your World,” “Power of Possibility,” and “Power Goggles.” They also worked on developing the skills of using affirmations and using positive self-talk.
Each week, Coach Laura and Timothy focused on a new skill, using the coaching stories and activities to help Timothy apply the new skill to his life.
The stories helped Timothy understand the negative thought patterns that were repeating in his head. They also helped him learn that how he felt about himself was a direct result of how he thought about himself. If he chose happy supportive thoughts, he felt good about himself. If he chose negative judgmental thoughts, he would get down on himself.
Each week Timothy set a goal for himself so that he could practice the new skill until his next session with Coach Laura. He also kept a journal and created positive affirmations that he read each morning – practicing his positive thinking and his positive self-talk. 
After each session, he also took home a “WISDOM for Home” summary sheet to share what he was learning with his parents. His parents loved the take-home sheets because they enabled them to support their son during the week, and have a common language between them.
Through the coaching process, Timothy embraced the power of his mind and used what he was learning to turn his self-consciousness into self-confidence!
By the end of the sixth session, Timothy shared with Coach Laura, “I feel really good about myself.” He continued to email his coach to share about his progress at school and described himself as feeling more outgoing and confident in new situations.
His mother shared, “We loved the coaching experience with Coach Laura. It not only helped Timothy socially, but also academically and athletically as well. I know he uses the skills that Coach Laura taught him and we have seen him be successful in all aspects of life because of it.”
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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
[1] The “Wheel of Life” is a powerful coaching tool that supports kids in looking at various areas of their lives such as school, health, friendships, fun, etc. to determine where they feel balanced and where they want support. This activity is often used as part of the initial intake session.
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