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Timothy* made the Baseball All Star Team! 

Then the fear started to creep in as he put tremendous pressure on himself to do well.

His parents were worried about his stress level, so they again contacted WISDOM Coach™ Laura* to help Timothy.

Coach Laura shared the journey

“During our first session, Timothy developed a second Wheel of Life1 that focused solely on baseball. This was an eye-opening exercise for him. Timothy realized that because he was a strong contributor to his team and an emotional leader for his teammates, the coaches looked to him as a role model. As a result, Timothy felt a tremendous amount of pressure to perform and to live up to the coaches’ expectations of him as role model and ball player.  

To help Timothy make sense of what was going on, we revisited some of the coaching stories that we had worked on earlier in the year, and added some new skills as well.
The first story we reviewed was ‘Who’s Flying Your Plane’ which teaches kids that if your subconscious mind isn’t working towards the same goal as your conscious mind, your subconscious mind will cause you to “crash” (or not achieve your goal).
We then reviewed the coaching story about ‘Choosing your BFF’ and the importance of positive self-talk. We talked about being his own best friend and his own best teammate.
To break through this fear and to practice positive self-talk, Timothy created several new affirmations cards that he carried with him – reading them each morning, before practice, before games, and before he went to bed.
During another coaching session, Timothy shared that he was struggling with his hitting as well. Normally he was a strong hitter, but now he was consistently fouling the ball and not getting on base.
We decided to work on visualization. The first story focused on the lesson that ‘winning in your mind creates winning in your life!’   
Together we created a visualization sequence that Timothy could practice. The visualization started with him picking up his bat and walking to home plate. He visualized taking warmup swings and getting his body ready for the pitch. He visualized the pitcher winding up and releasing the ball – seeing it clearly come to him and feeling when it was time to swing. He felt himself making contact with the ball – hearing the crack of the bat, feeling the power behind his swing, and seeing the ball fly for a hit! We practiced this visualization together multiple times.
Timothy’s assignment was to practice this visualization many times during the day and each time before it was his turn to bat.
His hitting improved immediately. After just one session, Timothy hit his first out-of-the park homerun!” 
A celebration was posted on Facebook. When Coach Laura wrote a congratulatory post to Timothy and his parents, Timothy’s Dad posted back, “You were a part of that home run last night, Laura!” 
Coach Laura shared her experience, “Working with Timothy has been a gift for me and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work as a life coach for kids. Timothy was a child that had some areas in his life that were very frustrating for him.

Coaching through stories helped Timothy make connections to his life and take new concepts and apply them like the characters from the stories.

The stories also made it easy for him to remember the steps while trying out his new mindset skills. Timothy’s homerun was confirmation to me that I am making a difference in the lives of kids! It is so gratifying helping kids to develop the skills they need to feel and be successful.”

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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
[1] The “Wheel of Life” is a powerful coaching tool that supports kids in looking at various areas of their lives such as school, health, friendships, fun, etc. to determine where they feel balanced and where they want support. This activity is often used as part of the initial intake session.
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