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Phillip’s* Mom was concerned about her son. By the age of eight, his self-esteem was at an all-time low. 

She noticed that he often put himself down. She also noticed he would rather please others and seek their approval, than to do what was in his own best interest.

She turned to WISDOM Coach™ Lee* for help.

Becoming his own best friend

Coach Lee knew just what to do to help Phillip not only improve his self-esteem but also gain confidence to be himself and to stand up for himself when around other children.

Over a series of weeks, she used lessons from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum to help Phillip.

As part of her coaching process, Coach Lee asked Phillip to draw a picture about what he was learning after each lesson.

For example, after the story, “Choosing Your BFF (Best Friend Forever)”, Phillip drew a picture about self-talk – the powerful mindset skill taught through that lesson. First he drew a picture of Trudy the Tortoise, the main character from the story.
Then he added two speech bubbles above her head. In the first speech bubble, he drew happy rainbows and a smiley face to represent positive self-talk. In the second speech bubble, he drew pictures of dark clouds and lightning to represent negative self-talk.
The picture was a powerful reminder to Phillip about the thought patterns in his mind – those that are positive and support him, and those that are negative and bring him down.
Through this story and others, Phillip learned that his thoughts were very powerful, and that he could choose how he thought about himself.  This in turn, directly impacted how he felt about himself. Over time, Phillip truly transformed.
Stronger than ever before!
“Phillip changed his whole outlook on life,” Coach Lee reported. “He is more positive, has developed a new sense of self-respect, and peer pressure is no longer an issue for him. His family is thrilled because they now have a happy child who can handle himself in stressful situations.”
Phillip’s mother had this to share about her sons change:
“My son is more confident and stronger than ever before. He has learned that he has inner strength and talents to be proud of… Every week he learns new and exciting ways to deal with life’s challenges. The coaching stories are relevant and entertaining, and he practices what he’s learning through the lessons.”
Congratulations Coach Lee on helping Phillip learn how to see his magnificence and shine! 
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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
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