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Brenda* is an 11-year-old girl who has Dyslexia. Because of her learning difficulty, she struggled to believe in herself and lacked confidence in her schoolwork.

She believed that she would never be able to succeed, and often felt anxious when taking tests or being assessed at school. Homework was also a battle at home. At a loss for how to help her daughter, Brenda’s Mom approached WISDOM Coach™ Robin* for support.

From new beliefs to better grades
Coach Robin could see that Brenda had a “fixed mindset” about her abilities. Brenda didn’t think she could improve her schoolwork or achieve higher grades because of her Dyslexia. To help Brenda break through this fixed mindset, Coach Robin used stories and lessons from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum.
Through the stories in the MindPower™ segment, Brenda learned about belief systems and how her beliefs impacted what she could achieve in her life. She learned that her belief about her inability to achieve was limiting her own potential. She also learned that this limiting belief was causing her to have negative thoughts about herself, which was harming her self-esteem.
Brenda was thrilled to learn that she could turn those beliefs around. She had the power to change her beliefs simply by changing her thoughts! She learned that by choosing positive thoughts about her ability to learn and her ability to do well in school, she could proactively develop positive beliefs that would help her soar in life.
Through their work together, Brenda’s grades immediately improved, and so did her happiness at school.
“I’ve got my daughter back again!”
Brenda’s Mom was thrilled with her daughter’s transformation, and shared the following statement:
“Before coaching with Robin, Brenda was not enjoying school… She would frequently end up in tears out of frustration when doing her homework, and she had very little belief in herself and her abilities.
Brenda absolutely loves going to her coaching sessions with Robin. She looks forward to them and always talks very positively about what she has learned.
I have noticed a significant improvement in Brenda’s attitude towards her homework, her self-belief, and her enjoyment of school since she has started working with Robin.
I cannot thank her enough, it’s like I’ve got my daughter back again!”
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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
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