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Meet WISDOM Coaches who are Teachers, Former Teachers or Retired Teachers Filling the Gap in Kids’ Education

We are proud to introduce you to some of the many WISDOM Coaches who are current and former teachers.

If you’re an educator – whether you’re in the classroom, planning to leave the classroom, or retired – you can create a successful practice as a life coach for kids!

“The most fufilling thing I’ve ever done…”

Rahima Khoja
WISDOM Coach™ and Teacher of 15+ Years
WISDOM Coach Dixie-Ann Harris

Rahima Khoja

Teacher – Grades K-7, specializing in Literacy
Calgary, Alberta – Canada

I teach grades K-7 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I specialize in Literacy, and have been teaching for over 15 years, both internationally and locally.

When I first started teaching in South Africa, I noticed some children found it challenging to express themselves, they sank into a shell, shyed away from opportunity, could not manage anxiety, did not have confidence, were not interested in negotiation, group activities, or recognize and then manage their emotions.

I questioned why were some children so opposite to others?  I realized it is all shaped by experiences, but what experiences are we giving them? What experiences are we as educators, parents, caregivers providing to them?

What we don’t realize is that many times a child’s mindset is based on limitations rather than possibilities.

When faced with challenges or disappointments, most kids don’t have the tools to handle them.  So they get down on themselves, or give up – and in the process develop belief systems that can hold them back for the rest of their lives.  This crushes self esteem and self confidence.

I wanted to find a way to teach these mindset skills to children, whether they were facing challenges or not, these skills are ones they will use and turn back to for the rest of their lives.

I have seen complete transformation in all the students I have worked with.  They are comfortable and confident in who they are, embrace opportunity, face their fears more easily and in turn are able to step out of their comfort zones in multiple ways.  They see themselves reaching their goals, looking at possibilities rather than limitations!

What I love about being a life coach for kids is that I love to inform, ignite, and inspire!

  • Inform – I teach, give them knowledge, helping them to recognize and understand their feelings.  I provide that level of understanding.
  • Ignite – I ignite the feelings of connection.  One of the most basic human needs when we enter the world is the need to connect – I connect with my clients by having meaningful conversations, teaching, being present, I accept the child for who they truly are, and celebrate them for this!
  • Inspire – I give them choices, help them to understand that they can choose their thoughts…they can actually choose better thoughts!  Our abilities are not set in stone, we can learn from our mistakes. The view failure and challenge as a chance to grow and learn.  This is inspirational for them.  Children become their own inspirations, they believe that they have these amazing, unique gifts that they bring to the world.  They start to believe in themselves.

As our future generations start to change the way they think, a whole new world opens up for them, a world based on opportunities.  As I teach these phenomenal mindset skills to the children I work with, in the most creative manner through the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum, I see future adults who are thriving, happy, and confident!


WISDOM Coach Shawna Brailsford

Shawna Brailsford

Kindergarten teacher
Ontario, Canada

I became a Life Coach for kids because I have this passion and desire to help children on a deeper level.  I witnessed in my classroom, and in the halls of the school, a level of low self- esteem and a lack of self-regulation amongst the children I worked with.  They were dealing with intense emotions, having outbursts or feeling consumed by anxious thoughts and worried feelings, and they didn’t know how to handle them or what to do with them.

As I witnessed these situations over and over again, it brought me to a place where I remembered myself as a young girl feeling some similar worried thoughts and feeling a definite lack of confidence within myself.

I wanted to help give the children the tools they require to support themselves in times of need, where they could find the power within to handle all of life’s ups and downs.

The benefits of life coaching are that I’ve seen my students improve their ability to identify their feelings.  After teaching them about “the grungies”, they have been able to identify within their bodies what messages are being sent from their thoughts, and then they can make decisions to better meet their needs and make themselves feel better.

I love to teach my kindergarten students about wearing their Power Goggles instead of their victim goggles.  They feel empowered to power shift their thinking and switch to view their situation in a more positive way.

What I love about being a life coach for kids is the connection I make with each child.  It’s so gratifying to see the AHA moments of clarity when they learn a skill and apply it to their life. I love giving them their power back with the tools I teach so they can navigate life with a stronger sense of self and belonging. This work is so meaningful, every child should have the opportunity to experience it.  When the children have the tools to handle the ups and downs of life they live life more confidently, they stand taller and are proud of who they are.  I am honoured to be a life coach for kids and to work with these students every day.  I will continue to make a difference one child at a time.

“Educating the hearts, minds, and souls of our young citizens as a life coach…
the answer to a prayer.”


Dixie Harris
WISDOM Coach™ and former Elementary Teacher, Administrator, and Homeschooler

“I had this burning to help kids learn these skills and ‘It’s just the  best’. “


Tom Kuestner
WISDOM Coach™ and Teacher
Tom Kuestner WISDOM Coach

Tom Kuestner

WISDOM Coach Elementary Teacher
Pennsylvania, USA

Read Tom’s full article with numerous vidoes.

Tom (Mr. K) has been a teacher for 24 years and has always had a passion for motivating kids. But he had a burning drive to do more to support kids and help them thrive – beyond academics.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What challenges expressed by parents lead Tom to seek a solution to help kids
  • What skills Tom teaches as a WISDOM Coach® and why kids love learning these skills
  • The impact that child life coaching has had on Tom’s own personal growth
  • The incredible impact that earning extra income as a child life coach has had on Tom, his family, and his view of abundance
  • How being a teacher helped Tom start and grow his Life Coaching for Kids practice

And you’ll see numerous success stories including how Tom helped:

  • Members of a basketball team, including a player who would shut down if he made a mistake
  • A young swimmer who was filled with anxiety and worry about others
  • A high school girl find a new perspective
  • A young girl coach herself through a rock climbing challenge
  • His own kids, especially his youngest

Read the article here.

WISDOM Coach Marie Cancellieri

Marie Cancellieri

Former 6th Grade Teacher, now Social-Emotional Development Coach for Tweens
Avon, Connecticut – USA

I became a life coach for kids because I wanted to take the whole-child approach when working with tweens. There is a critical connection between well-being and learning, and I found that when tweens felt anything less than good about themselves and comfortable in their environment, they weren’t fully available for learning.
Not only that, but I found that many tweens felt the way I did when I was their age: insecure, unsure of what to do or say in front of their peers in fear they would be judged, and not going after what they wanted.
With life coaching, tweens are better prepared to handle the wide range of stressors they face on a day-to-day basis. They begin to think for themselves, make good decisions, and understand their peers better. They feel more confident and know how to handle negative emotions. They develop a vision for their lives and become more independent.
I love empowering tweens to be their best selves without worrying about what others think. I love supporting them as they acknowledge their gifts, find their voice, and go after what they want. I love teaching kids about life and providing wellness tools they can use for a lifetime.
Besides being a WISDOM coach, I am also an EFT/Tapping master practitioner. I incorporate tapping into my coaching sessions to address negative emotions and negative self-talk. And, once learned, tapping is a tool that tweens can use on their own to reduce their stress, process their emotions, and identify and change their limiting beliefs.
WISDOM Coach Camelia Bruckel

Camelia Bruckel

Montessori School Director – who taught elementary school and Montessori preschool for 30 years
New Rochelle, New York – USA

I became a life coach for kids because I have seen firsthand how coaching changed my life in many areas. Most importantly, I believe, it played a significant role in increasing my self-esteem, and elevating my self-confidence.

Life coaching kids is my way of giving back and making a difference into future generations. I coach kids at an afterschool program, and it’s amazing to see kids aged 4 and 5 grasping the mindset skills and applying them in their daily routine. It’s wonderful to hear a 5-year-old saying: “I know it’s hard, but I know I can do it”. 

And more than that, the parents are seeing the transformation of their kids. I love coaching kids!

WISDOM Coach Carolyn DiDomenico

Carolyn DiDomenico

Teacher – Kindergarten and Early Childhood
New Port Richey, Florida – USA

I teach Kindergarten in New Port Richey, FL, USA and have been teaching Early Childhood Education for 25+ years.

I became a life coach for kids because I believe growth mindset and important life skills, such as confidence, resilience, and self-esteem are very important.  These skills are not taught in school, but I think they should be!  I actually have been teaching growth mindset daily in my morning meetings with students for years.  I began because wish I was taught these skills as a child, and if so, I believe my life would have been extremely different!

I believe life coaching kids is a huge benefit because students who are life coached learn important skills, not taught in school.  These skills help them develop belief systems for growth, empowerment and success!

I love being a life coach for kids because I can really make a difference one child at a time.  I love seeing a child transform and reap the amazing benefits of a life coaching plan. Adventures in Wisdom helps me teach children in a way that they can relate to and enjoy.

The transformation and success stories from the families I have touched makes me blessed to be doing this!

WISDOM Coach Cristina Pupaza

Cristina Pupaza

Retired teacher who taught English to primary and secondary school for about 40 years.

I discovered life coaching for kid when I was looking for a better way to teach in 2015. I searched the internet and discovered Adventures in Wisdom® which was much more than I was looking for or expected to find. It was love at first sight!  I came from an education background, so I had passion for working with kids, but no coaching experience or business experience. Becoming a Certified WISDOM Coach® helped me develop skills in both areas – guiding me, step-by-step, to coach kids in a systematic way.”

I became a life coach for kids because I wanted to have a greater impact on children and better prepare them for life – to focus on both “fluency and confidence”.  So, I started “Grow Wise with English”, a program designed for teaching both English and WISDOM to children.

Now a Senior WISDOM Coach, I offer five different 7-week workshops (“journeys”) for children between the ages of 6-14 focusing on the five segments of the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum: MindPower, InnerPower, MePower, DreamPower, and Slaying Dragons.

Each journey begins with a story from Adventures in Wisdom and we work on English, too. We have fun with activities and games from both the curriculum as well as some that I have created. I love that I can add my own creativity into the program. 

Through these journeys, children develop key mindset skills for happiness, confidence, resilience, achievement, self-leadership, and more. 

WISDOM Coach Pamela Olson life coach for kids

Pamela Olsen

1st Grade Teacher
St. Petersburg, Florida – USA

I have taught in Elementary Education for 30 years. “I became a life coach for kids because I have a huge heart for students that are a little extra unique. I wanted to teach them and help them understand that being perfectly imperfect is beautiful. Every day I work hard in my classroom to build independence and confidence while instilling the love of who they are…”

The benefits of life coaching for students include that students are more confident and understanding of what they think, and why they believe what they believe. I have taught the Adventures in Wisdom program for 2 years in an afterschool setting. I have heard from other teachers at my school how much more confident the students are and how they handle challenging situations in the classroom so much better.

The parents in my classroom have mentioned how happy they are that I am teaching some of the skills from the program in my classroom and how their child comes home and teaches them what they have learned. It provides the parents with an opportunity to talk about subjects they wouldn’t normally discuss like comfort zone, being unique, how to handle failure, goal setting, etc. It is a win-win program for everyone!

What I love most about being a life coach for kids is knowing that I am making a positive impact they can carry with them on their journey through life. The skills instilled in their heart and mind at any age will help them create a life of success and acceptance as they navigate the ups and downs of the world!


WISDOM Coach Linda Czuper

Linda Czuper

Retired 30+ year teacher – all subjects, preschool to 5th grade. Current substitute elementary teacher and academic tutor for K-5
Atlanta, Georgia – USA

I became a life coach because I have watched thousands of kids face so many challenges. More than ever kids need growth mindset skills to navigate their lives to the fullest. Coaching kids gives them a toolkit to value themselves, face what life throws at them, grow social/emotional intelligence, let them be in control, and be resilient

The benefits of life coaching are priceless. When kids learn about how their brains work, how to build neuro pathways, how their minds believe what they tell, how their self-talk, visualization and affirmations control how they perceive the world, they start to use their own power to navigate their world with strength. They can leave their comfort zones, make mistake to grow, and reach their dreams.

I have used life coaching in the classroom setting, academic tutoring one-on-one, and in one-on-one coaching sessions. I have watched how the training helps kids reduce stress, anxiety, perfectionism, accept change, create empathy for themselves and peers, goal set, try new things, grow from a mistake, etc.

A teen client asked me, “Why don’t they teach us these skills in school instead of all the things we never use?” We all need these vital skills. Lucky kids learn them as kids.

Read two success stories here.


WISDOM Coach Ute Kendzia

Ute Kendzia

Montessori Teacher
Windhoek, Namibia – Africa

I teach movement with music to pre-school children and have embarked on a Play Therapy Intervention Journey.  Guiding even our youngest children to understand that our minds can be very powerful and that through play and goal focused activities we can have truly mind shifting experiences.

Through this truly amazing Adventure in Wisdom Coaching Program, I have also embarked on the most profound learning for myself.

Everyone is one caring person away from a transformed life!


WISDOM Coach Shauna Basaraba

Shauna Basaraba

Teaches Grades 3 and 4
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Canada

I became a kids life coach to have an influential impact on personal development at the child stage in life where I felt it could potentially make the biggest difference.

The many benefits to children, including increased confidence and a growth mindset of acceptance, are evident quite quickly in their coaching journey. I am grateful that I benefit through my work as well because I get to be reminded every day about the mindset that serves me best so I can be the best version of me!

My favourite thing about being a kids life coach is working with the whole child in a meaningful, connective way on important matters in their social and emotional development.

WISDOM Coach Janay Neufeld

Janay Neufeld

Former 2nd-grade Teacher, now Online Reading Interventionist
Eureka, California – USA

I became a life coach for kids because, as a reading tutor, I found myself coaching my students on mindset topics such as self-esteem, work ethic, and self-talk, daily. Many children who come to me are behind in their reading, and I take great pride in meeting them where they are, helping them build confidence in themselves, and overcoming obstacles through hard work! I help children develop not only reading skills they will use for the rest of their lives but help foster positive skills, such as mindset, that will help them lead happy and successful lives. Life coaching for kids was the perfect missing piece to my business, Online Reading Tutor!

As an educator, I understand the power of stories, so this type of work is very near and dear to my heart!

I have struggled with anxiety since I was a young girl. I wish I had access to this resource at a young age! It gives me a chance to give back to children, and now that I have a daughter of my own, I can use the curriculum with her too! I think this work is vital in teaching children how to overcome fear, doubt, and self-esteem issues at a young age and learn how to manage them before they become more significant. I get to help equip children with the skills they need to create happy, healthy, prosperous lives through something that I love, stories! It ties perfectly into teaching kids to read and makes me excited to get out of bed every day!


WISDOM Coach Cindy Duggar

Cindy Dugger

Teacher – all ages, plus English and ESL
Memphis, Tennessee – USA

I have been a teacher for over 20 years, mostly in the Memphis, Tennessee area. I have taught preschool and elementary school, and I have taught middle school and high school in the areas of English as a Second Language (ESL), Spanish, and English.  In May of 2022, I chose not to renew my teaching contract so that I could become a life coach for kids and teens.
I became a life coach for kids because, as a teacher for the past many years, I have seen a decline in the social-emotional health and the mental health of our young people of all ages. I want to serve children and teens and help them to be resilient, confident, and happy individuals.
I have always been an encourager of and a mentor to my students, but now I have more time to help them navigate the ups and downs of life. And I’m not only helping children. I am helping parents and entire families.


WISDOM Coach Julianne Malcolm

Julianne Malcolm

Montessori Teacher 
St. Paul, Minnesota – USA

I have taught Montessori in St. Paul for over 25 years. Now I support reading teachers in different schools in St. Paul, MN.
I became a WISDOM Coach because I love working with kids and helping kids tap into their own potential and grow their own greatness.
The benefits are many.  As one teen client said, “This helps me be more self-aware and know what truly helps and fulfills me.” 
I love supporting kids in their own unfolding and discovery of who they are and what they are capable of. 


WISDOM Coach Ashlee Carbonaro

Ashlee Carbonaro

First Grade Teacher
Fryeburg, Maine – USA

I became a life coach for kids as it was a natural next step for me. I have been in education for 9 years and focused on social-emotional learning and trauma-informed education.

As I focused on my Master of Education in Trauma-Informed Education degree, I knew that there was a gap in education. The understanding of how childhood trauma, mental health, and poverty impact students’ ability to learn, I knew there was a need to develop mindset skills with my own students and children in my community. Since COVID, coping skills, confidence, and social skills have been difficult for students. I felt I needed to offer students another way to learn these critical skills. I wanted them to see the best version of themselves and for them to reach their fullest potential early on – not later in life.

Coaching through stories is a powerful way to develop skills with children and I knew that I could change children’s and families lives by focusing on building these skills within the classroom. The transformation that unfolds when these skills are discovered and mastered is truly inspiring.

I am blessed to be able to offer coaching to kids! 


Child Life Coach Certification Badge from Adventures in Wisdom

Trish Lake

Former Elementary School Teacher
Henderson, Nevada – USA

I taught elementary school in Henderson, NV for 17 years. I left the classroom three years ago to teach Social Emotional Learning as a certified Adventures in Wisdom coach.

I became a life coach for kids when I started noticing a huge change in how elementary-aged students were handling their emotions. I had implemented some social emotional learning into my third grade classroom, and the students loved it. They were thriving after just a few lessons.

It was then that I pursued life/WISDOM Coaching and received my certification as soon as I could. Being a WISDOM Coach and teaching life skills and social emotional learning is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I wish every child out there had the opportunity to learn these important skills. Having a “toolbox” of life skills is something every child should have access to.

The benefits of life coaching are endless. I have seen kids turn their behavior around and transition from not wanting to attend school to waking up enthusiastic about going. Shy, quiet kids step out of their comfort zone and try out for sports teams, clubs, and organizations. They choose friends who support them in making positive choices. These are just a few examples.

Kids have more balance and happiness in their lives after learning these critical life skills. 


WISDOM Coach April Stewart

April Stewart

Former Teacher
Hoschton, Georgia – USA

I presently teach for a nonprofit sex educator to highschoolers.  I resigned from public education after 26 years to start my own coaching business.
I became a life coach because I love working with kids. In the classroom I noticed that many of my students lacked what I would call basic life skills: decision making, coping skills, self confidence, and dealt with a lot of low self esteem. I wanted to reach out to my community and beyond to help parents with their children.
The benefits of life coaching that I have seen are that the kids I have worked with are: a better sense of who they are, self confidence growing, and kids are seeing that they can control their lives much better.
I love being a life coach because I know that part of my purpose in life is to help others. I love empowering kids to believe the best versions of themselves.


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