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Young girl with learning difficulties changes her outlook with life coaching for kids

Isabella* experienced many hardships while growing up. When she was five months old, her grandmother noticed that Isabella wasn’t moving her right arm.  After many tests, the doctors discovered that 25% of Isabella’s brain had not developed.

When Isabella was just six years old, her mother passed away. Unable to help his daughter, Isabella’s father placed her in a special education program hoping they could give her the care she needed.

Isabella wasn’t happy and she wasn’t learning. After several years of struggle, her Grandmother reached out to WISDOM Coach™ Geeta for help.

“When I first met Isabella, she had almost no confidence in herself at all,” shared Coach Geeta. “Anytime she was faced with a task, or a challenging situation, she would say, ‘I can’t do it,’ ‘I don’t know how,’ and ‘I give up.’”

Coach Geeta, who is also an educator, vowed that she would not only help Isabella learn how to read but would also help her develop confidence in herself.
“A Tale of Two Towns”
The first step in the process was to help Isabella to shift her mindset around her ability to achieve. I turned to one of the skill books from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum which had just the right story ­­­­─ “Canville and Can’tville – a Tale of Two Towns.”
The story teaches that when you choose to live in Canville, you prepare both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to support you in achieving your goals. When you choose to live in Can’tville, your thoughts sabotage your ability to achieve. Canville is all about a new way of thinking – you must think you can do something to make your dreams come true.
Isabella’s dream was to learn how to read.
I wanted to cry with joy…
Coach Geeta worked with Isabella three times each week on her reading and her confidence.
“When we first started to work together, Isabella could only identify a few letters of the alphabet,” explained Coach Geeta. “To help her prepare her mind for each lesson, we worked with positive affirmations. I had her repeat the phrases ‘I can do it!,’ ‘I can learn!,’ ‘I can read!’ I also continually let Isabella know that I believed in her as well, and that I believed she would learn how to read.”
After just a few sessions, Coach Geeta was astounded with Isabella’s progress. “I wanted to cry because Isabella was able to identify 95% of the alphabet!  And, most important, her belief in her ability to read had also shifted.”
Her grandmother reported that Isabella’s attitude had also changed. She started believing that she could read and she studied the alphabet every day. She even enrolled her grandmother in helping her study. 
As a result of working with Coach Geeta, Isabella is now reading simple children’s books. And the best news is, her confidence is soaring. 
We are so proud of WISDOM Coach™ Geeta and the wonderful life coaching for kids work she is doing with Isabella!
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Sadly, Coach Geeta passed away in April 2019.  Her work with children will impact many lives for years to come. We honor you Geeta!
*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
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