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How therapy helped Tina… 

11 year-old Tina was struggling with belief in herself, telling the truth, being kind to others, and negative self-talk.

She had been in therapy for a few years and made some progress with her anger management and regulating emotions.

Why Tina’s Mom added a child life coach to Tina’s team… 

Given Tina’s progress with regulating her emotions and anger, Tina’s mom felt that now would be the right time to start life coaching, so that Tina would open up more, talk about her struggles, learn to manage mistakes and failures, and become happier overall.

In an initial conversation with Tina’s mom, Senior WISDOM Coach™ Delia identified the following challenges that Tina had:

  •   Lack of confidence
  •   Not being truthful
  •   Gets frustrated easily
  •   Negative thinking
  •   Negative self-talk
  •   Anxiety

Skills Tina would learn through WISDOM Coaching

Tina’s mom and Delia creating the following list of mindset skills for Tina to build in her coaching program:

  •  Develop belief in herself
  •  Learn to tolerate mistakes
  •  Self-acceptance
  •  Manage frustration and anger
  •   Reframe negative thinking
  • Build positive self-talk

WISDOM Coach™ Delia customized a 12-week program to help Tina build high self-esteem and strong self-confidence.

The program was based on the WISDOM System for Coaching Children from the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum™.

Delia selected 12 skills from the 27 mindset skills offered in the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum. (See all 27 skills below).

Tina met with Delia weekly for 12 weeks. Each week, Tina would learn a new skill that helped her understand how her mind worked.

Once she learned how her mind works, Tina discovered how she could use the power of her thoughts to manage her feelings, to empower herself, and to learn how to speak kindly to herself!

Each coaching session included key components to help Tina learn, understand, and practice the skill:

  • Coaching Stories – Delia used an inspiring coaching story from the curriculum to introduce each mindset skill, so that Tina learned the skill in a fun, non-threatening way. Stories are an effective tool for long-term learning because they engage multiple parts of the brain.
  • Discussion Questions – Delia and Tina then used focused discussion questions to explore how the story relates to real-life situations, including Tina’s own situation.
  • Role-play Activities – Delia and Tina also did role-play so that Tina could practice her mindset skills.

The results…

These skills and WISDOM Coaching helped Tina create a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Tina said:

After learning how to use supportive, positive self-talk, Tina said, “I learned a lot about how my mind works and why I sometimes get angry at myself. I now know that I can change the way I talk to myself. If I talk in a nice way, then I can feel better.”

Tina’s Mom said:

In a feedback session with Delia, Tina’s mom said, My daughter made so much progress in the last 3 months as a result of the coaching sessions, perhaps more than she made in 3 years of therapy. We think that she manages pretty well right now, but we will be coming back to coaching to support Tina in her journey to handle the ups and downs of growing up.”

Tina’s mom also mentioned, “One thing that has definitely improved is Tina’s frustration tolerance. Before she would grow very frustrated and angry when she made a little mistake with her schoolwork and she would spiral down into negativity, which prevented her to learn and move on.”

WIDSOM Coach™ Delia said:

I noticed the impact that the Managing Mistakes story had on Tina when we talked about how it would be to carry a backpack full of rocks, and how heavy would it become if we never dropped any of those rocks (aka mistakes).  Tina immediately understood how dwelling on her past mistakes kept her stuck. This, together with learning how to power shift her negative thoughts and the importance of positive self-talk, really helped her manage her frustration better.

Learn more about the 27 Mindset Skills children learn through Adventures in Wisdom

Download the list of 27 mindset skills:

27 Mindset Skills taught by Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum.


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