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Dressing up as Wyatt the Wizard from Adventures in Wisdom life coaching for kids curriculum

Alan* was an energetic and very smart, eight-year-old boy. He loved to read and was full of ideas.  He was an inspiration to his friends and schoolmates, and it was clear that he was well-liked by those who knew him.

But Alan had a challenge that he didn’t know how to solve.  He was a sensitive child and it was causing him to become very self-conscious.

For example, if he thought one of his friends said something unkind, he would get very upset and cry.  Or if he thought one of his friends was playing unfairly, he would break down and couldn’t stop crying for minutes at a time.

Alan was embarrassed by his sensitivity and bouts of crying, but just couldn’t seem to manage his feelings.  Wanting to help her son, Alan’s Mom turned to WISDOM Coach™ Cristina Pupaza for help.

Coach Cristina consulted The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum to find just the right skills to help Alan learn how to manage his emotions more effectively.

The mind as an airplane
“I wanted to help Alan learn that his feelings were created by his thoughts,” shared Coach Cristina. “The first story I chose to use with Alan was, “Who’s Flying Your Plane?”
The story uses an analogy to help children understand that their mind is like an airplane.  And just like an airplane takes them where they want to go on vacation, their mind takes them where they want to go in life! And this includes how they want to feel!
“My tears come from my mind!”
Alan loved learning about how his mind worked.  He learned that his thoughts created his feelings and that he could create his thoughts – choosing thoughts that supported him by shifting negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  Especially when something unexpected happened.  
Coach Cristina shared that during his first program with her, Alan reported that he only got upset one time during a seven-week period – a personal record!  Even when he was struggling, he was able to recall the story and apply the lessons he had learned to shift his thinking.
“I used to cry a lot,” said Alan. “I used to, but I don’t anymore.…The story helped me understand that my tears come from my mind. I know now that I have the power to stop crying just by thinking, ‘How can I stop my tears?’ instead of thinking, ‘I can’t stop crying.’ It really works for me!”
Alan was so excited about Wyatt the Wise Wizard from the life coaching for kids curriculum and the skills he was learning that he convinced his parents to purchase a beautiful wizard costume for Halloween.
Great job WISDOM Coach™ Cristina in helping Alan learn how to handle disappointments without breaking down!
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About WISDOM Coach™ Cristina Pupaza
7×7 Education Assocation (www.7x7edu.com) based in Gura Humorului, Romania
Cristina teaches children English and mindset skills using stories to offer an imaginary world, created by language, that children can enter and enjoy, learning language as they go. As a Wisdom Coach, she is passionate about how mindset skills work and about making a difference in children’s lives by empowering them with strong self-confidence and powerful self-esteem through stories from Adventures in Wisdom.
*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
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