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Ambassador Program Resource Center

About the Ambassador Program


  • Standard Referral Partner Program – automated program that enables referral partners to receive commissions when a lead they refer to AIW (using their unique affiliate link) makes a purchase.  Assignment of leads to referral partners and commissions are handled automatically through the Keap Referral Partner system.  It is the foundation of the Ambassador Program.
  • Affiliates – people who participate in the standard Referral Partner Program (the word “affiliate” and “referral partner” are used interchangeably.
  • Affiliate link – unique link used by affiliates and Ambassadors when sharing about AIW that automatically assigns their referrals to them within Keap.
  • Leads – the words “leads” and “prospects” are used interchangeably and refer to someone who is a potential WISDOM Coach.
  • List – Someone in the AIW Keap system (database).
  • Referral – a lead that an Ambassador has directed to Adventures in Wisdom, to consider becoming a WISDOM Coach. 
  • Registered Referral – a lead that an Ambassador has manually added to the Ambassador Lead Tracker Google sheet. Important: a referral can only be registered before they have enrolled in the WISDOM Coach Certification program.   
  • Assist – a commission status that can be earned if a Registered Referral is already on the AIW list
  • Reference – an applicant who has been sent to an Ambassador for the purpose of having a reference call conversation by phone or video 

What is the Ambassador Program?

The WISDOM CoachⓇ Ambassador program is by invitation only and is an extension of our current Referral Partner Program (“Affiliate”) that provides four opportunities for you to receive referral commissions.

  1. New Referral (with your affiliate link) – Using your unique affiliate link when sharing about Adventures in Wisdom to automatically be tracked when you refer new leads who become a WISDOM Coach.
  2. Registered Referral (new referral without your affiliate link): Manually registering a new referral that you have had a conversation with, using our Ambassador Lead Tracker Google sheet. Example: meeting someone while networking or talking with someone who reached out to you because they saw you on social media, in a video, in our directory, etc.
  3. Assist: A Registered Referral who is already on our list.
  4. Reference Call: Supporting a reference call if a potential coach wants to talk with an active WISDOM Coach with a similar background as yours and we introduce them to you for a reference call.   NOTE: The Reference Call program is optional and you can be an Ambassador without being on the Reference Call List.

The Ambassador Program is an extension of the standard program because it brings manual process for registering leads so that a WISDOM Coach Ambassador can earn a commission if a lead does NOT use their unique affiliate link or if they are already on the Adventures in Wisdom list.

See the FAQs Handout below for details.

How each Component Works:

How to Manually Register your Referrals – Ambassador Lead Tracker Google Sheet 

When your referral has not used your affiliate link, or when you want to register a referral directly without sending them your unique link, you’ll use the Ambassador Lead Tracker Google Sheet.

  • Step 1: Go to the Ambassador Lead Tracker Google Sheet – link in a ZZ link
  • Step 2: Search the spreadsheet to make sure your referral is not already on the list
  • Step 3: Populate the green columns for your referral

Once a week, Adventures in Wisdom Admin will review this Google Sheet and manually assign your referral to you.

  • If your referral is NOT on the Adventures in Wisdom list already, you are eligible for the full referral commission
  • If your referral is already on the Adventures in Wisdom list, you are eligible for an “assist”, which is half the commission
  • If your referral is already assigned to an Ambassador, then you won’t be assigned that lead because there is a limit of one Ambassador per lead

How Reference Calls Work (if you opted in for this program)

If you opted in for this program, then you are now on the Reference Call List.

  • If we match you to a WISDOM Coach Lead requesting a reference call, we will send you an email requesting you to set up a reference call (by phone or video) with that lead.
  • Once that call is complete, you’ll simply visit the Ambassador Lead Tracker Google Sheet and find that Lead’s name and your name. Enter the reference call information in the blue column.
  • Once a week, Adventures in Wisdom Admin will review the Google sheet and assign your reference call and commission information to your record in Keap, which will put you in the next month’s commission cycle for payment 


FAQs Handout

(for the Ambassador Program)

Ambassador Program Guidelines

(the key things you need to know)

Standard Referral Partner (Affiliate) Resources Page
(for the automated program)

To access information and resources for the automated program –
get your unique link, how to log in, get your unique links, access reports, get marketing resources, etc.