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* Action Taker Bonus – Yours FREE for a Limited Time *

Confident Kids Launch Box

Your step-by-step guide to launch your WISDOM Coach business!



Everything you need to launch your first coaching package!

* Step-by-step plan

* Done-for-you resources

* All in one place

* Ready to go!

What’s in your Confident Kids Launch Box?

Answers to your four biggest questions.
Resources and guides all in one place!

  • What coaching service to offer first?

    The Confident Kids Coaching Package is a proven coaching package that parents and kids want (and love!).

    This 5-session package helps kids (and you) develop powerful self-confidence. It includes the five Adventures in Wisdom skill books for your coaching sessions and the message makers that outline the benefits and value of the package.

  • How to price?

    You get a guide on How to Offer Introductory Pricing when you’re first starting out and three key tips for success. This will set you up for getting your first clients quickly and give you a path for offering your services at your normal pricing moving forward.

  • How to find clients?

    You get get done-for-you marketing resources created specifically for the Confident Kids Coaching Package. This includes a flyer, social media posts, and email templates. Just customize with your details and you’re ready to go!.

  • How to inspire parents to enroll their kids
    You want to talk to parents without feeling sales-y, so you get the Discovery Session Conversation Guide that provides a sample script to guide your conversation with a parent.

BONUS Checklists to help you with promotion:

  • 15+ types of people to reach out to
  • 15+ places to post your flyer
  • 10+ places to hold workshops

Why is this Launch Box so Unique? 

Because it saves you time and money by providing done-for-you resources and guides – customized for the Confident Kids Coaching Package – all in one place!


Simply follow these 5 steps to launch your first coaching service!

(You get resources for each step!)  

Confident Kids Launch Box - 5 Steps to Launch your Life Coaching for Kids Business

How to get Confident Kids Launch Box for FREE?

 Simply enroll as a WISDOM Coach by the date provided by your Success Coach!

***  FAQs ***

  •  Do I need to pay in full?

    NO! Simply enroll and make your first payment by the date provided by your Success Coach to get the Confident Kids Launch Box for free.

  •  When do I get the Confident Kids Launch Box?


    You get it as soon as you complete your certification so that you can stay in action and launch your first coaching service!

  •  Why is there a time limit to get the bonus FREE? 

    We find our best coaches are those who are action takers and for that reason, we motivate you to jump into your dream and reward you for doing so!

  •  What if I don’t enroll as a WISDOM Coach by the deadline? 

    You can still get the Confident Kids Launch Box at a later date by purchasing it for $497.

    Or you can create your own launch program by using the WISDOM Coach Life Coaching for Kids program resources and the Business Accelerator resources and training.

    The Confident Kids Launch Box just makes it easier because resources are done for you, customized for the Confident Kids Coaching Package and are all in one place.!

This can be you!

Life Coach Kids one-on-one
Life Coach Kids in Small Groups and Workshops
Life Coach Kids with Stories and Activities

Earnings Disclaimer

As a WISDOM Coach you set your own services and pricing.

Our vision is to help you bring life coaching to children. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action to you take, and the service you provide to others. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages or documents should not be considered as a promise of potential earnings.