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Negative energy is just one of those things in life that we can do without – it keeps us from our happiness and steals our peace of mind.

We all have those things that are a constant source of negative energy in our lives– sometimes it’s people, sometimes it’s situations, and sometimes it’s things.

I’d like to share a 4-step process I’ve put in place to remove a lot of the negative energy from my life. And it’s definitely working!

Step 1: Pay close attention to your feelings at all times. Every time you notice the grungies, take a minute to identify the source of that negative energy – Is it a specific situation, is something broken, is it being around a specific person?

Step 2: Write down the source of that negative energy. Some of the items on my most recent list included replacing burned out light bulbs in the kitchen; sorting through a box of items after our remodel; updating our wills; replacing our front-loader washing machine (the front seal is moldy, smelly and won’t come clean – yuck!); finding a bookkeeper, etc. Now replacing light bulbs may sound like a small thing, but every time I walked into my kitchen I felt a ping of negative energy about it. Put everything on your list – no matter how big or how small. Negative energy is negative energy and the purpose of this process is to get rid of it.

Step 3: Put together a plan. Outline when and how you will take action. Even if you can’t get to it today, just knowing that it is on your list and scheduling time to handle it can help remove the negative energy associated with the situation.

Step 4: Go to step 1!

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of addressing small things.  Taking a small, first step creates momentum and shifts energy!  

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! I encourage you to give it a go (and to share it with your kids as well!).

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