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baking can help kids develop self-confidence

Have you ever wondered why are some people wildly successful in their lives while others tend to constantly struggle?

Have you ever wondered why some people live in fear while others live in possibility?

Have you ever wondered why are some people confident and go for it in life while others tend to shy away from new people and new experiences – almost afraid of life?

The answer is their belief systems.  

It’s about how they choose to see themselves in their world and what they believe is possible for their lives.

Understanding how your mind works is the key to understanding why you are who you.  And it’s the key to shaping who you want to be for both grownups and children!  And that’s what life coaching and mindset training are all about. 

Did you know that your mind has two parts?

Your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is where you do all of your thinking. It is the part of the mind that you are aware of. When you say 2+2=4 or you tell someone about a book you read, you are using your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the part of your brain that you are not aware of. It is like a giant filing cabinet that stores your memories, life experiences, and belief systems.

As an analogy, think about our mind being like an airplane.

“Just like an airplane takes you where you want to go on vacation, your mind takes you where you want to go in life.”

With an airplane, the pilot and the autopilot control the plane. The pilot is the human that controls the plane by thinking and the autopilot is the computer that controls the plane based on the programs it is running.

With your mind, both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind control you.

Your conscious mind acts like your pilot – you think and make decisions.

Your subconscious mind acts like your autopilot – impacting what you think and what you feel based on the programs it is running. We’ll talk more about these programs in minute.

If you are a pilot of a real plane, you can turn off the autopilot and be in complete control of the airplane.

However, that is not the case with your mind.  You cannot turn off your autopilot. It is always on, even when you’re sleeping!

If your “pilot thinking” and your “autopilot programs” are working together – you can fly your plane and go wherever you want to go.

But, if your “pilot thinking” and your “autopilot programs” are different – you have a problem.

If your “pilot thinking” is telling you to fly and your “autopilot programs” are telling you to crash, then you’re in trouble – because your autopilot is stronger than your pilot (your subconscious mind is stronger than your conscious mind)!

It is critical that you understand what your pilot, or your conscious mind, is thinking

and what type of programs your autopilot, or subconscious mind, is running.

These programs are called belief systems.

Once you understand belief systems, you can learn how to recognize and shift negative beliefs and you can learn how to intentionally create positive beliefs.

Through life coaching kids, Adventures in Wisdom supports children in doing just that!

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Adventures in Wisdom teaches children these concepts through fun short stories and activities that enable children to experience the skills – not just read about them.

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