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Coach Your Kids with Stories

Mindset Skills to Help Your Kids Create Happiness, Confidence, Self-esteem, Success and More!


  • Why mindset skills are critical for our kids
  • Power of belief systems


  • 6 Reasons why stories are the #1 most effective method for “coaching” your kids


  • WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™
  • Designed for busy families 


  • What you get – offer and bonuses
  • Get started today!

Why Mindset Skills are So Important…

We all want our kids to be happy and to walk in the world with their head held high
– the question is, how we help them get that?

It doesn’t matter how much we love our children; we can’t give them self-esteem, self-
confidence, or success in life. But what we can do is help them to develop it in themselves!


Mindset skills are the key.

Coaching stories are the answer!

So you’re in the right place if…

  • You are looking for a fun and engaging life coaching program for kids curriculum to teach them mindset skills and life skills to soar!
  • You want your kids to know how to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves.
  • You want your kids to know how to handle mistakes and disappointments without giving up on themselves.
  • You want your kids to learn how to think for themselves, make good decisions, and stand up to peer pressure.
  • You want to give your kids the best chance of being ready for middle school and their teenage years.
Connect with your children through the power of coaching stories as they develop mindset skills to soar

This is also for you if you want…

  • You want your kids to come talk with you when they have problems, or need advice (guiding them in solving problems on their own with mindset skills)
  • You want simple “conversation starters” that will help you talk about life lessons without being lecture-y
  • You want to know what to say during those priceless “teachable moments”
  • You’ve done your own personal development work (Oprah’s life class, Tony Robbins, The Secret, Landmark Forum, etc…) and you want your kids to learn this powerful way of thinking
  • You want a fun and easy way to “meaningfully connect” with your children as they develop mindset skills for life!
Coaching stories helps you start those important conversations with your children

“Our 11-year-old son has been finding the transition to his new school a little overwhelming…I have read the “Managing Change” book with him and we have talked through the questions and activities together. I feel eternally grateful that I have the support of the AIW program to support me through times like this.

Being a parent can be tough at times, but I know that teaching my kids these essential life skills [mindset skills] will help them. It helps me be a better parent and that’s priceless!”


Mother of 2

Do you want to use our curriculum
at home or with other children too?


Use the table to determine which
program is best for you!

Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program For Kids

(Home Study versus WISDOM Coach Certification)
Home StudyWisdom Coach Certification
Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Programs for Kids Curriculum
Licensed to use the Adventures in Wisdom Curriculum and coaching materials in business/ non-profit/ volunteer setting
Business Accelerator Curriculum and Action Plans (quick start your business)
Articles - Use in your marketing (blog/newsletter)
WISDOM Coach Facebook Group - Network with other WISDOM Coaches from around the world!
Coaching Package Templates - Guidelines to help you design your services
Q&A Calls Ask questions about marketing, coaching and more!
WISDOM Coach Logo
WISDOM Slides for each skill book
WISDOM take home sheets - Help kids continue the conversation at home!
WISDOM Tools - Additional activities you can use with kids! We're adding to the curriculum
Listing on the www.adventuresinwisdom.com website - Parents can find you from our website

My son who is 8 years old enjoyed the story of “No One Will Know Nelson” and the associated items. The hands on activity using food dye and water to demonstrate how a seemingly little lie can cloud trust between two people was a very powerful experience. He now talks about “Nelson” in his everyday and has ownership of what integrity in action looks and feels like.

We use the “Lunch Box Notes” that come to my email inbox every Sunday without fail, not only to put in his lunch box, but as conversation starters also. It is always interesting to hear his take on the messages.

We have found “Adventures in Wisdom” to be a wonderful additional stepping stone to the lessons we are striving to convey. Thanks for creating a product that is so positive and easy to integrate into our lives!


Mom of 8 yr old

Parents around the world - in over 30 countries - are using our coaching stories to help their children develop mindset skills for happiness, confidence, self-esteem and more!

Parents in Over 30 Countries are Using our Stories to help their children
develop mindset skills to own their magnificence and thrive in life!

Using stories to teach kids these skills is brilliant. Sometimes my kids don’t want to listen to me, but they will listen to Wyatt the Wise Wizard. We listen to the story and then talk about the lesson [mindset skills] that Wyatt is teaching, it gives me a great way to add my 2 cents without lecturing, preaching or nagging.

The other day my son came home really upset because he did poorly on a test. We pulled out the story “Afraid To Fail Fred” and worked on the lesson to put it in a box. He felt so much better after that and told me his plan to do better on the next test.

Then he thanked me. What more could a mom ask for. Thank you for helping me help my son!


Mother of 2

And you’ll also receive our Adventures In Wisdom™ Satisfaction!

My daughter is going on 15 and my son just turned 10.  We have gone through all 27 skill books 3 different times.  All done at different stages of their being. 

We also go back to individual skill books if something comes up that needs attention.  It has been such a great journey watching them over time pick up on these mindset skills and use them in everyday situations.

It’s also great reminders for my wife and me because these concepts adhere to us a well.

Shane W

Father of 2

I hope you and your kids enjoy these stories as much as my family has!



P.S. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve looked at your kids and realized just how fast they are growing up.

Every day your kids are developing thought patterns about themselves, how the world works, and what is possible for their lives.

√ They are learning to navigate life now…
√ They are dealing with peer issues now…
√ They are facing challenges now…

And even if your child isn’t facing an immediate challenge, kids don’t have a problem…until they do.

The time to teach them is now – while they are young so they can use these mindset skills as they enter middle school and their teenage years. When you build this “coaching” relationship early, you will be the one that your kids come to when they have a problem or need advice.

Remember that what we do with our kids during the first 12 years of their lives will impact the rest of their lives…and ours too.

Enjoy the journey!

Help your kids be confident and prepared to walk in the world on their own - our coaching stories will help them develop powerful mindset skills to thrive.