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Inside WISDOM Coaching – Case Story

Twelve-year-old Natalie was a child in trouble.1 After many months of bullying at school, she became severely depressed ─ to a point of failing and repeating grade five. During that time, she also tried to commit suicide.2

Natalie continued to be moody and tearful and she withdrew from family and friends. Her confidence and self-esteem were crushed. She desperately wanted to be homeschooled, but her parents wanted her to return to school. The battle was causing tension and tears at home.

Knowing their daughter needed support, they took her to see certified WISDOM CoachTM Lee(1).

Helping Natalie “slay her dragons”
Coach Lee worked with Natalie using The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum.
Together they worked through the coaching stories and activities, helping Natalie learn about her “inner power,” “mind power,” and how to watch for the grungies and “slay her dragons”. (“Grungies” and “dragons” are a terms WISDOM Coaches use to help children learn how to trace negative grungy feelings (“the grungies”) to the negative thought patterns (“the dragons”) that are causing those feelings).
Natalie became very emotional as she uncovered many negative beliefs she held about herself. She started to see how she was allowing one incident define her entire life, and define how she felt about herself. She was determined to slay those dragons!  
As Natalie began choosing new thought patterns, her self-esteem and self-confidence continued to grow. Her moodiness disappeared, she re-engaged with friends and family, and she started to feel happy again.
She also decided that she no longer needed homeschooling and was ready to move to a different school.
“We have our happy child back again.”
Her parents couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress they saw in their daughter and shared the following comment:
“Natalie looks forward to each session and is very enthusiastic about the exercises her coach gives her… my daughter has seen psychologists and I have never seen progress like this. We have our happy child back again. We are so grateful!”
Natalie finally found her power, and had this to share about her experience:
“I love Coach Lee! She motivates me in every session to understand my feelings. I can now understand when I am feeling grungy and when I am feeling happy. She also helped me see that no matter which school I go to, I will always face challenges and need to know how manage them. And that I get to always wear my ‘power goggles.3’”
Coach Lee also shared her experience:
“Coaching a child who has faced such a trauma was a bit challenging. However, I trusted in the stories and messages they delivered. I can see it has made a major different in changing this child’s life. I feel on top of the world for making a positive difference. I love my job!”
Congratulations Lee on a job well done. Thanks to your powerful coaching, Natalie has developed mindset skills and an inner strength that she can use for the rest of her life!  
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1Names have been changed in the story for anonymity.
2Natalie was under the care of a psychologist. Her parents asked WISDOM Coach™ Lee to be part of their team to help Natalie heal.
3“Power goggles” is a term our WISDOM Coaches use to help children remember to choose positive/supportive/empowering thoughts (versus “Victim Goggles”).
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