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Sam, had done well in elementary school and at the beginning of middle school. However now, in eighth grade, Sam’s mom was really worried about his overall lackluster interest in anything other than video games and being alone in his room.

He also was having more of a “sharp tongue” with his mom when she would push him to take responsibility.

Sam had never been diagnosed with ADHD but there were suspicions on the family’s part due to his behavior history. In addition, he’s had trouble being bullied due to the racial climate in their hometown, and his anger spikes quickly and turns physical at times with other boys in school and on the bus.

Why choose life coaching?

Like many families, Sam’s mom was aware that her son responded with more interest in guidance from an outside adult than from his own parents.

She is a nurse and is studying psychology. Sam’s mom found Adventures in Wisdom online and used the Connect with a Coach program to request WISDOM Coaching support for her son.

Sam’s mom chose WISDOM Coach™ Alisha due to Alisha’s chaplaincy background as well as her ability to help adapt programs for neurodivergent children.

Goals from coaching:

  • Sam’s mom was looking for support with motivation to continue to succeed, do well, and study.
  • Sam’s goals were to grow in confidence and learn how to stand up for his values among his peers.

WISDOM Coach Alisha shares, “His intake form gave me a hint that I have an early teen who is already grounded in his values and has a vision for himself.”

Coaching Solution

WISDOM Coach™ Alisha created a “Teen Values and Mindset” Package for Sam, using the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids curriculum.

The plan was to meet twice a week, for one month.

Some of the skills Sam learned included:

  • How your mind shapes your world and what you can do to shape your mind. Sam learned about the conscious and subconscious mind and what he can do to make his mind work for him.
  • Power Shifting – how events are neutral, and we give them meaning, which means we can change the meaning we give to things if we are aware of our thoughts and feelings.
  • Self-talk – how to identify and shift negative self-talk and how to proactively create positive self-talk
  • Self-responsibility – how choosing self-responsibility and becoming “the boss of me” is empowering and unlocks the doors of self-esteem, respect, self-respect, and opportunity
  • Managing change – How to embrace change and thrive

WISDOM Coach™ Alisha shares:

“We enjoyed making the stories fun and laughing as we theatrically interacted over the coaching stories of Who’s Flying Your Plane, Power Goggles, Victim Victor Finds His Power, The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain, Choosing your BFF, and Migration Frustration. The best connection I had with Sam was helping him to embrace ‘I’m the boss of me’ which he found empowering. He used this concept as a foundation for all others and learned how to self-advocate with his parents for his growing independence needs, feel more confident in his soccer games, and improve how he interacts with his mom, which significantly reduced the ‘sharp tongue.’”


Sam says, “She was very good in listening and understanding me”.

Sam’s Mom says, “Alisha has helped my family a great deal. She connected with my son, validated his feelings, and built on his values. I saw a difference within a week and notice my son thinking differently and making changes in the way he thought and reacted. We will definitely be continuing with Alisha in keeping up with our values. We saw a 90 percent improvement in our son. Thank you Alisha!!”

WISDOM Coach™ Alisha shares, “Mom warmly now calls me the ‘third parent’ and loves the outcome. I was sent a photo of Sam receiving a citizenship award at school for Student of the Month! Mom really felt that the program brought the best out of her son, and she was thankful and looking forward to a continued partnership in the coming years. She also referred me to her sister, and I was able to offer a supportive program for her niece as well.”

Learn more about “I’m the Boss of Me” 

Have you ever heard your child say these words, “I’m the boss of me!”?  If you’re a parent, you probably have – with a bit of attitude mixed in.

These words can trigger a power struggle in many families as parents’ automatic first thought is often, “Oh no you’re not!”

But what if your answer was….”You’re right! You are the boss of you.”

Learn more, including powerful tips to share with kids about self-responsibility and being their own boss, in this article, “I’m the Boss of Me”  


Learn more about the 27 Mindset Skills kids learn through Adventures in Wisdom


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27 Mindset Skills taught by Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum.


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