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We’ve received your request to Connect with a Coach

Your request will be reviewed by our team within 24 hours (48 hours if submitted over the weekend) and upon approval it will be sent to our Certified WISDOM Coaches who are available to work with your child.  You will then be contacted directly by any coach who feels they are a fit for your needs.

Check your email inbox for responses!

We have coaches on 6 continents and 30+ countries
using our stories and activities to empower kids around the world!

Here’s what a child, a parent, and a coach
have said about this work…

“I love my coaching sessions with my life coach. I have learned so many new things and think like a positive confident girl. I love the Wyatt the Wise Wizard stories – they are so interesting.

I have also leaned that I don’t need to follow other people, especially if I feel that what they are doing is wrong. And I leaned not to say I can’t do something. I can do everything!

My coach is the bestest!”

7-year-old girl from South Africa

“If my little one had her way she would attend coaching sessions every day. I would recommend this fun and structured course to every child and parent.

Not only is my child benefiting, but I too am learning the skills that I need as a parent to shape my child’s future as a confident and successful individual.  My daughter has gone from a shy introverted and timid child – to a confident girl.

I am indebted to our WISDOM Coach for the life skills that she is imparting to my child as this is indeed priceless!

Mother of 6-year-old girl

If you have any questions, please email our team at [email protected]!