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What Types of People Become a Life Coach for Children?

In 2016, mother, Delia Rusu, searched for resources to help her middle school and high school daughters develop growth mindset skills, resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem skills.

She knew the value of personal development and wanted her daughters to have those skills to help them navigate their teen years. Delia shares how she found Adventures in Wisdom for her daughters and a new career for herself as a life coach for kids. (2:26)

Life coach for kids, Inna Neal, shares her journey from studying mental health and child psychology to becoming a life coach for kids in order to teach the essential mindset skills that she wishes she would have learned as a child.

Inna has been helping kids and families as a WISDOM Coach since 2016. (3:35)

As a life coach and career coach for adults, Jean had not originally planned to become a life coach for kids. But as a mother of four children and grandmother as well, she sought a way to bring mindset skills to children.

Jean shares how she found Adventures in Wisdom and why the “hairs went up” (on her arm) when she discovered the power of the coaching stories, resources, curriculum, and business training offered by Adventures in Wisdom. Jean has been a WISDOM Coach since 2018. (1:54)

As an educator, childcare worker, and new mom, Tara sought a curriculum to teach personal development skills and mindset skills to kids.

Tara shares why teaching personal development skills – including growth mindset, social and emotional development, and mindfulness, is so important. Tara completed her WISDOM Coach Certification in February 2020. (2:07)

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