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WISDOM Coaching Enhancements

See tools, training, and resources we’ve added to support your success

Marketing Tools

Visibility and credibility are critical to marketing your business. We are continually adding marketing tools such as infographics, Box of WISDOM, Coaching Package Templates, videos, opportunities to be spotlighted in our social media, and more to support you in marketing your business.

Business Tools

Your Success Map, How to Earn Income Training, Outreach resources, Accountability Tracker, and more have all been created to learn more about business and create success. Your success means that more children get coached!

Coaching Tools

We are continually adding coaching tools to support you in effectively coaching children – whether it’s WISDOM Tools to support skill books, or resources to support engagement with parents, these tools are designed to help you create results with children and their families!

Child Life Coach Certification Badge from Adventures in Wisdom

See Resources We’ve Added for WISDOM Coaches
within the Last Few Years



With more to come…


  • My Box of WISDOM – a powerful tool that brings WISDOM Coaching to Life
    * Use in your meetings with parents to help them visualize how you work with their child
    * Memory markers to share with children after each coaching session

See Karen Demo How She Uses her Box of WISDOM 

  •  Proposal for parents – how to present your package and pricing
  •  Referral Partner Program – additional revenue stream for you!



  • Your Success Map
    * Step-by-step map to AIW resources that covers 5 key areas of business: Setup, Outreach, Enroll, Coach, and Grow
    * Accountability trackers to support your success

  • 3 NEW Back-to-School Coaching Package Templates
    * Back to School
    * Move to Middle School
    * Head to High School

Back to School Coaching Package Templates

  • Infographic: When to add a life coach for kids to your parenting team
  • Infographic: Child Life Coaching and Counseling – How Both Support Children’s Mental Health

  • 4 Email templates to stay engaged with parents during the coaching process
  • How to structure a WISDOM Coaching Session step-by-step

Coaching Tools for Life Coaching Kids!

  • Monday Mindset – weekly inspiration for you!



  • How to Earn Income as a WISDOM Coach
    * Training: How to price and package your services
    * Income calculator
    * Real-life pricing and packaging data from our coaches
  • Jack Canfield endorsement videos and Images for you to use

  • School Counselor outreach Marketing Package –  Complete package for connecting with school counselors

  • #Hashtag Hero Program
    * Use WISDOM Coach hashtags to be spotlighted in Adventures in Wisdom Social Media
  • Connect with a Coach
    * Lead generation program – opportunity to propose to parents who reach out to AIW looking for a coach
  • Business Accelerator Curriculum Additions – Outreach resources:
    * 15+ Places to Display Flyers
    * 12+ Places to Host Workshops
    * 15+ Types of People to Reach Out To
    * 4 Email Templates to Introduce Services

REMINDER of What You Get as a
 Certified WISDOM Coach®

  • The complete Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum with 27 mindset skills for happiness, confidence, self-esteem and more
  • Coaching Package Templates you can use to create workshops and coaching programs
  • Coaching tools such as sample agreements, intake forms for both children and parents, email templates, WISDOM Tools
  • Slide set for each of the 27 skill books
  • A package of articles you can use in your marketing – eZine/Blog/Newsletter
  • Listing on the Adventures in Wisdom website with a link to your website or Facebook
  • Membership in our private WISDOM Coach® Facebook Group – receive support and inspiration from our Adventures in Wisdom team and fellow WISDOM Coaches!
  • The WISDOM Coach® Logo to let people know you are certified
  • Marketing collateral and “social proof” to help parents see the powerful impact that life coaching has on children: infographics, special report, photobook, social media posts, videos
  • Attend Q&A sessions for WISDOM Coaches®
  • Business Accelerator Curriculum and Action Plans (If it’s included in the package you invested in). We highly recommend that you go through the entire curriculum at least once each year.
Life Coach Kids one-on-one
Life Coach Kids in Small Groups and Workshops
Life Coach Kids with Stories and Activities

Jack Canfield Endorses WISDOM Coaching

You can feel confident with Adventures in Wisdom!

Since 2013, we’ve certified hundreds of coaches in over 30 countries.  And we’ve been endorsed by one of the leaders in personal development – Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, NY Times bestselling author, and Expert from “The Secret”.