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Use Stories to Help Kids Develop a
“Learning Mindset” and Ace that Test!

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If you ask kids what they don’t like about school,
you’ll often hear the same answer – tests!

Tests often cause anxiety and stress in kids….


Here are some common experiences we’ve heard from kids:

  • They seem to know the answers at home but freeze up during the test?
  • They do well on homework assignments and projects but struggle to retain information by test time. They aren’t learning the material effectively.
  • They write an essay response to a test question but their response is disorganized – full of facts and information but the argument isn’t clear.
  • While taking a test, they struggle with one or two questions – sending them into a panic that they are unable to break.
  • They dread test day so much that they lose sleep at night or wake up with a stomach ache or look for some other excuse to stay home.

Do your kids dread test day?

If you want to give kids develop a learning mindset and give them the edge when it comes to studying and taking tests then this program is for you!

You see, kids aren’t born knowing how to study. And they aren’t born knowing how to take tests (just like they aren’t born knowing how to dribble a soccer ball, play the guitar, or use good table manners).

Kids aren’t born knowing how to study or take test

But these are skills that must be taught…and here’s why…

In most of the world, children spend about 9 months in school each year.
If they don’t feel successful in school or happy about going to school, they are miserable for 75% of their lives!

That’s a long time to be unhappy…
and it can spill over into other areas of their lives as well.

If you’ve read any of my articles then you know that I believe that success is more than a 4.0 grade point average (A+).

However, learning how to learn and being able to perform under pressure are important skills for kids to develop no matter what they choose to do in life.

As parents, we have the opportunity to help our kids learn how to be successful in school so they can be confident and prepared to enter the “real world” with purpose, direction, and skills they can use to succeed in life.

 And developing a learning mindset is the key!

So you’re in the right place if…

  • You want to support kids in developing a “learning mindset” – anyone can be “smart” because knowledge is something anyone can develop with the right attitude, belief systems, and tools!
  • You want a program that addresses the mindset and brain science behind success in school (hint: brain science is the key to it all).
  • You want a fun and effective way to inspire and empower kids to learn how to learn, perform under pressure, and become lifelong learners
  • You want to help kids learn creative ways to study more effectively so they can cut down their homework time while increasing their ability to recall what they studied.
  • You want to help kids learn how to stay cool under pressure and calm themselves down when the fear creeps in.
  • You want to bring a program to your community that appeals to schools and to parents who are looking to help their child with academic performance!
Learn the brain science behind a learning mindset

In this program you’re going to learn how to help kids “ace that test” with the 

AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

We use the acronym “A.C.E. I.T.” to help kids remember the 5 major lessons taught in the program. Kids will learn the lessons as they follow, Amy, Carlton, and Eddie through the ACE IT System for Taking Tests

Wyatt the Wise Wizard helps kids develop a learning mindset and thrive

Wyatt the Wise Wizard
guides your kids through the program
using a story format.

Guided by Wyatt the Wise Wizard and you as their mentor,
kids learn how to:

  • Create an attitude and a mindset for success (The 4 Truths of Learning are key!)
  • Develop effective learning skills (and the brain science behind them), so they can better recall what they study
  • Take test with intention, integrity, and inner calmness
  • Apply test taking strategies to increase their score
  • Believe in their ability to do well by developing a learning mindset that will serve them for life!

Let’s look at each step in more detail…


AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

A– ACE IT Attitude!

Attitude is even more important than aptitude when it comes to success in school and success in life.

No matter how smart a child is, if she doesn’t have a positive attitude about school and about grades then she won’t do well.

Unfortunately a positive attitude isn’t something you can give your kids. But what you can do is teach them why it is important and inspire them to do their best no matter what challenge they face.

In this section your kids learn:

  • What attitude is the foundation for success in school – and in life.
  • How the 4 Truths of Learning and brain science enables everyone to develop intelligence!
  • How to uncover their “Big Why” (this can help kids enjoy the “how” (such as homework)).
AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

C– Create a Mindset for Success

Adventures in Wisdom programs are all about mindset development – teaching kids how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives.

In this section your kids learn:

  • The power of belief systems and why they achieve what they believe (they can’t do well in school unless they believe they can do well in school).
  • How to recognize and shift negative beliefs.
  • How to proactively create supportive beliefs through self-talk and visualization.
AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

E– Effective Learning Skills

Learning to learn is a skill. In this section your kids are introduced to learning styles and learning techniques that will help them better retain their lessons.

In this section your kids learn:

  • How to use different learning styles to enhance their learning.
  • Why continuous studying is more effective than cramming.
  • How their memory works and techniques they can use to recall information easier (this is a great one for grownups too).
  • How to create an effective homework routine.
  • How multitasking impacts their brain and kills their retention.
AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

I– Intention, Integrity, Inner Calmness

Unfortunately kids often walk into a test thinking, “I hope I don’t fail”, “She’s going to try to trick us”, “This is so hard”….These thoughts don’t create A’s on tests. Instead they create fear and anxiety which can make it very difficult for kids to recall what they’ve learned. It can also tempt kids into cheating as they doubt their ability to do well.

In this section your kids learn:

  • How to set their intention before taking a test so their thoughts are working for them, not against them.
  • Why integrity is critical to success in school and how failing a test is better than cheating.
  • How they can calm themselves if fear and panic begin to creep in.
AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

T – Test Taking Strategies

Having a strategy for taking tests will help your kids have the best chance to recall what they have learned and to bring home a great grade.

In this section your kids learn:

  • The S.M.A.R.T.S. strategy for taking tests will teach your kids 6 test taking strategies that will work every time.

Using The Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™ in Your Practice!

 First, you get The AIW Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™ Curriculum!

Next, you get the Mentoring Toolkit!

 The Mentoring Toolkit gives you everything you need to get started:

Mentor’s Guide

The Mentor’s Guide gives you tips, discussion questions, and activities for each segment of the ACE IT process.

It also includes guidelines for structuring 3-session, 5-session, or 7-session workshops/coaching packages!


Slides for the ACE IT System and for Teaching Peg.

The slides provide a visual anchoring for the skills you help kids develop!

Key Learning Summary Sheets

The Key Learning Summary Sheets are short review sheets that you can send home with your clients to remember the key learnings for various skills.

Student Workbook

The Student Workbook contains the discussion questions for each segment and gives them a place to take notes along the way!

Intake Forms

You receive Intake forms for both the parent and the child(ren) to help you identify their goals and prepare to work with your clients.

Enjoy helping kids ace that test!  We'd love to hear your success stories!

P.S. For just $997, you will help kids develop a learning mindset and develop skills that will benefit them through elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and even their adult lives. One day they will thank you for it!