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Help Kids Develop a Learning Mindset
and Ace that Test!

“Home Study” and “Business Use” available

(See Table Below)

 Sign up to see an excerpt from the curriculum and join Wyatt the Wise Wizard as he helps Amy, Carlton, and Eddie learn about the “Four Truths of Learning”

This is for you if you want to help kids…

  • Develop a learning mindset (and the brain science behind it)
  • Learn how to develop effective learning skills, homework routine, and memories that are easier to recall
  • Perform under pressure and do well on tests (both in school and in life, whether it’s sports try-outs, auditions, etc.)
  • Become a life long learner!

Learning how to learn and learning how to perform under pressure doesn’t come naturally for the vast majority of students.  Fortunately these are skills that kids can learn, and mindset training and brain science are the key!

Sign up to learn how you can help kids develop a learning mindset and give them an edge in the classroom (and in life)!

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The ACE IT System

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Do you want to use the program
at home or in your business?

Use the table to determine which program is best for you!


Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Test

(Home Study versus Business Use License Agreement)
 Home Study Biz Use License
Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Test Curriculum
AIW Success System Student Workbook
AIW Success System Business Use License (license to use in a business/non profit/volunteer setting)
AIW Success System Mentor's Guide
AIW Success System Slides
AIW Success System Tools
AIW Success System Summary Sheets
*Abbreviated as "AIW Success System" for this table