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I’ve seen incredible transformations in the kids I have coached and am so grateful for this proven, story-based coaching curriculum that is helping kids and families live happier lives. When kids learn how their mind works, how they can use their feelings as a clue to examine theirthoughts, how they can choose the thoughts they want to think, and how to power shift the ones that aren’t working for them, their whole perspective on who they are and what they can do

I help kids:

– Develop strong self-esteem and confidence, so that they have an “I can do it” mindset and are willing to try new things
– Build resilience by learning the how to manage change, move through fear, and move past mistakes
– Honour, love and respect themselves, so they make good decisions even when no one is looking
– Learn the brain science behind success, and then how to set and achieve goals. 

I’m a certified WISDOM Coach, member of the Adventures in Wisdom team, and mother of two.

Email me to set up a FREE Conversation about your child’s needs: [email protected]