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“Our thoughts create our fear. We create our thoughts!”

Most people feel anxiety or fear when stepping outside their comfort zone.

Fear of the unknown, fear of judgment, and self-doubt can defeat us before we can even take a step.

We can also experience fear of a person, place, or thing.

Learning to move through fear is a mindset skill that kids can learn!

Adventures in Wisdom teaches “5 Steps for Moving through Fear” so that kids can push through their fear and go for it anyway.

The 5 Steps for Moving through Fear are:

1. Name the fear

2. Explore the fear

3. Develop a plan

4. Visualize success

5. Take action!

And we use a coaching story called The Knight and Three Dragons to teach it.

Tips for Kids to Remember about Moving through Fear:

  • Dragons are a creation of your mind (look for “What if” and “I don’t want” statements to identify the dragon of fear).
  • Use the 5 Steps for Moving through Fear to slay the dragon. Remember that visualization prepares your brain for success.
  • Your fear won’t go away until you move through it and take action.
  • The more you slay dragons, the less often they will appear.

Case Study Video: How 11-year-old Cindy Learns the “5 Steps for Moving through Fear”

Help child move through fear

When 11-year-old Cindy chose to leave in-person school due to social challenges and bullying, her mom turned to WISDOM Coach Rahima to help Cindy:

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Build self-confidence, and
  • Overcome her fears.

Watch the case study video to see:

  • How WISDOM Coach Rahima helped 11-year-old Cindy get back to life
  • The mindset skills Rahima taught BEFORE addressing the 5 Steps for Moving through Fear
  • The 5 Steps for Moving through Fear and how Cindy used these to overcome a fear of the dark, returning to school and facing bullies
  • The impact on Cindy, her family and her coach
  • How you can get one of the resources Rahima used as well as a handout for the 5 Steps for Moving through Fear

What was the end result? We received this email from Rahima a few weeks later:


Click here to watch the case study video 


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