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Wow! Someone Thinks
You’d Be a Great
Life Coach for Kids!



Wow! Someone thinks you'd 
be a great life coach for kids!

What is a life coach for kids?

As a life coach for kids, you help children learn the essential mindset skills for developing self-esteem, confidence, resilience, self-leadership, and so much more.

And with Adventures in Wisdom®, you use coaching stories and activities to support children in developing these skills.

Children need our support now more than ever.
Are you ready to help?

Just like a basketball coach helps children develop the skills, confidence, and ability to thrive on the basketball court, a life coach for kids helps kids children develop the skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in life.  Using the power of mindset skills! 

Renaye Thornborrow

Founder , Adventures in Wisdom Inc.

There's so much to share!

Scroll down for an introduction.

You’ll also find some videos where our Certified WISDOM Coaches have shared their experiences.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

We're here to guide you!

1. We send you a FREE Coaching Story (we send you skill book 15 from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum). 

2. Watch an video overview about the WISDOM Coach® Certification program to see if coaching children with stories will help you do your work in the world.

3. Apply to talk with a Success Coach (it's a fun conversation about you and your dreams)!

Life Coach Kids one-on-one
Life Coach Kids in Small Groups and Workshops
Life Coach Kids with Stories and Activities

How does life coaching help children?

life coaching for kids builds confidence

10-year-old Tyler Stretching Outside His Comfort Zone

  • 10-year-old Michael had a lot of anger and when he fought with his siblings he said, “I don’t want to be here.” The work he did with WISDOM Coach®, Inna transformed his life and his family dynamic. He is now a well-adjusted and happy high school student
  • When a young girl labeled herself as “shy”, WISDOM Coach®, Delia, helped her find her voice, become confident in school and reach out to make friends.
  • 9-year-old Scott was dealing with anxiety and fear from changes in school due to the pandemic. WISDOM Coach®, Tara, helped him work through those challenges and find hope and happiness.
  • 8-year-old Alan was a sensitive child, who was embarrassed by his crying. He worked with WISDOM Coach® Cristina and learned that by shifting his thoughts, he can shift his feelings and feel more in control when he was upset.
  • A 10-year-old boy's low self-esteem and confidence was crippling his. He worked with WISDOM Coach® Rowan and she helped him rebuild his confidence by practicing stretching outside of his comfort zone and building belief systems that supported his goals. Within just a few short months, Tyler's confidence and self-esteem were rebuilt and he was thriving at school and with friends. 
  • An 8-year-old girl was struggling so much with fear and anxiety, that she was getting physically ill and avoiding school. WISDOM Coach®, Jean, developed a “Resilience” program for her that helped her recover, and transition from primary to middle school.
  • A 9-year-old girl was struggling with relationships. By working with WISDOM Coach® Lisa, she learned that every time she is with someone, she leaves a mark - either  "gold heart" or a "grungy mark" based on how she treats them.  After learning about respect and giving "gold hearts", she brought the activity to her whole family.

 WISDOM Coaches Share How They've Helped Children

WISDOM Coach® Inna Helps Angry 10-year-old

Inna shares the long term impact of coaching children as she shared the story of a 10-year-old boy who is now a thriving teenager.

Life Coaching Helps Shy girl finds her voice

WISDOM Coach® Delia discusses how story-based life coaching helped a shy girl develop self-confidence, find her voice, and speak up.

Life Coaching Helps Anxious Girl Thrive

WISDOM Coach® Jean discusses how story-based life coaching helped a very anxious girl develop resilience, self-esteem, and, confidence.

How the WISDOM Coach® Certification Program
Helps You Coach Kids


The WISDOM Coach® Certification program helps you create a business you love as a life coach for kids (or add children's coaching to your existing business)!

As a certified WISDOM Coach®, you are licensed to use The Adventures in Wisdom® coaching stories, activities, and step-by-step STORY Coaching process to help children develop mindset skills to thrive in life. 

You'll learn all about it in the overview about the WISDOM Coach® Certification program. 

You also get marketing and business tools to help you jumpstart your business. 

And you're not on your own!

As a Certified WISDOM Coach, you gain membership in our private community where you can network with other WISDOM Coaches from around the world. It's a great source of information, inspiration, and feedback.  

Click the image below to see a list of support you’ll receive.  These details and more are covered in the overview (see step 2 (above) about how to get started).

We have been certifying WISDOM Coaches
since 2013 and have coaches in over
30 countries using our work with kids!


The Power of the Adventures in Wisdom® Story-based
Multi-sensory Curriculum

WISDOM Coach® Inna Shares her Favorite Coaching Stories

Inna discusses her favorite stories from the Adventures in Wisdom® curriculum to coach kids around letting go of mistakes, build self-confidence, and grow self-esteem.


The Power of a Multi-sensory Curriculum when  Life Coaching Kids 

WISDOM Coach® Inna discusses how the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum engages all the senses to help kids embed their understanding of essential mindset skills and growth mindset skills.

How Combining Stories with Activities Teaches Kids Essential Mindset Skills 

WISDOM Coach® Delia discusses how the Adventures in Wisdom® curriculum includes both coaching stories and accompanying activities, that when combined, teach kids in a multi-sensory way that means they both learn AND experience the skills.

Watch WISDOM Coaches Answer Why They Chose Adventures in Wisdom® 

Question: Why did you choose Adventures in Wisdom when becoming a life coach for kids?

I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It's all there..."

Inna shares how the Adventures in Wisdom® curriculum and certification give her the resources and confidence to be a successful life coach for kids, to teach mindset skills in a way that she is aligned with, and to fulfil her purpose in the world. (1:07)


"I was astounded! It's the Whole Package"

Jean is a certified Life coach, mother and grandmother prior to becoming a WISDOM Coach®. She shares way she chose Adventures in Wisdom®. (1:05)


"Curriculum, resources, and business support help me succeed”

 Delia was Looking for a way to bring personal development and mindset skills to her daughters as they navigated their tween and teen years and it Launched a new career! Delia is now a Senior WISDOM Coach, coaching children both in person and online. (2:46)


"It's all mapped out for me"

The Business Accelerator Curriculum bas been a lifesaver and saves me time so that I can focus on coaching kids....It's all right there for me. 

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to request a Free Coaching Story. You will receive a Skill Book that teaches about self-confidence using the story, “Be Your BFF”. This comes directly from the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum, so you can see the complete package for this skill.