The Ripple Effect of Thoughts and Their Impact on You

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Pebble in a pond

The “Ripple Effect” of Thoughts and Their Impact On You If you’ve ever thrown a pebble into a smooth pond you will notice that the ripple effect will stretch in all directions. We create the same ripple effect in our …

Three Steps for Helping Kids Transition Back to School

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Three Steps for Helping Kids Transition Back to School Empowering your kids to embrace change     Returning to school after summer break or starting school for the first time can be very stressful for children. Here are three steps …

Powerful tool to help kids achieve their goals

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I know I can!  I know I can! Powerful tools to help kids achieve their goals You are probably familiar with the story of “The Little Engine That Could”. In the story, a long train of railroad cars needed to …

Disappointments Stink

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Disappointments Stink! Unless you know how to learn from them and let them go   Disappointments stink! Unfortunately they are a part of life that no one can avoid so learning how to handle disappointments is an important skill for …

Eight Tips for Breaking the Worry Cycle

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Eight Tips for Breaking the Worry Cycle Our minds are incredibly powerful. They have the ability to help us create amazing things…but they also have the ability to torture us. The perfect example is worrying.We’ve all experienced worry – it’s …

Teach Your Child to be Her Own BFF

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Teach Your Child to Be Her Own BFF (Best Friend Forever)! There’s nothing like best friends – they can make you feel great because they see the best in you. Wouldn’t it be great if your BFF (best friend forever) …

How to talk with your kids about grades

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How to Talk with Your Kids About Grades Whether your kids tend to earn A’s, B’s, C’s, or F’s, kids often define “who they are” based on the grades they receive. “I’m an A-student” “I’m not very smart” “I’m an …

The Perfect Time to Go for Your Goal

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If Then Conditional Thinking

How to figure out the perfect time to go for your goal I’m writing to you as I gaze outYou may have heard statements like these before…   • As soon as I have more money… • As soon as …

Help Your Kids Handle The Stress of Standardized Tests

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Help Your Kids Handle the Stress of Standardized Tests Standardized tests are only weeks away and for most kids that means…nerves! During the spring, kids across America are preparing for “standardized tests” mandated by the state. For many kids, that …

Keep your kids reading this summer!

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Hey Parents! Are you looking for a way to keep your kids reading this summer? Adventures in Wisdom can help. Summer is the perfect time for kids to check out the Adventures in Wisdom stories and learn how to develop …