Your dreams live outside of your comfort zone

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Comfort zone

Your dreams life outside of your comfort zone! 5 tips for creating a new comfort zone that will support your dreams ___ Do you ever think about your dreams…then suddenly realize you’re not sure how to make them happen?  Do …

You’ve got this in 2016! 4 tips to celebrate success in the new year

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Success Jar

You’ve got this in 2016! 4 tips to celebrate success in the new year ___ Wow – it’s already December and 2015 is almost complete! When talking with friends and colleagues about the end of the year, one thing I’ve …

Superpowers kids gain through life coaching for kids

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Girlpower super hero 300px

5 Amazing “Super Powers” Kids Gain Through Life Coaching ___ Kids love superheroes!  From Spider-man’s “Spidey sense” to Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and Superman’s super-human strength and ability to fly, most kids fantasize about having their own super powers …

Life coaching for kids versus parenting

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What’s the Difference Between “Life Coaching for Kids” and Parenting? ___ “Two sisters were struggling. The 10-year-old was a very bright student; however, she was experiencing difficulty in two of her school subjects and losing confidence as a result.Her 5-year-old …

How life coaching for kids helps kids manage stress

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life coaching for kids helps kids manage stess

How “life coaching for kids” is helping kids manage anxiety and stress! ___ When faced with challenges or disappointments, most kids don’t have the tools to handle them. As a result, kids often get down on themselves or give up …

School Break Bucket List

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Want Fun Ideas for School Breaks?  Grab Your Bucket List! ___ For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, we hope you’ve been having a great summer break, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, we hope you’ve been having a …

Tips After Pixar’s Inside Out: How to Help Kids with Change

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Tips After Pixar’s ‘Inside Out': How to Help Kids with Change ___ Fear. Anger. Disgust. And, of course, Sadness. These are just a few of the tough emotions that children may experience when dealing with change in their lives. Changes …

Disappointments Stink

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Disappointments Stink! Unless you know how to learn from them and let them go Disappointments stink! Unfortunately they are a part of life that no one can avoid so learning how to handle disappointments is an important skill for your …

Helping Kids Beat “Test Stress”

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Helping Kids Beat “Test Stress”   During April and May, many kids around the world are preparing for government-mandated tests and final exams. For many kids, that means extra stress as they complete additional worksheets, take practice tests, and worry …

The Ripple Effect of Thoughts and Their Impact on You

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Pebble in a pond

The “Ripple Effect” of Thoughts and Their Impact On You If you’ve ever thrown a pebble into a smooth pond you will notice that the ripple effect will stretch in all directions. We create the same ripple effect in our …