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Child Life Coaching and Counseling
How BOTH Support Children’s Mental Health

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Success Stories

How Child Life Coaching
Supports Children’s Mental Health

Real-life stories of how WISDOM Coaches Supported Children in their mental health journey

While on Waiting List for Counseling, Girl gets help from Life Coach for Kids

When an 11-year-old girl was so anxious that she couldn’t go to school, her parents were desperate to find her help. The girl was slightly too young for the Headspace counseling program that served 12-25 year olds in Australia and the waiting list for counseling was months long. When someone suggested WISDOM Coaching, the parents gave it a try and the results were tranformational. Read her story

How Child Life Coaching Complemented Therapy to Get Results for 11-year-old Tina

After working with a therapist to learn to regulate her emotions, Tina’s mom asked Senior WISDOM Coach™ Delia to join Tina’s team to help her learn mindset skills for confidence, managing frustration, positive self-talk and more. Tina’s mom said, ” My daughter made so much progress in the last 3 months as a result of the coaching sessions, perhaps more than she made in 3 years of therapy.“. Read Tina’s story here.

How 10-year-old boy overcame anxiety and OCD – and is still thriving 2 years after working with WISDOM Coach Dixie

When WISDOM Coach® Dixie started working with a 10-year-old boy two years ago, the young boy was struggling with anxiety and OCD. Counseling wasn’t working and medication was the next step. His mother reached out to WISDOM Coach® Dixie for help. Two years later he was still using the mindset skills he’d learned. Read more here.

See how 7-year-old “G” learned to use the power of her thoughts to overcome anxiety [Story & Video]

When a child struggles with anxiety, it affects the whole family. G wouldn’t go to the grocery store or out to dinner and going to school was an everyday struggle. G was struggling and her Mom was exhausted. When her mother reached out to WISDOM Coach® Sharon, her daughter had already worked with a few specialists. See how WISDOM Coach® Sharon shares how she helped G rebuild her confidence! Read story here. 

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Mindset Skills for Kids 6 -12
Mindset Skills for Kids 6 -12
Mindset Skills for Kids 6 -12