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In the last article, we talked about three warning signs that your child might be developing a fear of failure. This was just the tip of the iceberg in discussing this topic.

The word “failure” has very negative connotations in American culture – some people don’t even like to use the word. I’ve decided to use the term because it is still commonly used in our culture – right down to the grading system used in school. It is my goal to help kids learn how to redefine the energy associated with the word.

With Adventures in Wisdom, kids learn that failure is an event and not who they are. “Failure” is just feedback and a step along their path to success. If you think about it, your life is built on failure. If you had given up the first ten times you attempted to walk, you’d still be crawling. If you had given up the first ten times you attempted to speak a sentence, you’d still be saying “goo goo ga ga”. And if you’d given up the first ten times you looked at a book, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this article.

In the story “Afraid to Fail Fred” kids learn four steps for moving past failure that will enable them to “put it in a box,” learn from it, and let it go.

I also share these famous “failures” as a demonstration that an event is never a failure unless you allow the setback to keep you from moving towards your goal. I encourage you to share these with your kids!

  • Did you know that Dr. Seuss’s children’s books were rejected by 23 publishers before a publisher finally accepted his work? His books have been some of the best-selling children’s books of all times. Imagine if he had given up after the first rejection – no Cat and the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham!
  • Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost seven elections before he was elected the 16th President of the United States? He is regarded as one of the most effective presidents in United States history.
  • Did you know that Walt Disney was told that he had no talent! Imagine what would have happened if he believed that person and didn’t go for his dream! No Disney World or Disney movies!
  • Did you know that Thomas Edison attempted over 1,000 different experiments before inventing a successful light bulb. He is famous for saying, “I haven’t failed; I just found over one thousand ways it won’t work.” I sure am glad he didn’t give up!

Help your kids remember that failure is part of success when they learn from it and let it go!

We’d love to hear what your kids think about this.

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