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Frustration with siblings


7-year-old Hannah found herself in a constant state of frustration with siblings at home. She would often argue with her siblings, blame them when things went wrong, and yell, “I hate you” when she was frustrated. Her behavior was causing a lot of tension at home, so Hannah’s Mom reached out to WISDOM Coach® Sharon for help.(1)

From “Playing the Victim” to Empowerment

Coach Sharon worked with Hannah using stories from The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum.

“One of the first stories we read was Victim Victor Finds His Power. Through the story Hannah learned about self-responsibility and that she had the power to choose how she responded when she felt frustrated. By standing in her power, she could be the leader of her own life,” shared Coach Sharon.

“We also talked about choosing how she experienced the situations in her life. She didn’t realize that feeling frustrated had become a habit. We read the story Power Goggles and Hannah learned that she could shift, or change, how she thought about a situation to feel empowered, instead of feeling like a victim. She was very excited to learn she could break that habit.

Coach Sharon also worked with Hannah using meditation to help her find peace inside.

Owning her emotions and making the best choices

Each time Hannah met with Coach Sharon, Hannah was excited to share how much she was improving. She created her own “calm down corner” to use when she felt frustrated and shared that she felt happier when she chose to wear her “power goggles”.

Hannah’s frustration with siblings became less frequent, and her relationships with her siblings improved significantly. As a result, both Hannah and her Mom were happy to report that there was more peace in the house.

Hannah’s mom had this to share about her daughter’s time with WISDOM Coach® Sharon:

“My daughter looks forward to every ‘playdate’ she has with Miss Sharon! Coach Sharon encouraged my daughter to own her emotions and respond to situations so that she could make the best choices in how she reacts. She taught her valuable skills that I know she will continue to use as she gets older. We are very grateful for our time with such a caring and knowledgeable coach as Miss Sharon!”

(1) Name changed for anonymity

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