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baking can help kids develop self-confidence


Kids love to make gifts during the holidays. And a great gift that is inexpensive, fun to make, and will be treasured by the recipient for years to come are gratitude jars.

Here’s what you need to make our gratitude jar craft for kids:

  • Beautiful jar or box that can be decorated
  • Items to decorate the jar or box
  • Beautiful paper that can be cut into strips for messages
  • Pens, markets or crayons for writing messages

For each person that your children want to give a gift to, have them write gratitude messages to that person on the colorful strips of paper (they could also share special memories).

For younger kids you may need to share some examples to help them get started:

  • “Thank you for tucking me into bed each night”
  • “Thank you for fixing my ‘ouchies'”
  • “Thank you for making me nice dinners”
  • “Thank you for reading me stories”
  • “Thank you for making me feel special”

Next, let the kids decorate their jars.

Once they have finished, they can add the messages to the jars and give their gifts!


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