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Returning to school after summer break or starting school for the first time can be very stressful for children.

Here are three steps you can take to help kids go back to school and smooth the transition if they are feeling uneasy about the upcoming school year.

Step 1: Discuss and Manage Concerns

Give your kids the opportunity to voice their fears about going back to school.

After they have shared their concerns, work with them to brainstorm solutions. For example, if your child is worried about how he will perform in math class, create a plan to review concepts before school starts or hire a tutor if extra help is needed. If your child is nervous about making friends at a new school, invite some kids over for a play-date who already attend the new school.

Knowing that their concerns can be alleviated will empower your kids to face change with more confidence.

Step 2: Discuss and Visualize the Positive Aspects of the Change

You can help kids go back to school with a positive mindset when you help them visualize the positive aspects of this change.  Seeing old friends, learning new subjects, and taking special field trips often get children excited about the new year.

Just like kids can use visualization to practice hitting a baseball, they can also use visualization to practice creating happiness and success in the classroom.

Step 3: Schedule a Fun Event to Honor the Change

Honoring the change with a celebration can mentally prepare your kids for the transition.

Hosting a “back to school party” with friends, shopping for a special backpack, or going out for a meaningful family dinner can prepare your kids to embrace the new school year.


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