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Ask most people the question, “How do you fight fire?” and their immediate response will be, “With fire!”

The phrase, “Fight fire with fire” is a common idiom in the United States that refers to responding to an attack by using the same method as your attacker.So if someone is angry and yelling at you, you get angry and yell back at them. Or if someone is being unfair towards you, you be unfair towards them – either actively or passive aggressively.

For kids it might take the form of a child spreading rumors about her classmate after that classmate said something negative about her.But if you think about it, the most effective way to fight fire with with water.

You see, responding to anger only causes more anger – fire causes more fire. This response creates a downward spiral of negative energy that can be detrimental for both people in the situation.
The best way to diffuse an angry situation is to bring a different energy to it – to fight fire with water and not escalate the situation with the same anger or negative energy that the other person is bringing. It enables a fire to remain small and burn out versus turning into a giant forest fire.
So next time you find yourself tempted to fight fire with fire, stop. Take a deep breath. And remember that the best way to fight fire is with water.

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