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How Retiring Teacher Found Flexibility, Income, and Personal Growth as a Life Coach for Kids and Teen Boys 
as told by WISDOM Coach® Linda

After telling a teen client that he was going to learn important skills that most adults don’t know,  he replied, “Why don’t they teach us these things instead of a bunch of things we don’t need to know?

Exactly! Learning mindset skills helps everyone learn to value their uniqueness, be present, change their mindset, and navigate their lives to the fullest.

I am a 30+-year educator, mom, and grandmother, I wish I learned these skills earlier.

As I started to contemplate my retirement after 30 years of teaching, I wanted to continue to grow and find a new opportunity to make a difference.

I wanted to be able to use all my years of experience working with kids, watching them struggle and grow, and find a way to teach them skills to navigate successfully through the challenges they face and will face in the future.

I was searching online, and I noticed Adventures in Wisdom. I was excited to see a proven program that uses stories and activities to engage kids/teens to understand who they are, tune in to their emotions and grow.

Covid hit that added fear, anxiety, and isolation for kids and their parents.

As my classroom went on lock down, and life changed, kids and teens needed – and continue to need – the skills to:

  • Control their “dragon thoughts” (negative thoughts)
  • Become aware of their “grungy feelings” (emotions and stress triggers)
  • Learn how to control their thinking, and
  • Move forward!

What impact could I make?

At first, I used the skills with my students. Mindset skills + academics = a win-win.

Adventures in Wisdom not only has an amazing curriculum, but also amazing support to help people create a business as a life coach for kids.

I stepped outside my comfort zone and created my life coaching business, Empower Me Kid Life Coach LLC.      I network, advertise, set my own hours, and supplement my income. I use the Zoom platform as well as do in-person coaching.

A huge benefit of being a WISDOM Coach® is that I constantly use the coaching skills for myself. I learned how to be present, tune into my feelings and emotions, and tools to handle life. I can’t control all the things I worry about, but I can control how I think and react. The more I internalize the program, the more I can impact my clients.

My business includes coaching and academic tutoring.

I see so many “Covid Gaps,” (academic and social emotional).

I have used the program with younger students and teenagers. In fact, I have found a special niche with teen-aged boys helping them be more self-confidence, manage fear, and more socially aware (so many teens feel isolated and socially awkward).

Empowered kids become empowered adults.   

When I see people complaining, being negative, and closed minded, I want to shout, “Your mind believes what you tell it. You control your thoughts and actions.  You choose!”

As a certified WISDOM Coach, I can show you how.


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Adventure well my friend!


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