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Dyslexia and other Learning Differences can Impact how Kids Feel about themselves… 

Learning differences like Dyslexia can have a significant impact on a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. So, in this article we share the incredible benefit to a child’s learning and life, when they learn mindset skills for managing their thoughts and emotions.  

We share excerpts from a conversation between two WISDOM Coaches – Donna and Karen – who are each parents of dyslexic sons.  WISDOM Coach ® Donna has one dyslexic son and has been a Dyslexia Therapist / Dyslexia Tutor for more than 10 years.  WISDOM Coach® Karen has two dyslexic sons.

Donna and Karen share that dyslexia is part of a child’s uniqueness and with proper support, these kids can do anything.

The Impact of Emotion on Learning… 

Anyone who has a child with a learning difficulty, (or who has worked with one of these children) knows how frustrated they can get as they struggle to learn. And when the breakdown happens, the learning goes out the window.

Watch Karen and Donna discuss the impact of emotion on learning and how mindset skills training brings a common language to a child, parents and dyslexia provider.

These skills are concepts that kids not only get, but they love, because they feel empowered when they learn how their mind works.

Donna shares that one of her students now looks forward to her dyslexia therapy sessions and she can’t wait to do the mindset skills. Prior to the training, the girl was so negative and wouldn’t even try. And now she does!

Watch the discussion:


Why Adding Mindset Skills was “Groundbreaking” for Donna’s Dyslexia Practice… 

Donna shares what she’s seen in kids post COVID that made her find a way to help these kids emotionally. She says that that all of her students come to her emotionally damaged because they’re frustrated, anxious, feel stupid.

“It’s great working with them academically but if they aren’t functioning emotionally, they can’t learn.”

“It really has been groundbreaking… even parents are excited because they feel like I’m able to bring a common language to the entire family. Not only is it helping in home and in school, it is certainly helping in the dyslexia therapy sessions because a lot of my students don’t have high self-esteem or confidence… Being able to talk to kids about their mindset, and teaching that they are in control of their thoughts, has made a huge difference for my students.”

Watch Donna share:


How Adventures in Wisdom Gives Donna the Mindset Tools for Younger Students 

Donna shares that it’s easier to work with older children on executive function and study skills. But she needed the language to work with “the littles” which is what the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum gives her. She loves that she can use stories, which her littles can relate to.

Adding mindset skills has been a huge thing for her students and her practice because it gives her a way to break through their breakdown so that they can learn.

Watch Donna discuss:

How Learning about Neural Pathways can Change Everything for a Child

Donna shares that if she has a student shut down on her, she’ll use a coaching story to teach a mindset skill.

One of kids’ favorite things to learn about are neural pathways in their brain.

She says they say to her, “Nobody has ever told me how we learn. I didn’t know that when we learn we create neural pathways and when we practice, they get thicker…which is why practicing is important.” 

Donna says, learning these skills “Gives them hope when they learn how their brain works.”

Watch Donna discuss:

What Success are Parents Seeing from their Children Learning Mindset Skills?

The success is that children have become aware of and can embrace and manage their emotions.

“Younger students were completely unaware of how emotions rob them of their learning and their happiness”. 

Parents have seen their children stop to observe and manage their thoughts.

Watch Donna discuss:

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